Covenantal Prayer – English

 Covenant Prayer for Myself and World Evangelization


1. My confession regarding the Triune God

As I praise God my Father at this time, I believe that Christ the Son is the True Prophet who has become the way to meet God (John 14:6), the True Priest who has freed me from all sin and curses (Romans 8:1-2), the True King who came to destroy all of the works of Satan (1 John 3:8) and has finished all problems of my life (John 19:30). I believe that the Holy Spirit is with me right now and worship.


2. Thanksgiving of being freed from the 12 strategies of Satan

In Christ, He has enabled me to escape from the from the 12 traps and snare set by Satan. I believe and give thanks for freeing and making me as a source of blessing, who would have rightfully fallen into self-centeredness (Genesis 3), flesh centeredness (Genesis 6), success centeredness (Genesis 11), and who would have been bound to a destiny and fate of idol worship (1 Corinthians 10:20), mental problems (Acts 10:3), physical problems (Acts 8:4-8), judgement of hell (Hebrews 9:27), generational cycle (Exodus 20:4-5), and who would have lived oppressed in a world covered with shamanism (Acts 13), fortune-telling (Acts 16), religion (Acts 19).


3. Enjoying the identity and authority of a Child of God

I thank you for making a Child of God within Christ, and for allowing me the 7 authorities of a Child of God. I believe that you are with me through the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16), guiding me through the Word (John 14:16-18), working within prayer through the Holy Spirit (John 14:12-14), protecting me by mobilizing the heavenly army (Hebrew 1:14), have given me the authority to defeat darkness in the name of Christ (Luke 10:19), have given me a background of heaven (Philippians 3:20) and have given me the authority to conquer and save the world (Matthew 28:18-20).


4. Enjoying the Covenant of being raised into a true evangelist and witness

Now, allow me to hold onto the covenant of saving the world, train the 62 points of the life of an evangelist, and to discard my old frame and prepare a new frame and walk a covenant journey for world evangelization.


You have allowed me to be within the 20 evangelism strategies (5 basics– Darakbang (Upper Room meeting), Team Ministry, Mission Home, Specialized Ministry, Regional Church, 5 Trainings– First Level Camp Training, Field Camp Training, Specialized Camp Training, Evangelism Camp Training, 5 Systems– Evangelism School, Intensive Evangelism Institute, Intensive Missionary Training Center, Remnant Theological Seminary, Remnant University, 5 Futures– Remnant Era, Gospel Elite Age, Age of Oneness Mission Club of Businesspersons, Healing Ministry Age, Cultural Ministry Age)


You have allowed me to go into the deep place of the 5 Prayers (thanksgiving of salvation, enjoyment of the flow of the word, strength to concentrate, healing, eye to see the future), and you have opened my eyes to myself, what is mine, and my field that God has created.


Allow my life to fulfill the 9 True Communications. Communication with myself in the Gospel (past, present, future), Communication with God (experience the height, depth, and width of the Gospel), communication between people (respect, consider and serve people above, below, and beside)


Through the seven-talent discovery training (Gospel Spirituality, Remnant-like character, My Identity from the 3 Festivals, Success in Worship, Only, Uniqueness, Blessing of Recreation) God allows me to stand as spiritual summit, skill summit, and cultural summit who will save the world through my talents.


Allow me to train a life of 21 Concentrations that enjoys Only Christ, God’s Kingdom, and the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to save 237 nations, and to stand as a true evangelist who enjoys the absolute disciple, absolute system and absolute field God has prepared. As I experience the Calvary of Christ that has finished all my life problem, Mount of Olives of enjoying the mission of God’s Kingdom, Mark’s Upper Room where the works of the Holy Spirit like fire and wind took place, may I realize my heavenly mandate, calling, and commission, concentrate on one heart, whole heart, and continuation, wait on only, uniqueness, and works of recreation, devote myself in what is rightful, necessary, and absolute, hold onto 24 hours, 25 hours, and blessing of eternity, and be a life of which my imprint, roots, and nature is used as an evangelism disciple.


5. Challenge of a CVDIP God has prepared for the 3 inheritance, 3 disciple, and blessed future of the 3 ages

Allow us a finance to save the world as our posterity and I challenge to the blessings of the 3 inheritance, (welfare enterprise, mission enterprise, cultural enterprise)


Allow me to be raised as the 3 disciple and to live a life that devotes in front of God (secret squad that devotes unseen, Holy Mason that is used for the Church construction that will change the flow of culture, and for the establishment of an RUTC, Remnant church worker who will save the posterity)


Allow me to become a supporter of the 3 ages, and to raise a witness of the true gospel in this age covered in darkness and a spiritual leader who will be used as a disciple of Christ (Age of RUTC that opens the Age of Remnants, Age of 237 that saves all nations and countries, Age of Remnant University that raises future leaders)


6. Prayer for the world evangelization of this age and 10 million disciples

Grant the best spiritual power to Rev. Kwang Su Ryu, the World Evangelization Senior Board President, who God has raised for the world evangelization of this age, and to all the missionaries who are scattered in the world doing ministry, and mobilize heavenly armies wherever they go and break all the forces of darkness, and allow all Upper Room families to become oneness so that 10 million disciples may rise.

Intercessory Prayer for Our Church and this Age


Allow all the congregation of One Mind Church who have held onto the covenant of Only Christ, Kingdom of God, and Power of the Holy Spirit, to enjoy spiritual power, intellectual power, physical power, financial power inside the flow of the word, prayer, and evangelism, and to be witnesses used for World Evangelization.


Inside the stream of this absolute covenant, give us victory in the tribulation of the coronavirus that has covered the entire world. May the true answer of Christ be shared to all countries and nations that are suffering.


May we experience the works of the Holy Spirit that transcends time and space even in the time of online worship service, and allow us to enjoy absolute grace.


Pour the double portion of the Holy Spirit on our Senior Pastor, Dong Cheol Lee, and mobilize heavenly armies wherever he goes and allow all the forces of darkness to break, and may true disciples who can save the 237 nations and United States which is the Rome of this age, rise. Guard and protect the family of the Lord’s Servant, and especially bless the interpreters (English: Jun Yang, Ha Young Lee, Ji Seon Choi, Rebekah Jong, Chinese: Hannah Lee, Japanese: Manami, So Young Lee, Spanish: Mun Jeong, Alexandra), and grant them deep spirituality and may works of the Holy Spirit be fulfilled through interpretation.


May the five powers be restored to all the associate pastors (Pastor Dexter Smith, Pastor Brendyn Huh, Assistant Pastor Young Sun Choi, Assistant Pastor Ben Fu, Assistant Pastor Jung Ae Lee), guard and protect their families, and may evidence of an absolute disciple, absolute system, absolute field continuously arise.


May all church officers enjoy the blessing of renewal of daily discarding their old frame and wearing their new frame, let there be evidence in each family and business, allow them to be used like the guardians, co-workers, and hosts of Romans 16 who saves America and the world, and allow them to be used as evangelism disciples who raise systems of Upper Room Meetings, Team Ministry, Mission Home, Specialized Church, and Regional Church in their field.


May a spiritual revival rise in the church through the praise of the praise team and choir, may all forces of darkness be broken during worship, especially the pianist and conductor and all member’s individual life be blessed, and fill them with the Holy Spirit so that they may sing songs of deep spirituality.


May the members and officers of the Men’s Association and Women’s Association be filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom, and may they receive guidance through the flow of the word, receive strength within prayer and be used as witnesses who strengthens the Lord’s Church.


Bless the Remnants in the Infants Department, Kindergarten Department, Elementary Department, Middle and High School Department, College and Young Adult Department so that they may train their spirituality and character, discover their own talents, be equipped with a specialty and rise as a spiritual summit, skill summit, and cultural summit that saves this age. Give wisdom and a double portion of the Holy Spirit to the teachers who nurture them.


May the Regional directors and church members of each region look after each other in Christ, be able to forum on the word, prayer, and evangelism, and may evidences of spiritual watchmen rise, that whenever there is a regional worship service, all the forces of darkness in the region are rightfully broken down.


May the Church members who enter as newcomers realize the gospel, succeed in worship, and stand in the blessing of personalization of the gospel, establishment in the church, and establishment as a disciple, and allow the newcomer staff be filled with the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit.


May all the language departments (Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese) overcome cultural and language walls only within the Gospel and power of the Holy Spirit and become oneness, and allow them to save 3,000 disciples, 300 regional churches, and 30 nations.


Centered on the universities and colleges our Remnants are studying in, may a system of college regional churches be established and break all the forces of darkness on college campuses, and add strength in college evangelism of America’s 20,000 colleges.


Bless the military missionaries we have commissioned (David Lopez, Paul Kunnas, Sunhyun Kim, Douglas Hwang, Jeff Lee, Jed Lee, Hana Lee, Bennet Campbell, Bonnie Campbell military school student), and through them may the forces of darkness in military fields be broken down, and allow there to be works of finding hidden disciples who will be used in military field evangelisms and training them.


Bless the Remnants in our church who are studying at Remnant University (Ben Fu, Jon Lee, Paul Sa, Jun Yang, Richard Kim), allow them to rise as pastors and specialized church workers that saves the church and world of this age.


Bless our Church’s Medical Mission Team and continuously open doors of World Evangelization, and may a healing center and specialized healing church workers be established to heal the broken lives in our church suffering from depression, panic disorders, addiction, schizophrenia (personality disorder), suicide impulses, and give us the evidence of healing and summit that can save the 237 nations.


May the church members in our church that are suffering from illnesses and those who are in problems and trials, hold onto the covenant that Christ has finished all problems and brings all things for good, be healed and have victory, and stand as true witnesses.


Grant the five powers to all missionaries who support our church, manifest the kingdom of God in each mission field, bless them so that true evangelism disciples and remnants continuously rise, protect and bless the families and children of the missionaries. Give our church the blessing of five loaves and two fish and allow a system that can invite missionaries who want to be gospel trained and help them, be established.


Central/ S. America – Missionary Jose and Hwakyung Kim (Chile), Missionary Rigoberto and Hakhee Kim (Mexico), Missionary Ezequias and Josiane (Mexico), Pastor Salvador and wife (Mexico)

Africa- Missionary DongKil Kim and Sun Hee Kim (Kenya), Missionary Kang Sik Choi and Rachel Park (Sudan and Kenya), Medical Missionary Michael Sims, Missionary Yongsuk Choi and wife (Tanzania), James Lal and wife (Malawi)

Great China Region- Missionary Wanbok Lee and Hyeon Ju Kim, Lihong Jang (China)

Muslim Nation- Missionary Bo Keun Park and SuHee Kim (Bangladesh),

Oceania- Missionary Chulmin Yang and Seong Suk Kim (Tonga)

North Korea Defector Missions

Regions that need pastoral training and a need for doors to open in 2020- Colombia, Pakistan, Bulgaria