Church That Changed the World Amidst Tribulations (Acts 13: 1-3) 06/07/2020

The Answers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

                         Church That Changed the World Amidst Tribulations (Acts 13: 1-3)         06/07/2020


It may seem as though the world has halted due to COVID-19, but it has rather been changing more urgently. During these times, a private enterprise launched a spacecraft with astronauts into orbit and back. They are preparing to live away from the earth. Also, it is said that specialized jobs as well as many other jobs will disappear within the next ten years because of artificial intelligence that represents the fourth industrial revolution. This means that only a few who control the artificial intelligence will be needed. The UN sent a robotic medical team to Africa. It is said that the majority of people will live as a “precariat” who are low wage and low skill laborers wandering around and worrying about how to put food on the table each day. Numerous books that discuss the secret in surviving without being replaced by artificial intelligence are being published. Everything will begin to be substituted online (online classes, worship, medical treatment). If this becomes habitual the most worrisome place that calls for prayer, is the church. Additionally, protests and even riots are taking place every day to fight against racial discrimination problems. These are expressions of willingness to change the world. Racial discrimination is not merely a problem of yesterday or today, nor is it only a problem of the U.S. It is truly a time of nobody, no-time, no-way, and nowhere. It is a disaster to the world but a tribulation for believers. Last week we shared about “the three absolute blessings of God to experience amidst tribulations.” Hold onto the covenant of God’s absolute plan, absolute grace, and absolute evidence for the saved people of God and be triumphant. This week let us hold onto the form of the Antioch Church as they prepared to change the world amidst tribulations, as a covenant. This Antioch Church which was raised by anonymous individuals who held onto God’s absolute covenant became a church that saved and changed the world. God desires for us to be used this way (heavenly mandate), has called us (calling) and will use us (commission). Through the passage, there are three basic things we must prepare and challenge.


  1. Raising a multi-ethnic leader (disciple) who can save all the nations of the world.   

Five multi-ethnic leaders were gradually raised as the Antioch Church revived (verse 1). They were pastors and elders. When looking at how two of them were commissioned as first missionaries, they were truly spiritual leaders.

1) Leaders are those who eventually change the world. They create change in each area.

Normally, people who are called leaders are equipped with at least three things.  

① It means “one who goes beforehand” (the same meaning behind the word “presbytery”).

They are people who see the future, prepare for the future, and devote for the future before anyone else. This is where CVDIP comes from.

② They are people who can sympathize with others.

The word “sympathy” is used in English and Jesus became the model for this (Philippians 2:1-8, Hebrews 4:12). Speaking of the world, the head and theory are not all that exists. The heart needs to move and be hot.

 They think creative thoughts of saving all people (recreation).

They think of saving people and do not try to sacrifice a single person. Jesus was also a model for this (Luke 15).

2) This is the key of the Gospel. This is the work that Christ has done with the authority of the Priest, King, and Prophet.

Christ lowered Himself, died to save us, suffered to become someone who relates and empathizes with us, had Satan who is our enemy on his knees, never gave up on us, and saved us so that we may prepare the future and eternity.

3) Those who can become one through this gospel need to become leaders.

① Why are multi-ethnic leaders important? From now on, many multi-ethnic pastors and church officers need to come forth from our church.

That is how we can go beyond language, race, and culture and embrace all people. This is God’s heart.

② From the beginning, this was God’s will and heart. All nations were one from the start.

Where did the endless conflict, war, terror, and dispute between people start? These are problems of Genesis 3 (self-centered greed), Genesis 6 (centered on the flesh and appearance), and Genesis 11 (supremacy and hegemonism centered on success). This was what Satan did from the beginning. No one, not even politicians can solve this if the frames set by Satan are not broken down.


  1. Cultivating spiritual strength that can lead and change the world.  

With what strength can we change the world? That is why the power of the Holy Spirit, spirituality, and the blessing of the spiritual summit has been promised.

1) The word, prayer, and evangelism are the mystery of enjoying this blessing. It is called the 3 today so that it may be enjoyed every day.  

① The Holy Spirit works when the word is established within me (John 15:7).

This is why listening, reading, and meditating the word is important (Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1:1-3).

② I must certainly enjoy my own prayer time.  

It is the mystery to surpass my standard, level, and norm (John 14:12-14).

③ A greater strength is given when I share the grace and blessing of this gospel that I enjoy (2 Timothy 4:2).

2) All the leaders who changed the world possessed this mystery (Abraham Lincoln, Wanamaker, Fanny Crosby).

It says that when they gathered and worshipped and fasted, the Holy Spirit spoke (verse 2).  The blessing that we must enjoy the most in these difficult times is the blessing of prayer. At that time, God gives us a different strength and shows us a different work to do. The blessing of uniqueness is what comes forth from that.


  1. Raising future leaders who can lead and change the world. The remnant movement and RUTC movement is raising remnants.

Some people simply get along with others, and some save and raise others.

1) Much prayer, sacrifice, and devotion is need when it comes to raising a person.

That is why the Lord said to his beloved disciples, “Feed my lamb, take care of my sheep” (John 21:15). The lamb signifies young remnants and sheep signify all the weak believers. God compared Himself to a gardener (John 15:1-2).  One bears fruit when the heart is included, time is given and there is labor.

2) Those who changed the world were evangelists and missionaries. We need to prepare them from childhood and raise them as specialist missionaries.

The missionaries who formed present-day Korea were prepared like this and changed the people who were poor, in difficulty and ignorant (Missionaries like Allen, Moffett, Underwood graduated college in their twenties and devoted themselves as missionaries and were commissioned).

3) This summer, the devotion of helping remnants is needed from each team of our church (internship team, medical team, military mission team, choir, teachers, etc.)  

Form teams online and raise remnants. It says that the farmer who scatters the seed should be the first to receive a share of the crops (2 Timothy 2:6).



Conclusion – We who have the gospel are people who have all the things of God. Times of tribulations were opportunities for new beginnings when looking in the Bible and the history of the church. May you dream of a holy dream in the gospel during these difficult times and challenge yourself to holy work.

06.07. 2020 English pulpit