Enjoy God’s Absolute Blessing (Jeremiah 33:14-22) 12/06/2020

The Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

 Enjoy God’s Absolute Blessing (Jeremiah 33:14-22)                           12/06/2020



When the Israelites were experiencing great hardships, God sent prophets to give them the covenant of the absolute blessings that they were to enjoy. When people face problems (personal problems, family problems, church problems, generational problems), they first worry about how to escape from that problem. Later, they expect time to take care of it. That is the wrong way to look at it. God desires us to discover and enjoy prepared and hidden blessings within those problems.

That is the introduction of Ezekiel 33 (verse 1-3). When the nation as falling apart and prophets were locked up in prison, God’s word came upon Ezekiel.

God is the one who created and fulfilled all the things of the world. So truly, when we look upon God, he will show us great and unsearchable things. Did your problems and the problems of this age come without God’s knowing? Whether those problems were of your fault or someone else’s, what is the one sure fact? Satan is always trying to discourage and destroy you and make you give up. But God uses those things to carry out “great and unsearchable things”. Those “great and unsearchable things” are “God’s absolute blessings”.

Acts 1:6-8 says the same thing. Leave the time and day for when the problem will be solved up to God and find the absolute blessings that you must enjoy. Within that time, experience the power of the Holy Spirit, and enjoy the blessing of those problems becoming evidence for you to be used as someone who will save the world. Problems may come endlessly, and different conflicts may befall you.  We must discover and enjoy God’s absolute blessings.


  1. It begins with the blessing of gospelization.

1) Verse 15 says, “I will make a righteous Branch sprout from David’s line; he will do what is just and right in the land.”

What covenant is this? This is the covenant of Christ; the covenant of the gospel.

What does it mean to do what is just and right in the land? The life we live is very unjust. We have to face eternal curse of hell due to the sin committed by Adam, and the curses that flow down in our family line. Some people say they would rather not believe in God if this is the case.

But that is not the case. God sent His son Christ to prevent you from that kind of failure (Gospel). Verse 16 says, “in those days Judah will be saved” (He died to free us from all curses – priests), “Jerusalem will live in safety” (He will crush Satan’s head and protect us – king), “The Lord will be our righteous savior” (We will enjoy His blessings and fulfill His will – prophet). The moment you accept Christ, you have been brought into this gospel and this blessing (With, Immanuel, Oneness).

2) The issue is that this gospel must be your own enjoyment. Even if you have really good things, if you can’t enjoy them, it is meaningless. 

What is the start to enjoying the gospel? We must train ourselves to see everything with the eyes of the gospel. This is the reason God gives us problems.

What are you struggling with? Do not be deceived but rather look at it with the eyes of a freed individual. No problem can bring you down.

Are you dealing with unjust situations? Even murderers and evil people that we see – if we see them with the eyes of the gospel, we can be empathetic (Acts 7:60).

Those people do not even know they are being deceived by Satan. They may be aware but fall into it because they lack answers and strength to overcome.

Are you going through a despairing time? If God is really with you, he can change all things into evidence.

3) As these times come and go, there will be a time when your life becomes entirely a gospel lifestyle (gospel 24).

The reason we must listen to the word of the gospel is so that this gospel will become imprinted in our brains and soul.

The reason we must hold onto the gospel and pray when problems and suffering comes is so that this gospel must become rooted in us.

③ When these two things continue, this gospel will become your lifestyle. Your standards, judgement, and thoughts will change, and your depression, mental illnesses and health will be healed. Your life itself will change (1Thessalonians 5:16-18). The words of your mouth will become prayers, and your thoughts will become prayers (Psalm 19:14). Answers will overflow beyond your thoughts (Ephesians 3:20). Going beyond just yourself, the people around you and the place you reside will experience a change in the spiritual flow.


  1. Enjoyment of your spiritual identity will come. That is the blessing of establishing the throne.

1) From the moment we received salvation, we’ve become children of our father God in the heavenly throne (John 1:12, Romans 8:15-17).

We were given the privilege to enjoy the authority, background, and support of the throne (7 privileges). We can boldly go before our father, and ask for anything (Hebrews 4:16, Matthew 7:7-11). Because we are His children. In all your circumstances, have pride and esteem of being a child of God, as you enjoy the background of the above (prayer 24).

2) There is another covenant of identity among the privileges of being His child (20-22).

It says that we cannot break His covenant with the day and covenant with the night. This signifies the covenant that God, who reigns over all the earth and its creation, made (covenant of creation). God will love the world until the end (John 3:16).

God then speaks of the covenant of the two tribes that he made to save, heal, and bless the world. First, He speaks of the covenant he made with David. David was a king. Wherever he went, all his enemies fell, and peace came upon his people. Second was the covenant God made with the Levite priests. Priests are people who free and bless others. These two covenants were given to us as the covenant of an evangelist (1Peter 2:9).

Boldly live as an evangelist through 24 evangelism. Evangelists will undoubtedly enjoy the blessing of the throne.

What was the covenant and evidence that Jesus gave to his disciples who were evermore lacking? (Mark 16:16-20)


  1. What is the blessing that follows gospelization and establishment of the throne? It is the blessing of establishing the historical summit.

“I will make them as countless as the stars in the sky and as measureless as the sand on the seashore”(Verse 26)

It means that God will send them to the important place. They stand as a summit to save the age.

1) Even when you are taken as captives, there will be remnants like Daniel and his three friends that will save the age.

“Remnant” originally means “the abandoned ones”. But We just need to experience God’s power. It is filling by the Holy Spirit(Acts1:8). Summit is not just position. He is the person who has power. Enjoy the absolute power of God filling by the Holy Spirit. This is our prayer topic of prayer topic.

2) We can go to the wilderness, empty places, places of despair and abandonment  at that time. There is no need for competition there. We stand as the person who can save 237 nations there. That is the blessing of the historical summit.

3) In those places, all you did were small things and helped small people in Jesus’ name, but those become things that you did for God (Matthew 25:21,41).

From there, comes masterpieces that God makes, and everything becomes blessings and platform that you will relay to the next generation.



Conclusion – The world is difficult, and you may have hidden hardships. May it all become a chance for you to enjoy God’s absolute answer.