• Multiethnic Ministry

English Ministry

In 2000, Dexter Smith, who was trained by Pastor Dong-cheol Lee through Upper Room meetings in Washington,

D.C., was appointed as minister for the English Ministry regional church, marking the start of multiethnic

evangelism movement at One Mind Church.

In 2005, Dexter Smith received pastoral ordination and was named English Ministry pastor.

In 2008, Jose Ornelas, John Crouch, and James Lal were ordained as elders to open the age of multiethnic church


In 2015, Alan Mercado, Ed Nelson, Manfred Ochs, Paul Kunnas, Paul Nishimoto, Reggie Brown, and Richard

Davis were appointed as ordained deacons, strengthening the English Ministry at One Mind Church.

Since November 2009, English Ministry Service has been held at 11 AM every Sunday led by Pastor Dexter Smith.


Chinese Ministry

We began Upper Room ministry with Hannah He and the remnant Steven Peng, whom we met through

evangelism camp for the Chinese, and we held the first Chinese Ministry Sunday Service in August 2009. Despite

the small number, the members of the One Mind Chinese Ministry have been preaching the gospel to the nearby

Chinese community, and Chinese Evangelism School was established at One Mind Church in 2014 for a full-scale

evangelism ministry for the Chinese community in Washington, D.C.

Since 2012, Assistant Pastor Ben Fu has been serving the Chinese Ministry as a Pastor-in-Charge.

In 2015, Hannah He, Betty Liang, Joy Peng, Lisa Pho, and Penny Zheng of the Chinese Ministry were ordained as

senior deaconesses of One Mind Church.


Hispanic Ministry

In 2012, Ileana Krum was appointed as the Hispanic Ministry Assistant Pastor.

In 2015, Phil Krum, Reynaldo Castro, and Carlos Leva of the Hispanic Ministry were appointed as ordained

deacons, opening the age of church officers for the Hispanic Ministry.


Filipino Ministry

Elder John Crouch and his Philippines-born wife Estrella are in charge of the Filipino Ministry. They host a Bible

study and evangelism training at 2 PM every Saturday for the Filipinos and English speakers.


  • Remnant Ministry

As we have focused on remnant ministry based on the covenant of remnant, “God’s holy seed that remains”

(Isaiah 6:13), in order to help our children grow up as elites, the spiritual summit, and evangelism disciples

who will save the world, God allowed us many answers.

Since the founding years, we had a scholarship ministry.

We continued to have cultural specialized ministry to raise remnant disciples who will change the current

culture of idolatry and Darkness into the culture of the gospel.

In 2001, One Mind Church was appointed as the Virginia campus of American University of California (now

Remnant University in Virginia) to raise many important remnant ministers and pastors.

In 2002, a short-term teachers college was established for continuous training for Sunday School teachers,

producing many teachers until now. Later than year in September, Washington, D.C. Joint Children’s

Evangelism School was established to help our children equip themselves with the gospel imprints, roots, and


In September 2006, we declared every Saturday as Remnant Day, beginning a united ministry at One Mind

Church for the Washington, D.C. remnants.

In April 2007, we hosted the Youth 1st Level Camp Training.

In 2010, as a means for cultural evangelism, the One Mind College & Young Adult Group held OneFest, a

praise concert, at Northern Virginia Community College and evangelized many students.

In August 2010, in order to help our remnants prepare for their future realistically, the first remnant academic

and cultural vision camp was held to support remnants during the summer vacation to improve their academic

performance and develop their talents and also visit a number of colleges and universities in the East Coast.

In 2011, we began to have a church-wide Remnant Day meeting every Sunday during which remnants shared

their “life of the evangelist” with the entire church, listened to a special lecture from a professional, took

classes in English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, math, musical instruments, and sports.

Every Sunday, remnants ranging from Infant & Prenatal to College & Young Adult Group attend Sunday

School, growing into workers for God’s kingdom with the help of teachers fully-armed with the gospel. Now,

remnants are serving in various departments as teachers to the younger remnants.


  • World Missions Ministry

Missions at One Mind Church, which was built upon the covenant of fulfilling world evangelization through

raising ten million disciples all across the world, began in 1999 when Senior Pastor Dong-cheol Lee held an

evangelism conference and pastors’ seminar in Chile. Since we selected Chile as the first missionary site to

support as the church, we are now supporting Chile, Kenya, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh,

Tonga, Mexico, and a missionary organization for North Korean refugees. We are also participating in media

missions through Washington, D.C. KBC-News.


Military missions began in 1999 when we commissioned Deacon Jae-kyeong Noh, an Airforce medical officer,

as our first military missionary, and now we have an entire specialized team devoted to military missions in

order to save the military field.


In 2009, the One Mind medical missions team was formed among medical professionals, church officers, and

remnants and began to go on a short-term medical missions team every year. A medical missions includes

evangelism camp, children’s ministry, school ministry, and pastors’ seminar for the designated region or

country. Overseas missions is especially significant that it is an opportunity to connect and work together with

missionaries of the missions site and also for remnants to find their vision as future missionaries.

The first missions trip took place in Chile in 2009 with ten members: Pastor Dong-cheol Lee and his wife

Eun-woo Lee, Elder Peter Ham, Elder Jin-ki Eun, Sr. Dea. Ok-hie Whang, Assistant Pastor Ileana Krum,

Assistant Pastor Adela Yim, Deacon Yeong-pyo Cheon, Deacon Victor Han, and Ordained Deacon JT Kim.

The second medical missions took place in 2011 in the Philippines.

The third medical missions took place in 2012 in Kenya.

The forth medical missions took place in 2013 in Bangladesh where Elder David Lopes, a lay missionary

commissioned by One Mind Church to Bangladesh, was ministering at the time.

In 2014, the fifth medical missions took place in Ensenada, Mexico where Missionary Churl-yeon Kim was



In 2015, a joint medical missions with the Remnant Ministry was held in Thailand at Tumeki School for the

Karen refugees, followed by the seventh, independent medical missions in Patla and Xicotepec, Mexico.

One Mind Church will continue to focus on missions until the day of our Lord’s return in order to preach

only Christ to the world and fulfill the heavenly mandate of establishing God’s kingdom on earth.

In an effort to encourage all church members to participate in world missions, the Department of Missions at

One Mind Church hosts two World Missions Devotional Services a year and has formed teams for respective

missionary sites for intercessory prayer.


  • Regional Church Ministry

In order to break down the forces of Darkness and fulfill the mission of saving each region, regional church ministry

at One Mind Church began first at the home of Elder Jose and his wife Sr. Dea. Sun Ornelas as a multiethnic mission

home in 2001.


In 2007, one church officer and one minister were assigned to each region to strengthen the regional churches, which

eventually led to the establishment of various multiethnic and college regional churches.

Fort Washington Regional Church, MD and Centreville Regional Church, VA were established, and in 2008, the

Annandale Regional Church was opened in the middle of Annandale, a de facto Koreatown in Northern Virginia,

where Word movement has been taking place consistently. The Annandale Regional Church hosts a specialized

ministry for infant and prenatal ministry on Mondays, Chinese ministry on Tuesdays, and evangelism camp on


Starting in August 2015, we have been holding evangelism camp in Ellicott City, MD, a city with a dense Korean

population. A team of pastors, evangelists, church officers, and lay people came together breaking down the forces of

Darkness, and finally received an answer of opening a regional church sanctuary in January 2016, a start of raising the banner of Christ in all fifty states of America.