Disciple Who Saves Me and the World (Matthew 28:16-20) 02/23/2020

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                                       Disciple Who Saves Me and the World (Matthew 28:16-20)               02/23/2020


Although curses, calamities, and suffering will persist during the end times, God desires one thing. He gives us answers so that we may give answers to the world and heals us so that we may heal the world. This was last week’s message. God calls us as ones who will be used like this and says that we will be sent into the world. They are called evangelists and disciples. This is the covenant to hold onto this week. Like verse 16 in the passage, although we may be lacking and failing individuals like the 11 disciples, we simply need to hold onto this covenant of a disciple. He will send us to the world and use us as ones who will raise other disciples. The reason churches are continuously crumbling is that the church is filled with merely churchgoers (members). The church is where the Sincheonji (New Heaven and New Earth) Cult group who are being used in spreading the coronavirus in Korea is looking down the most. Lee Man Hee is preaching that he is the counselor and the one who will replace Jesus in the end days, and people are believing it. This may become the opportunity to weed out these poisonous mushrooms. I bless you that you may not merely be churchgoers, but stand as disciples who will save yourself, the church and the world. In the passage, Jesus talks about the three blessings a disciple should enjoy and share.


  1. Jesus came to the disciples and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (verse 18). 

Who is a disciple? One who believes and enjoys Christ who has this authority of heaven and earth is a disciple.

“Christ who has all authority in heaven and on earth” is the gospel (Luke 2:10). Enjoy this gospel and solve everything with the gospel (problem, conflict, failure).

1) Christ who has the authority of heaven and earth came because there are surely problems that cannot be solved by anyone else. 

① It is a problem kings, people in power, intellects, religious individuals cannot solve. It is a spiritual problem. It says this problem will cover the whole earth (Isaiah 60:1-2, John 14:30, Ephesians 6:12).

② The eyes to see all the problems of the world as spiritual problems need to open. If not, why would we need someone with the authority of heaven and earth? 

It is the being who destroyed the first life, Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1-6). He is continuously corrupting the world (Ephesians 2:2-3). On the contrary, even though people live kindly and diligently, he creates incomprehensible problems (“thief” of John 10:10). He is a being who actually brings many suffering, curses, and calamities into the world (Job 1:1-2:7). Even more, it also says that he is a being who brings affliction, worries, and fear without reason (1 Samuel 16:14-16). The king was afflicted. This is a form of depression, panic disorder, and schizophrenia. It may have started from that person’s growing process or environmental issues. In the end, it all progresses into a spiritual problem (Isaiah 61:1).

2) If I am within Christ who has the authority of heaven and earth, no problem can be a problem.  

He said he finished it all on the cross (John 19:30). All problems should be solved with this conclusion. How did he finish it?

① He received all the curses I would have received for my sins and failures on the cross. This is the work he did as a high priest (Hebrews 6:20).   

He freed us so that we may no longer be eternally cursed (Romans 8:1-2) and made us into beings who will enjoy the blessings of heaven (Ephesians 1:3-5).

② He became the way of our life and is with us forever. This is the work he did as he came as the eternal prophet (John 14:6). 

Did you face a time of worry, loneliness, and suffering? It is so that you may experience how he is holding onto you. Joseph experienced this (Genesis 39), and David experienced this blessing and stood as disciples who saved the age (Psalms 23).

 It does not matter even if the devil brings any kind of problems. We are those who will fight with His power and enjoy the victory.  

This is the work He does as he becomes our king (1 Corinthians 15:25). A time in which they will be crushed underneath our feet will come (Romans 16:20).

3) Are you facing a time of problems, conflicts, failure, and suffering? You must make all of that into an opportunity. 

 Do not fall into despair because of that or try too hard to solve problems or live life thinking that “this will all pass as time passes.”

① It is a time in which my hidden scars and spiritual problems are revealed and be healed. That is why it says to pour out your hearts to him (Psalms 62:8).  

② Break my old frame that is continuously making me fail and blocking God’s blessing and make it into an opportunity to make and renew a new frame. 

Only at that time can “failure become the mother of success” like Edison once said.

 You are being molded into a vessel that can understand, forgive and embrace all people (Luke 22:31-32). 


  1. Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (verse 19).   

It is a blessing that comes as much as I experience the gospel. Works of saving people and the world will take place. It is evangelism and missions. Those who live centered on evangelism and missions and solve all problems centered on evangelism and missions, they are the disciples.

1) God has already called us as evangelists and disciples to save this age. It says that “He called those he desired.”(Mk3:13)  

We need to have faith here. We are people called by God (calling of salvation, calling as disciples, calling to heaven). It does not matter even if we were called amidst failure (Moses of Exodus 3, Paul of Acts 9). It does not matter if you were called late (Matthew 19:30). Those who will surely be saved in the field and disciples who will continue to be used for the evangelism movement are prepared.

2) Hold onto the covenant of world evangelization even in the small things we do. It becomes a blessing to be used for world evangelization.    

Different power will take place if you hold onto this covenant even while cleaning and working in the kitchen in church. If not, scars form while working.

3) God will take responsibility if the remnant’s academics, church officer’s business, and everything are done while holding onto this covenant of world evangelization. Do not be bound if problems come but challenge even more. God will surely give evidence.


  1. It says to baptize everyone we meet and to teach everything the Lord has commanded (verses 19b-20).

Where is the place to baptize and help them to rise as those who will save the world? That is the church. That is why those who receive answers to save the church and devote themselves, and the people who solve everything centered on the church are the disciples.

1) The church is the body of Christ (Ephesians 5:23). Why did he allow the church?

It is a spiritual family to help our posterity to continuously receive strength and go into the world (importance of remnant ministry). It is also a training place to help all church members to go into the world and fight a spiritual battle in the name of Christ. It is also a healing center to heal if people get hurt or scarred in the world covered in darkness. It is a place that needs to play the role of a spiritual platform for all nations to gather and pray, receive strength and training to go into the 237 nations.

2) Paul said that he loved and devoted to the Lord’s church with a heart of filling up his flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions (Colossians 1:24).

Make the place I am in a church. The church and its building are a place of gathering. Family church is a place where my family will save the world. The specialized church is a place to find a person who will enjoy the gospel and evangelism movement with me in my workplace. The regional church is the place to gather to save my region.


Conclusion – Start with one person, me (sole system). Then discovering even one-person disciple will change the world (absolute system).

02.23.2020 English Pulpit