Blessing of the Ark and God’s Kingdom (Genesis 6:13-22) 8/16/2020

Blessing of the Ark and God’s Kingdom (Genesis 6:13-22)                         8/16/2020


Noah’s flood was a message from God that relayed two important things. First, it warned that this world of evil surely face its judgement day. Second, it showed what the path of salvation is like and what it meant to live the life of a saved child of God. Even in the midst of all these disasters of the end times, people do not know why these disasters come or what the true path of life is. As saved people, we do not know what to go all in for (what to look up to), all out for (what we truly must do), or all change for (things we must truly change). Matthew 24 talks about tremendous disasters in the end times (wars, famine, earthquakes, and epidemics) as well as persecution toward believers and churches. Then it talks about the flood of Genesis. It says that just as people in Noah’s age were not able to realize before the flood, they will not be able to realize even when Jesus comes.


  1. Why do disasters happen in the world? We must have an answer to this.

It is the same reason there are failures and disasters within our individual selves and families. We call is Genesis 3. The curse that began when the first of mankind fell and became corrupted is continuing even now. As a result, all lives are going in the same path.

1) Human greed and corruption

What is greed and corruption? It is living your life as if it were your own and acting as a master of your life. “You will be like God,” is what Satan told Eve when he deceived her (Genesis 3:5). This is where disobedience stemmed from.

It is because we become the master and king of our lives. In other words, there is no God in you. You are will your own king. Before thinking of what God desires, you live the way you want, doing things that you want. Restoring from this is restoring God’s kingdom. The world’s disasters come from the greed of humans. All living things are also in suffering (Romans8:22).

2) Who enabled the greed and corruption of mankind?

Satan is still dragging mankind into a life centered around their own selfishness (Genesis 3), the physical things (Genesis 6), and secular success (Genesis 11)

The Bible calls them the spiritual forces of evil (Ephesians 6:12), and powers of the dark world (Luke 22:53).

We must truly understand that Christ had come to destroy the devil’s work (1John 3:8). We must also understand that our fight is not against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12). Because they do not know this spiritual reality, they cultivate hate towards others.

3) In that kind of life, there is no space for God, who created mankind and desires to bless them, to work. All have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). No one wants to be governed by God.

What is God’s kingdom? It is a kind of life that is blessed by God’s governance within us and in our every circumstance. Some misunderstand the meaning of being governed. It means we get to know God’s love and power, and enjoy His guidance, protection, and blessings.


  1. What is the blessing that saved people of God must enjoy? It is the blessing of the His Kingdom(That is the Ark)

Regardless of the judgement and disasters that this world will face, we only need to have faith and wait inside the Ark. We should enjoy three things.

1) Enjoy the grace of God that chose you and saved you (Genesis 6:8). This brings absolute blessings.

Noah was able to be who he was through God’s absolute grace. The same goes for all of us (Ephesians 2:8, 1Crinthians 15:10). Why must we enjoy this grace? It is to praise the glory of God’s grace within his great love (Ephesians 2:6).

Deeply enjoying God’s love and grace is prayer (Ephesians 3:18-19).

This is the five blessings of true prayer (thanksgiving, word, concentration, healing, future).

As you go through this kind of time, you will receive the blessing of spiritual summit.

As you enjoy God’s absolute love, grace, and power, you will find yourself to be not full of scars and greed, but full of God’s works. The you that God initially created will be restored. That is God’s kingdom being manifested in us (Luke 17:21).

2) When we are enjoying this grace of God, He will give us the absolute mission. It is to build the ark.

The ark is the mystery to saving you, your family, posterity, and the world.

We are to build the ark for ourselves (verse 14). In his grace, God wants to use us. When we truly enjoy grace, there will be things that you can do, and things that only you will be able to do. That is called mission. The runaway Moses realized this mission (Exodus 3:8-10). The persecutor Paul realized this mission (Acts 9:15).

Once you come alive, your family, your children, and the Church will come alive. God gave us this as a covenant (verse 18). Later on, this family becomes the message that made new history and evidence (blessing of world evangelism).

God has given us everything we need to create this ark through His word. This is when you receive the blessing of skills summit. Through his word, God gave Noah all the dimensions, necessities, ingredients, and things to store. It was something that even science now cannot explain. Do you think God’s word is irrelevant to your life? That is why life is hard. God’s word makes you wiser than any other (Psalm 119:98-100). The word becomes our light when passing through dark valleys (Psalm 119:105). The word helps us win when hardships come (Psalm 107:20). It heals our spirit, soul, joints, and marrow (Hebrew 4:12). This is why we hold onto the pulpit message (1 Thessalonians 2:13). “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” Live your life centered on hearing and following the word of God.

3) There is something we must do inside the ark. As they waited, they prepared for the future.

God knows when the flood will cease. He also has the time schedule of the disasters of the world today. There undoubtedly is a unique time schedule for all of us. Are there persisting problems in your life? Do not be anxious and wait for God’s time schedule. On the entire ark, the only window was on the ceiling (verse 16). We are to receive strength from above and wit for the prepared time schedule.

You may feel frustrated. You may be in need of training to create a new life system.

God has the CVDIP for your life. You are making a new flow in your life. There are people and next generations that you will help and save in the field. This is all regarding your future. You must relay God’s absolute covenant, absolute mission, and absolute blessing a you live your life on earth.


Conclusion – When you look upon God’s grace and enjoy the blessing that comes from it, you will also receive the blessing of the three summits. The state in which you enjoy this blessing on earth and into eternity is God’s Kingdom. Until disasters end, may you enjoy God’s kingdom within the covenant of the Ark.

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