Leader Who Saves the Spiritual Household (Matthew 12:46-50) 10/17/2021

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Last week, we shared the message about how we will enjoy the blessing of saving our posterity and family and be used for God’s absolute conclusion, world evangelization. Currently, in the world, there are unbeliever households, households within the covenant, and spiritual households that are made into a household of faith. This week, let us hold onto the importance of the blessing of the spiritual household. Simply put, the saved people on earth become a spiritual family and household in Christ. This is evangelism and the church. We must enjoy this blessing on earth and the new heaven and new earth as well.


  1. Who are in the spiritual household, and why is the blessing of the spiritual household important?  

1) When God created life, all humans started as one family.  

They were created in God’s image and were made to love and bless each other in God (Genesis 1:27-28). 

The beginning of this was in the Garden of Eden. However, this spiritual household blessing was lost as they were deceived by the Devil and fell into unbelief. The Devil is still leading humanity to lose its relationship with God and dispute with and kill one another (John 10:10).

God sent His Son Christ to restore this blessing.

He declared that all saved people are one family in Christ. That is today’s passage. It said, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers? For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

2) Everyone lives when the blessing of spiritual family relationships is restored in Christ.       

We became children of God the moment we accepted Christ (John 1:12) and became a spiritually united family.

It says that we have become heirs of one Father (Romans 8:15-17). To be heirs means that there is a special privilege to enjoy the parents’ everything and a blessing that only the family can enjoy.  It is not an average blessing. It says that we will enjoy the heavenly blessings (Ephesians 1:3-5). What was the relationship between believers who will live in the new heaven and earth when Christ returns expressed as in the Bible? It says that everyone is the Father’s child (Revelations 21:7) and is like the bride of Christ (Revelations 21:9). They were all expressed in familial terms.

Everything will be difficult if we cannot enjoy God’s blessing on earth throughout our lives.

When those who enjoy God’s blessing and spiritual blessing come together, it becomes a church. The church needs to help all individuals and physical (biological) families. If the church is strengthened and within a correct stream, individuals and all families will also be strengthened. On the contrary, what would happen if the church were powerless, always fighting, and the members lost hold of the church’s spiritual stream? Eventually, individuals and the church will crumble and be under Satan’s attack.

3) The blessing of healing and summit that saves all 237 nations needs to start here.   

Salvation allows us to become a spiritual family in Christ.   This is God’s will and the way to save the world.

Thankfully, when we meet multi-ethnic individuals in the field and tell them our church has a multi-ethnic ministry, they easily open their hearts. That shows how much churches today have failed to unite all peoples and nations.

We must have this familial heart if we truly want to heal someone and raise them as true disciples of Christ. 

Paul had this heart when he said, “for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel” (1 Corinthians 4:15). A family is a relationship that cannot be abandoned no matter how weak, lacking, and failed it may be. This is the evangelists’ heart. We must have the accurate answer and message and the heart to love others like our own family (Hebrews 4:15). In this way, saved people become God’s family, save the church, and form an eternal spiritual household.




  1. How should we begin, and what must we do?

1) This is what the Jewish nation who were chosen as God’s first family did well.  

We must help them with how they have lost hold of the gospel that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God. If there is something we can learn from them, it is their mentality that considers each other as one family in God. This is how they raise the summits that moved the world despite facing numerous suffering (Genesis 12:1-3).

They have an assurance that they are the nation that has been chosen by God, a chosen people mentality.  They live with the assurance that those who plot against and persecute them will perish.

They have a ‘unity mentality’ that believes they are one in the Lord God and thus, can share everything. Therefore, Jewish people help each other wherever they go (start of banks).

They consider each other as one big family and believe they are creating a household that succeeds Abraham.

Regardless of different country backgrounds or skin color, they live with the mission to save their posterity. From the beginning, they do not have a “my child, your child” concept (start of synagogues). We must carry out the remnant ministry with this centered heart.

2) The Early Church that began in Mark’s Upper Room further developed this in Christ.  

There were three things that the Early Church could not do amidst persecution.  They could not conflict, have greed for status, and do outward evangelism.

They became one in only Christ and went into Rome and the world by praying, embracing, and helping each other.

There is a blessing of five unities that the Early Church members enjoyed when they experienced the filling of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2.

The blessing of prayer unity, day-to-day life unity, offering unity, evangelism unity, and church unity across the world.

3) These are the three blessings that all believers must restore and enjoy.  

We are one in only Christ. We must guard what the Holy Spirit has unified (Ephesians 4:2-3).

It is not an average unity. It is being one family in the Holy Spirit and making a spiritual household system to save the posterity and the 237 nations. Help weak church members all the more. When praying for the remnants, you will discover what you must do (rightful, inevitable, absolute).

We are going towards world evangelization which will save the 237 nations and 5,000 people groups. Therefore, we are doing a world unity ministry.

We are making it so that all the posterity worldwide can become one (world remnant unity). It is to gather strength to save all the remnants in the world (world businesspersons unity). It is to enjoy the answer to save the 237 nations and 5,000 people groups together (237 mission unity).

This is how God’s will is fulfilled and how the eternal spiritual family and household that will be together in the new heaven and earth is established.

Protestants are unable to do the works the three organizations (Jews, Free Mason, and New Age) and the Catholic Church are doing. While the church is fighting about doctrine, church authority, and positions, Satan seizes control of the world.

 Conclusion – We must stand as the leaders who make a spiritual family and household. May you hold onto that covenant, blessing, and mission.

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