The Reason for Building a Tabernacle (Exodus 40:34-38) 2/9/2020

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                    The Reason for Building a Tabernacle (Exodus 40:34-38)            2/9/2020


God told the Israelites who were walking in the wilderness to build a tabernacle and led all of them to live a life centered on the tabernacle. When the book of Exodus is divided into two parts, half of the book is an explanation of how people who were enslaved for 400 years were liberated (context on the blessing of salvation). This is the word that was shared until last week (blessing of the Passover, blessing of Jehovah Nissi, blessing of Jehovah Rapha, reason for looking only onto the Bronze Serpent). The last half of Exodus is the word regarding the last blessing we must enjoy. That is, to build a tabernacle.

Why was the reason for building a tabernacle? Today, the tabernacle is the church, the temple (church building), but it a context that cannot be understood in the standard of an average person. They had nothing since they were slaves. Yet, they were told to bring everything and build a tabernacle. There are too many churches that misunderstand this and first start with building a church and go bankrupt building a massive church. However, because the tabernacle is very important, an explanation regarding the last half of Exodus will be given with this tabernacle.


  1. What does the tabernacle mean? It means for those who are saved to receive the strength to save the world (5 fields) within worship.

This strength does not derive from myself. It is a strength given by God, a strength that comes from above, a unique strength, and absolute strength.

1) It is difficult for saved people of God because they do not enjoy this strength. 

They know what the unique problem is, and that only Christ is the unique answer. They also know that they are the unique people who are within this, whom God will use (ones who are freed from sins, curses and Satan’s authority, God’s children, ones to save the world).

How can it be explained that although people possess this unique mystery, they do not actually receive answers and continue to experience hardships?   

One could say, ‘It is because that person has not realized the gospel’ or that ‘they have not resolved to Christ.’ Without caution, it becomes an incorrect judgement. Eventually, what is the final answer? They know the problem, answer, and spiritual identity, but they do not have any strength.

Why did Peter and the disciples all deny, cruse, swear and run away?

The people in Matthew 16:16-19 were people who knew Christ and confessed. The people in Matthew 17:1-8 were people who went up the transfiguration mountain and who resolved on why it must only be Christ. Luke 22:31-32 were people who prepared for the death of Jesus. But why did they crumble? It is because they did not have the strength to overcome the temptations, conflicts, persecutions and Satan’s deceit coming from the world.

This is the reason why we must build the tabernacle and enjoy the blessing of the tabernacle. It means to receive the strength given from God.

So, what is the last thing after the Calvary experience (seeing my spiritual problems and the reason why it must be Christ), and Mount of Olives experience (discovering the mission to save people like me and the world)? It is experiencing Mark’s Upper Room. When they gathered and prayed and worshiped, the power of the Holy Spirit like fire and wind manifested upon them, overcame all persecutions, and all doors opened.


  1. What kind of works took place in the tabernacle?

1) In the most inner place in tabernacle called the Holy of Holies (Most Holy Place), the high priests made an altar for all the people.

With the one altar of the high priests, all sins and curses of the people end, and God’s blessings begin (Hebrews 9:11-12).

It means for us to not lose hold of the thanksgiving and overwhelming joy of Christ coming as our High Priest and fulfilling the blessing of salvation. This is the mystery we must always restore in our worship and prayer. It is the thanksgiving and overwhelming joy regarding the blessing of salvation.

The Ark of the Covenant is in the Holy of Holies, but there are three things there (Hebrews 9:4).

The covenant written in stone tablets (meaning that we are the people of the covenant), manna (meaning that our livelihood is taken care of), and Aaron’s staff that had budded (God-given authority to His people). Who is the Aaron of today? It is the Lord’s servant in the church, the pastor, and outside of the church, it is all church members who needs to save people and the world with this authority (1 Peter 2:9).

2) Behind the Holy of Holies is a Holy Place where the high priests gave worship every day, every festival, and or for some individual.

There are three types of altars. From that, there are three types of worship.

The normal burnt offering is the official worship services decided by the church (Sunday service, Wednesday service, daily early morning service, regional service). Special worship services for each festival (give a special devotion with a special heart and special offering during these times). A worship can be given for an individual’s problem or special thanksgiving and devotion. The Lord’s servant can be requested, or the individual can give worship and prayer in their own place (family service, workplace service). Strength will be received as much as one love and long for worship, and answers and blessings to save the world will continue.

There are three equipment in this Holy Place. (table of bread, golden lampstand, and golden altar of incense)

It means that in our worship and prayer we need to be centered on three things. That is the worship and prayer God desires. The bread on the table that needs to be changed every day signifies God’s word that we must hold onto daily (John 6:35, John 15:7). The golden altar of incense is the blessing of prayer we give before God every day (Revelations 8:3-4). It says that an angel delivers that prayer above to the throne. The golden lampstand is the light that shines the world, which signifies evangelism Matthew 5:14, Isaiah 60:1). Receive strength to save the field in worship, and after the worship ends, go to save the world. In no circumstance can darkness overcome light. Victory will be given continuously.


  1. There are three evidence that will surely appear when you receive strength by living centered on this tabernacle. That is the conclusion part of Exodus.

1) It says that a cloud covered the tabernacle and was filled the glory of the Lord (verses 34-35).  

The glory of the Lord is upon the life and church of church members who succeed in worship. It is an individual and church with spirituality. No matter how lacking we are, who could possibly mock and destroy the individuals and church where the glory of God is upon? Satan who came to destroy individuals and the church will have to flee in seven directions. It is individuals and a church who are spiritually victorious.

2) It says that God lifts the clouds, seeing and guiding the way of the Israelites (verses 36-38).

It means that God accurately leads the way of the people. He attaches people to meet and sends us the way we need to go. It seems like we are simply going, or going by chance, but an accurate answer and blessing awaits. It may seem like you are encountering a problem, but you will experience God’s tremendous blessing that is waiting behind that. Do not worry about anything and succeed in worship and prayer. It says that your way will be successful and prosperous (Joshua 1:7-9)

3) What is the last conclusion they enjoyed?  

They were able to stand as individuals who conquered Canaan, saved Canaan, and who relayed that blessings to their posterity. It does not matter even if problems arise along the way again. The Jordan River will split in two and the walls of Jericho will fall. The church member who enjoys this blessing will stand as ones who will save America, the Rome of today, and all 237 nations and people.


Conclusion – Live a life centered on the tabernacle. May you be blessed so that you may receive unique strength that God gives within worship and prayer and stand as true witnesses.

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