Eternal Answer To Enjoy Through True Evangelism (Exodus 3:6-12) 6/2/2024

Eternal Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

Eternal Answer To   Enjoy Through True Evangelism (Exodus 3:6-12)                  6/2/2024


Why are churches shrinking and closing doors all around the world? Beyond Europe, which went through religious reformation and became a Christian nation full of the world’s best churches. America and South Korea are facing the same problem.

What pains us and makes us fear is the suffering that our children will go through. The world is so corrupted, and suffering, curses, and disasters are deepening just as the Bible prophesized (Isaiah 60:1-2, 2Timothy 3:1-5). But there are no churches to shine the light. Bartizans are disappearing.

People understand Moses as a great leader and an important Biblical figure that freed Israel from 400 years of slavery from Egypt. The story of crossing the Red Sea into the land of Canaan has been made into many movies. However, Moses wasn’t a great leader like that. He was an Evangelist that saved the Israelites who suffered from the destiny, curse, and authority of darkness in that age. He is the model of the eternal answers and blessings that we must enjoy, the same in this age.

There was nothing special about Moses that warranted the title of a great leader. If his tragic life that was filled with pain and suffering was special, then perhaps he was. When he was born, he was abandoned onto the river. For some time, he lived as a prince when the princess of the country that made his people their slaves adopted him as a son. However, that rather became the reason the Israelites rejected him. Ultimately, due to one single mistake, he became a murderer and lived the rest of his life as a fugitive. When he turned 80 years old, he met God.

That became the true turning point of Moses’ life. God desired to call this Moses as an Evangelist to save those who are in failure and suffering, bound in destiny, just like him.

That is also the reason God has called us in this age, to save us through Christ and made us God’s children and people. God wants to use us as Evangelists that save others like us, as well as the world and the future. That is why the first thing Jesus did was evangelize (Mark 1:38) and called the fishermen of Galilee to make them His disciples and gave them blessings that changed the world (Mark 3:13-15).

Hold onto one conclusion. All things of God are within evangelism, including the eternal answer and blessings that we will enjoy. God’s people who have been saved through the grace of Christ   Jesus must absolutely enjoy this answer and blessings as we live on earth.


  1. Evangelism is knowing God’s heart and living a life that aligns with His heart.

This is the beginning of living according to God’s will. We must know how God loves the world and how God loves us. Even if He had to kill His own Son (redemption).  He wanted to deliver all lives (John 3:16, Romans 5:8, 1Timothy 2:4).

1) This is the first thing God said to Moses. “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering” (Ex.3:7, New International Version).

2) They were suffering in slavery for hundreds of years, but why did God now say he heard them? It is God’s time schedule, but more certainly, God waited for Moses. Who God chose and prepared to be used. Our salvation was chosen and prepared long ages past (Acts 13:48), and God’s desire to use us as evangelists of this age was also chosen and prepared long ages past (Roman 16:25, 1Peter 2:9).

3) The problem is Moses could not realize that. It is the same with all believers in this age.

People are content with their own salvation. When problems come, they take it as a trial and just struggle to overcome it.

Do you know the real reason God allows problems? It certainly is a training of faith (James 1:2-4), but there is a more important reason. See the problems and pain of the world through yours and feel the pain of God who desires to save them. This is where all problems end .

Evangelism is not a method. It is the heart of God. Through Moses’ 40 years of pain, God allowed him to see the 400 years of Israel’s pain. This is the reason Jesus suffered. It was a death of redemption (Hebrews 4:25) and a love of sympathy (Hebrews 4:25).


  1. Evangelism is the work that God does through those who have His heart. If we can’t even solve our own problems, who can we save?

1) That is why God sent His Son as the Christ who will save our lives (Gospel). “I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians” and “bring them up out of that land into a land flowing with milk and honey” (v8).

2) For that work that God will do, He will use us who are saved. How will he use us?

“I am sending you” (v10). Wherever we are is our mission’s field, we are commissioned missionaries (“Ambassador”, “Apostle”). This is where Christians form our work-view (Vocation – mission, occupation – commissioned place, profession – confession of faith).

“I will be with you” (v12). God being with us is the blessing of salvation (Isaiah 7:14), as well as the greatest blessing that Evangelists will enjoy (Matthew 28:19-20). Joseph enjoyed this blessing (Genesis 39:2-3), David enjoyed this blessing (Psalm 23:1-4), and all Evangelists enjoyed this blessing.

The Israelites will see this sign when they come out and worship God on this mountain (v12). Having lived a life of failure is not a problem. Old age is not a problem. There is nothing to fear about standing before the King of Egypt. For those who know what true evangelism is and devote themselves to it, everything will become evidence (blessing of witness Acts 1:8).

3) What we must do in the field is simple. We must   enjoy Immanuel in the field we are in  and proclaim Christ when the opportunity is presented “living sacrifice” (Ex 3:18 New International Version). Through His blood we are redeemed, through His blood we gain new life, and through His blood darkness is broken (Colossians 1:13-14). All we need to do is accurately relay the Christ that we realize, enjoy, and experience. Work will be done by the Holy Spirit.


  1. What comes as a result of that evangelism?

Through our evangelism, unbelievers can receive salvation and change their lives. We are gifting something most precious. There is something beyond that.

1) It says that God held onto evangelist Moses so that his eyes did not grow dim and he did not grow weak until 120 years old (Deuteronomy 34:7). God makes even our weaknesses into absolute answers. For evangelism, God makes the smallest things into evidence (Matthew 10:42).

2) Through Moses, Israel’s fate of 400 years of slavery was changed and the whole world knew about it. Disciples like Joshua and Caleb were raised, and through their descendants, Christ came. (shoe shiner D.L. Moody changes Korean History)

3) This   becomes the Eternal Blessing and possession that we will enjoy.



Conclusion – Evangelism is God’s heart and God’s work. Within that Evangelism is everything, and Eternal Answers.

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