A Letter from the Pastor

Cold Hard Facts

Here’s the unfortunate truth. Our world today is under constant threat from natural disasters, wars, and terrorist attacks.

On an individual level, many people are living with so much hurt and pain, and even suffering from depression and other mental disorders.

On a spiritual level, groups that find their ideals in the New Age ideology and religious integration or even go so far as to blatantly worship Satan, are growing in today’s society – serving to only exacerbate the spiritual problems that cannot be cured by medicine or science.

Meanwhile, the church has lost its foothold, the number of dependent churches is growing, and young people – our hope for tomorrow – are leaving the church. And these are all things that Jesus predicted that would ultimately happen.

A Place for Disciples

With all we see in our world today, One Mind Church strives to be a place where the remaining disciples of our day (Isaiah 6:13 and Romans 11:5) can gather and find that that the love of Christ is the perfect, sufficient, and complete answer to our lives. For those who join us at One Mind Church, I sincerely pray that we would experience the life, authority, power, and love of Christ on a deeper level. I pray that our church would be a place where we can see together that His kingdom will come upon every place where we set foot, and where we can stand together as disciples of Christ who take this message to the world.

As we run the race to spread the gospel of Christ in our nation, God has blessed One Mind Church with a commission to minister to people of all backgrounds, languages, and nations. In all of our different language and departmental ministries – from English to Korean to Spanish to Chinese to Filipino – God has poured his grace upon us to see that the gospel of Christ breaks all barriers and transcends our differences.I pray that God would continue to bless and answer every family at One Mind Church – healing our individual hidden scars, revealing the clear vision He has prepared for us, and eventually leading us to the spiritual summit to save the world with the gospel of Christ.

Holding firmly to God’s heavenly mandate to go and make disciples of all nations, I warmly invite you to join the One Mind Church Family and enjoy this blessing together with us.



In the love of Christ Jesus,


Dong-Cheol Lee,

Senior Pastor, One Mind Church