Absolute Bartizan to Establish in the Field (Luke 10:1-3) 10/8/2023

Answer 25 of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

Absolute Bartizan to Establish in the Field (Luke 10:1-3)                       10/8/2023


Within Jesus’ ministry, raising the 12 disciples (apostles, ministers) was important. Just as important was the work of raising the 70 worker disciples (lay people, church officers). Jesus sent them out to their respective fields to shine the light, fight against the darkness, and evangelize. The reason 3 ages are coming is because we are lacking these “70 worker disciples” (2).

What do we mean when we say “the field?” There are at least three fields.

First, the field can be a place that God has allowed us to be in to bless us (family, school, workplace, business, region).  The field is like the boundary lines from God that have fallen for us in pleasant places (Psalm 16:6). The problem is that these places are filled with people who do not know God, who go against God, who are captured by darkness, and are blocking God’s blessings. We must be able to establish the bartizan that will shine the light there, have spiritual victory, and restore those blessings. Only then can we live and save others.

Second, the field is all the times and places of problem and suffering that we face. These things do not just happen (James 1:13-15). The spirit of darkness continuously tries to destroy us, but God must turn that into blessings. If so, what do we need? We must have a bartizan through which God can mobilize His heavenly angels and work. The bartizan from God’s perspective is a place where He can work, but from Satan’s perspective, it is a place and a system that he fears and runs away from.

Third, it is the field of the world. There are the 237 nations, as well as about 5000 people groups that are without their own country. In this global age, if one nation is facing a pandemic, it spreads across the entire world. That is why we need an absolute bartizan for true missions that will give the answer, shine the light, and break down the darkness in 237 nations and 5000 people groups.


  1. First, you must raise the individual bartizan within you.

1) Through this past week’s Wednesday service, we held onto the covenant of the three basics of the absolute bartizan we must raise within us. It is the discovery of ourselves within Christ, the three things that have been finished in our lives (3 curses), and the three things given to us (3 lives). It is not us that we or the world sees, but that God sees (Isaiah 43:1-3, Ephesians 5:8, Acts 1:8). Christ has finished the 3 curses (original sin, Satan, and destiny) that are hindering and destroying our lives (John 19:30). So now, the image of God (spirit) is within us, His power (breath of life) is within us, and wherever we go, the garden of Eden (God’s kingdom) will be upon that place.

2) Have a time to hold onto this covenant and meditate and pray in your family, school, workplace, and businesses. That is when God will post watchmen on our walls and work without rest (Isaiah 62:6-7). Our lives that were stuck in greed, old habits, and scars will be newly edited, blueprinted, and designed within the covenant (Ephesians 4:22-24).


  1. Begin the ministry of raising the bartizan in your field.

1) We must open the eyes to discern between the work of God and the work of darkness in our fields (spiritual reality, spiritual problems, eyes to see the spiritual flow).

We can give thanks and glory when we see the answers and blessings that God gives.

If evil things and incomprehensible conflicts and suffering continue to happen in your field, you must see the work of spirit of darkness. The source of those personal problems can be one’s spiritual problems or the spiritual flow of that field. There may be people who suffer from depression or other mental illnesses but are hiding it. There are also those who have nightmares, see dead people or ghosts. With severe spiritual problems, some people can even see what will happen in the future. Even among believers, there are some lost in spiritual problems or mysticism that end up seeing things and hearing things. That is why in verse 3 of the passage it says, “I am sending you out like lambs among wolves” (3).

2) Do not be harsh with your words, criticize or chastise people like that. Begin quietly praying for the work of the Holy Spirit. Just like Joseph, a family member can become an enemy, and unfair things can happen at work despite your loyalty. Pray for the light of Christ to shine, the heavenly army and angels to be mobilized, and the Holy Spirit to work. The time and space you take to pray becomes your prayer bartizan, and one day, it will become an absolute bartizan that will break down darkness and reveal God’s evidence.


  1. There are three absolute blessings that we must receive as answers in the absolute bartizan of the field.

1) Pray for one prepared disciple, find them, and make a devotion.

There absolute is a prepared disciple in the field. You may meet them while you are in prayer (Acts 16:13-15), within problems (Acts 16:19-31), or roommates or colleagues (Acts 18:3).

That one person may seem weak and in failure now, but you never know how God can transform them. The sure thing is that it is possible for “the least will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation” (Isaiah 60:22).

Love that person with truthfulness, do not give up on them, and devote yourself. Praying for someone by name itself is devotion. There will absolutely come a time when the Holy Spirit works. When you show kindness, give help, and share with them, do it for Christ (Matthew 25:40). With a heart of repaying the unconditional grace and love you have received from Christ, do it before God.

2) Even if you help them physically, focus on the spiritual needs and seek out God’s absolute plan.

Jesus healed the sick on his way and performed miracles like the five loaves and two fish to feed the hungry. However, Jesus’ true interests lied in those who followed him for the Word (John 6:66-68).

Even if it is just one person, become a team to pray for the field together (Matthew 18:18-20). The Antioch Church formed 5 person 1 team, they prayed together, and even commissioned missionaries with their offering. They were even able to change the global field. Works of saving the 237 nations and 5000 people groups arise.

3) Direct yourself to the work of saving the field of the world which is God’s last conclusion (Matthew 24:14). Hold onto the covenant of all nations (Matthew 18:18-20), all peoples (Mark 16:15-20), the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8) and build up your vessel to be used for those works.

Hold onto the covenant that God will grant you the economy of light in your workplace, economy of missions, and the financial blessings of the future to save the remnants (Isaiah 60:1-5). How you earn money is important, but you must train yourself to find the purpose of where and how to spend those finances.

One multiethnic disciple can save the world. Resolve in your heart to support them to the point of commissioning them as missionaries. Listen to the message together, relay to them, and share a vision together. This is how military and college missions should be done.

Especially TCKs, international students, and international professionals are important. They must be able to hold onto the covenant of a holy diaspora. So help them and plant the gospel within them. If you can help them to learn a language so that they will be able to translate, it can become a great door of world evangelization.


Conclusion – Jesus told us to pray for workers since the harvest if plentiful, but workers are few. May you do just as it is proclaimed in Luke 11:9-10.

10.8.23 English Pulpit