Absolute Bartizan to Establish in the Global Field (Matthew 28:16-20) 10/22/2023

Answer 25 of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

Absolute Bartizan to Establish in the Global Field (Matthew 28:16-20)          10/22/2023


If you look at verses 1617, we see that 11 disciples met the resurrected Jesus in Galilee. Even then, some still doubted. This might represent us. Hardships continue in this world, and we might be stuck in various difficulties.

Here, Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. This was Christ’s command on earth, and his last command. How would we feel if Jesus told us this when we are facing our difficult realities and problems?

Despite all of that, we must still hold onto this covenant. Why is that? It is because if we lose hold of the covenant of saving the 237 nations, 5000 people groups, and the global field and raising disciples, we will end up losing hold of all blessings.

First, this was God’s desire (John 3:16, 1Timothy 2:4), and God’s absolute conclusion (Matthew 24:14). The greed and corruption of mankind and the work of Satan in the background is heading toward the worst of evil. These things have been prophesized. God desires to seek out the ones among them to be saved and renew all creation. Shouldn’t such an evil world cease to continue?

Second, if we lost hold of this, all believers will suffer with the world in the end times (2 Timothy 3:1-2). If there is no one to give the answer of God and shine the light of Christ, all will suffer and crumble.

Third, if we shine the light to this world of suffering, God has prepared separate comfort, answers, and blessing that we will receive (Isaiah 60:1-7). Jesus said that he will be with us until the ends of the earth. The work of sharing the answer of Christ and shining the light to the 237 nations and 5000 people groups is the way for us to live and the absolute blessing that we will enjoy.


  1. How can we enjoy this blessing? In order to raise the bartizan in the global field, we must first raise the three bartizan within us, the church, and our fields.

1) Individual bartizan. We must hold onto the accurate gospel, and imprint, root, and nature the gospel within us.

The gospel is the answer, power, and blessing that God gives to us through Christ. When Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God in Matthew 16:16-19, what blessings did Jesus promise him?

Self-discovery within Christ is the beginning. We are the rock. The 3 curses have been finished and we have the 3 lives within us. If this gospel begins to root down inside, no matter what Satan tries to do, he will not be able to overcome us. Satan’s authority will not break down before our hard work, legalism, religion, or anything else. The first Israelites completely crumbled because of those things that they lived by.

Begin newly editing, planning, and designing your life through the weekly pulpit message every day (Ephesians 4:22-24). Look upon the 7 blessings and powers of prayer and raise up a prayer bartizan (triune god, power of the throne, evidence to save 3 ages, power to overcome the authority of the kingdom of the air, 5 powers to save 237 nations, power to look ahead and enjoy the future, and the power to restore the 3 courtyards).

2) Church bartizan. The church is the house of God, the body of Christ, and our spiritual background that God has given us.

Cherish and bless the church, the believers, servants of the Lord, and the remnants that God has given us. When someone is going through problems, conflicts, or failure, cover it up for them, wait for them, and accept them. This is the grace that Jesus first gave to us.

Raise the prayer bartizan within the church (Matthew 18:18-20). When we gather, we pray, and when we scatter, we evangelize. God will raise up the church that is accurately aligned with God, and He will raise up the church to become the absolute bartizan that saves the world.

3) Field bartizan.

First, open the eyes to see the work of Satan and the work of God in the field (eyes to see the spiritual reality, spiritual problems, spiritual flow). When we see the answers and blessings from God, we can give all the thanks and glory to Him. If evil things continue to happen, and incomprehensible conflicts and suffering continue to arise, we must see the work of the spirit of darkness in the field.

Even if you alone begin to pray as the watchman in your field, the darkness will crumble and the work of the Holy Spirit will begin. As you receive spiritual strength, begin with the rightful and necessary tasks and experience the work of the Holy Spirit. It will lead to absolute works.

Devote yourself to the work of seeking out one prepared disciple.


  1. Now, we must create our own VCDIP for ourselves, the 237 nations, and the 5000 people groups. CVDIP is holding onto the future that God has already set, seeing it, enjoying it, experiencing it, and challenging towards it.

1) First, enjoy the covenant of standing as the witness to all people, all nations, and to the ends of the earth (Covenant). Conclude your life with world evangelism. Who am I? I am someone who will do world evangelism. Conclude your life to live or die for that work.

2) The world evangelism that God has prepared. God has prepared all things. We are holding onto that in faith (Vision). Regardless of your environment and reality, we are to be used for the work that God has prepared (7 remnants).

3) Dream your dream with world evangelism and prepare your vessel for that day (Dream). There is nothing to do for someone without a dream. Joseph dreamt this dream. Even when he was sold as a slave, he waited for that day. Caleb dreamt this dream. He kept his health until 85 years old and asked for the land of Hebron that everyone feared. What did Paul vow to do after shaving his head in the region of Cenchrea? He dreamt of restoring his faith for world evangelism to head toward Rome.

4) Create the image for world evangelism (Image). This is the practical preparation of your vessel. The image of a believer is important (Genesis 1:27). The image for world evangelism is also important. Nurture your spirituality and hone your skills. You must know the flow of the world, read books the learn the culture and the history. Practice and prepare your language skills as well.

5) Challenge yourself for world evangelism. Do the things you can do today (Practice). Challenge toward finance. Challenge so that your offering will be more than enough for the church to do missions, support missionaries and future remnant missionaries. How you earn money is important, but how you spend it is even more important.


  1. The CVDIP of our church for world evangelism.

1) God has gathered us as the One Mind Church to save the America, superpower nation of the age, to save the world (Covenant).

2) God will give us the evidence of 3000 disciples, 300 regional churches, and 30 nations to do world evangelism (Vision).

3) God will raise us up as disciples to save the multiethnic individuals, the posterity, and to heal them so that they will arise as disciples to save the world (Dream).

4) God will use all our problems and our pain to raise us up as spiritual summits who will carry out world evangelism (Image).

5) God will raise up specialists and main figures of the economy of light within our church to do world evangelism (Practice).


Conclusion – May we hold onto the covenant of saving 237 nations and 5000 people groups, fully aligned with God’s heart, holding onto God’s conclusion. May our lives and Church  stands as the absolute bartizan, with the evidence that God has no choice but to use.

10.22.23 English Pulpit