Elijah, the Spiritual Summit Who Prepared the Future (1 Kings 19:8-18) 2/21/2021

The Field of Answers of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

               Elijah, the Spiritual Summit Who Prepared the Future (1 Kings 19:8-18)                   2/21/2021


We hear more bad news as time goes on (mutated virus, inflation, dangers of inflation, etc.) There will be personal hardships. People experience depression because of financial difficulty and lack of outdoor activities. How should we live?  Hold onto God’s absolute covenant, then we will see what God has prepared in the future.   God has given us who are saved in Christ the absolute covenant. Especially the covenant of 237, healing and summit are the final (conclusion) covenants we must enjoy. This was already given during the time of Abraham who is called the ancestor of faith. “You will be a source of blessings and I will make into a great nation, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:1-3). This covenant was confirmed once again through Christ’s ascension (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:17-20, Acts 1:8). All you have to do is believe because the covenant will be surely fulfilled. Then you will see in advance, have in advance, enjoy in advance, experience in advance everything and see what you must do in advance (CVDIP). The unbelieving summits of this world experienced this similarly despite not having the gospel. Their start and conclusion were Genesis 3 (self-centeredness), Genesis 6 (material centeredness), Genesis 11 (world centeredness). They created the Nephilim Age (an age that is controlled by darkness) and Babylon Age (age with great confusion and suffering). A virtual age like this will most likely advance the 4th Industrial Revolution Age quickly. Everything will be created by supercomputers, artificial intelligence, robots, and 3D printing. At an extreme level, humans will no longer be needed and as a result, an age of mental problems and great suffering due to spiritual problems will come. Hence, God promised us the blessing of the spiritual summit that will save, heal and lead the 237 nations. Believers can enjoy the blessing of the spiritual summit regardless of having nothing. God is with me, God blesses me, and He uses me. We will enjoy the blessing of the skill summit where small things we do become a masterpiece and eventually, we will enjoy the blessing of the culture summit where we change the flow of the age. Elijah from the passage is a model who enjoyed this blessing of the spiritual summit.


  1. Let us first look at the difficulties of Elijah’s age. There were already empty places, abandoned places, and dying places in that age.

There is nothing new under the sun. The appearance of problems is different by age, but the answer is the same because the cause of all is the same. We must see the empty place, abandoned place, and dying places that we must go to with the power and authority of Christ.

1) During the age of Elijah, King Ahab fell into idol worship and the people were bound by darkness (1 Kings 16:29-33).

How few answers did the king have to have worshipped idols? The word idol means “empty” or “void.” That is the work of demons (Genesis 1:2). They may show great power and strength immediately. That is why many people have fallen in this in the world of summits that move the world. It is more serious that these will be the ones who lead the 4th industrial revolution. There is no one who will give them the answer through the accurate Christ. Thus, it is an empty place. We who has the mystery of  the gospel must go. They are the Remnants.

2) What is the result of idol worship? There were various disasters such as drought and continuous war with Aram (1 Kings 17:1-7).

This is the content of Revelations. There is an intense spiritual battle going on while there are great curses and calamities on earth. Forms of abandoned people and an abandoned world continue in different places.

3) Elijah got exhausted while fighting with these idol forces (1 Kings 19:1-7).

Believers and the church may get exhausted from problems and sufferings of the world continue. It is a spiritual field that is dying because there is no gospel.



  1. God gave him an answer during that time. Go to Mt. Horeb. That mount was called the “Mountain of God” (verse 8).

1) Why was it called the mountain of God? It is not simply a location. It was an important time and location where God gives the answer.

When in hardship, we need Mount Horeb all the more. A time and place to concentrate on God are needed.

The mountains and rivers that the people of God in the Bible found during hardships all carried this meaning. It is an age where unbelievers concentrate on only their internal world, have a spiritual experience, and lead the world (transcendental meditation, chi movement).

This is why we must train to concentrate on God for at least 5, 10 minutes a day (spiritual summit training).

It is the filling of the Holy Spirit that we enjoy then, and experience the five spiritual powers (spiritual power, intellectual power, physical power, manpower, financial power).

2) We are not merely concentrating. We are concentrating on at least two things.

It is a concentration on the covenant.   

Mount Horeb was where Moses met God before liberating the Israelites from Egypt and received the promise of the Canaan conquest (Exodus 3). What is the covenant we must hold onto? We are no longer lives that should be enslaved to sin, the world, and darkness. We have been liberated. Now we must stand as those who will save others like me and save the world. That is the covenant of 237, healing and summit. The blessing of the spiritual summit begins when this covenant becomes imprint, root, and nature.

It is a concentration on God’s word.  

We must listen to God’s voice and receive god’s guidance every moment. He gives us the word for this reason. Elijah stood mountain and God caused a great and powerful wind, an earthquake, and a fire after the earthquake, but God was not there (verse 11-12).  However, God’s gentle whisper came after all these. A time of listening and meditating on God’s word daily and during a quiet time is more important than experiencing a mystical power and work.

3) What was the answer that God gave at that time? It was to know and prepare in advance three things that were bound to happen (verses 15-18).

This is the blessing of the spiritual summit. It is seeing, having, enjoying, experiencing, and challenging in advance the future that has God prepared. We will see the mission we must hold onto during these difficult times. There was one person who cooperated in this work. It was church officer Obadiah (1 Kings 18:3-4). He was an important servant of King Ahab (summit), and a coworker and disciple to Elijah (spiritual summit).

He would change the king of Aram who brought so much difficulty to the Israelites and King Ahab who fell into idol worship.

Our personal problems and the problems of this age are all in God’s hands. Completely entrust it to God (Acts 1:6-7).

He was to find and raise the spiritual leader who will lead the next age. It was Elisha.   

We must pray for the pastors and evangelists who will lead the next age with spiritual power that is only becoming more difficult and devote ourselves.

He was to discover the 7,000 disciples that God had left behind. That is the ministry we must find that will save all 237 nations.

The answer that transcends time and space will follow at that time. That prepared person may be right by me, in my school or workplace.


Conclusion – Hold onto the accurate covenant and see the accurate future even amidst hardship. May you enjoy this blessing of the spiritual summit.

02.21.2021 English pulpit