As for Me and My Household, We Will Serve the Lord (Joshua 24:14-18) 9/20/2020

The Answers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

      As for Me and My Household, We Will Serve the Lord (Joshua 24:14-18)       9/20/2020


Last week, we reflected on the covenant, devotion, and challenge that was grasped by Caleb who chose the land of Hebron, which was the last obstacle before the conquest of Canaan. The conquest of Canaan was completed through the devotion of Caleb and his family, and it said that the land had rest from war (Joshua 14:15). According to the passage, there is another important devotion by an individual and his family in the Canaan conquest. It was Joshua and his family. Joshua saw the remnant age that would begin in Canaan and gave the last message. The message had said to never lose hold of the covenant under any circumstances and to never live a life that loses hold of God. He knew a time like that may come and prepared. There may be difficult times ahead. The United States saved the world when it was used by God. However, present churches in the U.S are crumbling and closing doors. What should we prepare and what kind of devotion should we offer now? Joshua resolved to do at least three things inside his confession, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”


  1. It says, “as for me and my household.” It was the mission that held onto God’s absolute plan for my family and household.

This is the beginning of the mission. No matter how difficult the world is, there is a family and household that has been prepared to be used within that. Noah realized this during the flood. That family was used. Abraham realized this before going into Canaan. God used Caleb and Joshua in the Canaan conquest when they realized this.

1) God saved me to use me who saves my family, household, and the world (source (of the) covenant, original covenant).  

The covenant given to Abraham when he was called was “you will be a [source of] blessing” (Genesis 12:1-3). Those who are saved in Christ are those who will enjoy this blessing of Abraham (Galatians 3:29). This is why the covenant I hold onto is important.

We must actually hold onto the fact that we have become those who have been freed from all sin, curses, fate (household inheritance), and eternal curses and will enjoy heavenly blessings (Romans 8:1-2. Ephesians 1:3-5). My entire family will live because of the covenant that I hold onto.

All of Satan’s authority that continuously deceives us will crumble and we must enjoy the whole authority of victory in Christ (1 John 3:8, 1 Corinthians 15:15, Luke 10:19). There is a spiritual victory in my family as much as I am spiritually victorious.

The Holy Spirit who is with us in Christ is our eternal way and our future (John 14:6, John 14:16-18). This is the covenant that He is with me (with) and with us (Immanuel) and within all our works and matters (oneness).

2) If this covenant is evident then all the problems my family and I face is a time of receiving God’s absolute evidence (covenant of the witness).  

So do not waiver no matter what the problem is and do not let it be a scar.    

Scars that come from family relationships can be fatal. It said that your family can become your enemy (Matthew 10:36). However, it is a time of opening your spiritual eyes. We must be triumphant before Satan’s eyes. Afterward, you will realize the heavenly mandate.

That is why the family must become the best team. Create a spiritual summit team. This time of worship in your home is the opportunity. The confession “but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” was possible because a team had already been formed in that family.

Especially, discard all unbelief concerning our children. God has called them as the remnants of this age.  God prepared them (Ephesians 1:3-5). God chose them (1 Peter 2:9). God planted a holy seed within that (Isaiah 6:13). God will raise them (Genesis 45:5). God will make everything into evidence that will save the world and use them as witnesses (Acts 1:8).

3) Think and pray about how you will relay and inherit this covenant to the posterity (covenant of inheritance).

This is why Deuteronomy 6:4-9 said to love this covenant and God who gave this covenant with all your life and to stake your life in relaying it.

Joshua is Joseph’s descendent. Joseph properly relayed the covenant. What was Joseph’s last will before his death?  He requests that his bones be buried in Canaan when God leads the people into Canaan in accordance with God’s covenant. What meaning is in dead bones? It was so that the posterity may hold onto how God accurately fulfilled all covenants. How many generations had passed after Joseph up to Joshua? Joshua did not forget that and carried out the work (verse 32).

Four judges come forth from the tribe of Joseph. The representative figures are Deborah and Gideon.


  1. It says, “we will [only] serve the Lord. It is the mission of successful worship.

When does God fulfill this covenant and give evidence in our life?

1) It is when we worship God who gave us this covenant. Worship is when we look upon, exalt and rejoice God.  Humans were created as beings who worship God and enjoy all blessings prepared by God from the beginning (Genesis 1:27-28). People refuse God. They abandon God and even go against Him. That is the devil’s goal (Genesis 3:5).

2) How much did Joshua cherish worship?

① When he was growing while doing an internship under Moses, it said that he “did not leave the tent” (Exodus 33:11). All people who were used by God lived a life of worshipping God and enjoyed all blessings within that. Abraham built an altar everywhere he went (Genesis 12:7, Genesis 13:4,8, Genesis 22:2). Moses was someone who worshipped as if he was facing God (Exodus 33:11), and David also received everything in worship (2 Samuel 6:15-16, 2 Samuel 7:1-13).

② He was a person who stayed awake at dawn and worshipped God when crossing the Jordan River and breaking down the wall of Jericho (Joshua 3:1, 6:12). Successful worship is the success of everything in life. The core of the ten things that Rockefeller’s mother left as her will is the blessing of worship.

3) What is the most important core of worship? It is important to give but you must also receive. That is the word.

What Joshua did well was always following the word. All of his ways became prosperous (Joshua 1:7-8, Isaiah 55:11). The word should be communicated within families as well. The kingdom of God and God’s reign will take place in that family at that time.


  1. “My family and household will serve the Lord.” It is the mission of saving everyone.

Although everyone else goes down the path of unbelief, at least my family will commit to a correct devotion and go down a path of saving everyone. If even one person resolves to do this, that home will be used to save the world. That home is the mission home.

1) Find the mission in which even the smallest thing my family does is for God’s glory and one of which my family is devoted to doing things others do not.  

2) Start with small things in saving and helping at least one person with what my family has. This is an internship.

3) Always be thankful for what God has given and hold conversations that only give glory to God. That is the forum. 

If one church officer, pastor, businessperson, and specialist come forth from this, that person can change and save the world.


Conclusion – Hold onto the three covenants and find the mission within that. God will raise the family and household that God will use through me. Successful worship is the success of everything in life.  My household will be used in the works of saving all 237 countries and nations.

09.20.2020 English Pulpit