Eternal Answer to Enjoy in the True Nation (Matthew 6:9-13) 5/12/2024.

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Eternal Answer to Enjoy in the True Nation (Matthew 6:9-13)            5/12/2024.


The nations of the world are facing difficulties. Superpower nations and third-world countries have their respective problems. In mission’s fields, we see the pitiful realities of those nations (financially, medically, and educationally).

How did a nation originally form? The start of a nation was God’s kingdom. God created mankind and a family to create the posterity and provided the garden of Eden for them to live happily.

When mankind became deceived by Satan and sinned in Genesis 3, their relationship with God was severed. The nation thus became full of corruption, conflicts, and suffering. The beginning of the worst is the Babel Tower of Genesis 11. They built the nation upon their greed, kings worshipped idols, and called himself the son of God. That is when Mesopotamia, the first nation or empire was created. Mankind’s history was made through gathering power to create nations, invading each other, and waging war to expand. Why are we talking about nations? With no choice, people belong to nations, and they are under the influence and control of those nations.

In the passage, as Jesus taught about prayer, why did he emphasize the prayer on “God’s kingdom”? Why do we pray, “Thy kingdom come,” “For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever” (King James Matt 6:9-13).


  1. Because it is the rightful, absolute, and eternal blessing and answer that saved people of God must enjoy. There are three things that comprises a nation. “People, land, and a ruler.”

1) The moment we received salvation, we became God’s children and people of God’s kingdom (Colossians 1:13,1Peter 2:9). From that moment, we became freed from the authority of all curses, destiny, and hell. Those things can no longer control our lives. That is why saved people of God will no longer fail, crumble, or be unhappy.

2) Now we must enjoy the background of God’s kingdom (Philippians 3:20), be governed by God, and enjoy God’s blessings. Christ will come as the true prophet, true priest, and true king to govern over us. That is when our failures and suffering will be healed and revived (Luke 17:21). We will fulfill God’s will and enjoy the peace and joy that God gives (Romans 14:17). The forces of darkness that use to bring us hardships will be broken down (Matthew 12:28).

3) Where is the land of God’s kingdom? Originally, God created the world, He ruled over it, and entrusted it to us (Genesis 1:28). Mankind became corrupt and Satan is playing king (John 14:30). He is moving all forces of the world to create darkness (Ephesians 6:12). That is why this world is facing endless wars, suffering, curses, and disasters. We are also facing those things along with the world. Therefore, if we receive the governance of Christ who is our true King, then wherever we are is God’s kingdom. Evangelism is saving those around us so that the blessing of God’s kingdom comes upon places around us. Missions is making God’s kingdom come upon the entire world. It is saving all regions, peoples, and nations.


  1. How do we enjoy God’s kingdom?

1) We pray for God’s kingdom to come (upon us, our family our church, school, workplace, and business).

God’s kingdom must come upon us. We struggle to control ourselves (heart, mind, emotions, body). The moment we received salvation, Christ came to be with us by the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-18). All we need to do is let him govern us. That is when the fruits of the Holy Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) are born. Since Satan is also working 24 hours, we must enjoy these 24 hours in prayer to live and save the posterity. We directly influence our posterity.

God’s kingdom must come upon our family and church for the darkness to be broken, for peace to take place, and for us, together to do great works. There are many people who receive scars from the church and experience hell in their homes because they do not know or realize this blessing. There is nothing that families and churches in constant conflict and quarrel can do. That is the goal of the forces of darkness.

When we pray for God’s kingdom to come upon our school, workplace, and businesses, there will be important answers and doors that open. Evidence will be shown in our studies and meetings, and the power and blessing of the throne will come upon all that we do.

2) We must make a time to concentrate on God’s kingdom. 

When we wake up, during the day, and at night, we must make a time to concentrate on God’s kingdom, even for a moment. In this intense battlefield of a world, if we cannot enjoy this time of concentration, all we will gain is stress (depression, and cancer).

Hold onto God’s Word and focus on three concentrations. Limit yourself even for a moment (limited concentration), choose the things of God (selective concentration), and communicate with God (oneness concentration).

3) The specific content of prayer for God’s kingdom is the 7,7,7 prayer. Pray 24 hours with deep breathing. You can utilize the bulletin until it becomes your imprint, root, and nature.

What is the prayer of 7 journeys? It is confirming that the journey of our lives is within God (Isaiah 43:1). Our spiritual identity, 5 Assurances, 10 Footholds, Path of The Summit, 9 Communications and Streams, Life of The Evangelist, Blessing of The Pulpit.

What is the prayer of 7 Bartizans? It is enjoying the Triune God that is within us and is at the heavenly throne (John 14:12-14). Presence of the Triune God, Work of Transcending Time and Space, Unprecedented Answers that save the 3 Ages, Spiritual Victory over the ruler of the kingdom of the air, 5 Powers to save 237 nations, blessing of seeing and experiencing the future in advance, blessing of restoring the 3 Courtyards.

What is the prayer of 7 guide signs? Enjoying the blessing of Mt. Calvary, Mt. Olives, and Mark’s Upper Room and saving Asia, Europe, all the way to Rome through the Antioch Church.


  1. When we enjoy this kingdom of God, the work of Satan in our lives will come to an end and works of the kingdom of God will arise (work of Holy Spirit).

1) We will be able to implement the Three Systems that God has no choice but to bless and use. Platform, (people and things prepared by God will come to find us). Watchtower (the spiritual flow around us will change). Antenna (God’s blessing and answers will be relayed to the people we meet. This is the blessing of evangelism and missions).

2) When problems, conflicts, and crises arise, they will turn into the Three Answers and blessings. Problems are opportunities to find the answer of “Only.” Conflicts are opportunities to heal ourselves and prepare our vessel to save the world. Crises are opportunities for greater doors that God will open. God wants us who are lacking to live as the witnesses of these things.

3) The smallest things, devotions, and works that we do will please God. It will become a masterpiece that glorifies God. It is the work that God performs “25”. It will forever be remembered by God and will become an eternal reward and crown (answer of Eternity).


Conclusion – As believers, we live in this world, but we do not belong to this world. On this land full of problems, suffering, and disasters, may our lives enjoy the kingdom of God and be used for the works of God’s kingdom.

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