Evangelism Disciples of 237, Healing, and Summit (Acts 1:6-8) 1/1/2021

The Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

Evangelism Disciples of 237, Healing, and Summit (Acts 1:6-8)                   1/1/2021


Even as years go by, there are two spiritual realities that do not change. Satan will continue to make this world a difficult place. Because Satan has his own day of judgement, he will work to bring even more evil. There will be numerous disasters, wars, corruption, and suffering (Matthew 24, 2 Timothy 3). However, there is nothing for us to fear or worry about.

All we need to do is to accurately hold onto one spiritual fact. It is the work of the holy spirit onto those who are saved in only Christ Jesus. That is the main point of the book of Revelations, which meticulously predict the end times. Satan’s works will be strong, but God will hold onto his evangelists with the work of the great holy spirit. From the beginning, Revelations talks about Christ among the seven lampstands and the seven stars in his right hand, and how the people who are sealed by the spirit will have victory. The end of the book also concludes with this blessing.

We are saved people of God, who have been chosen inside God’s absolute sovereignty, love, and plan. The path that we must take is not just a normal path. We are going on an absolute journey in which we can experience God’s absoluteness. Our goals for this year or the things we wanted to are not important. When we hold onto his absoluteness, He will show us his absolute mission, absolute power, and absolute blessing. May this year be a deep time for us to experience God’s absoluteness.


  1. God has four absolute time schedules (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Verse 7 says that all time and place is in God’s authority. All we need to do is to realize what God desires to do, at the time and place that God desires, and follow.

1) Time schedule for the age. There are things that God desires to do in every age.

For this world, this age is a disaster. It is the age of 4th industrial revolution, but for humans, it is a sad reality. The point is that there are prepared individuals in every age whom God will use. They are the remnants

The Upper Room evangelism movement is a movement that will save this age. This is why we should realize the heavenly mandate, calling, and mission for this age and go forward together as we listen to headquarters messages.

2) Time schedule for this region and nation. What is God’s time schedule for America?

People who shout “Make America Great Again” must have this answer.

We must take a look at what God did when he established America. In the 18th century, there was Sunday school movement and repentance movement. In the 19th century, there were pastors like D.L Moody that led the revival movement. In the 20th century, there was the C.C.C and the Navigators, as well as pastors like Billy Graham who furthered world evangelization.

What is the Upper Room ministry? It is a discipleship movement that encompasses all these things to save the next generation, the church, and the world.

The 7 remnants were all disciples that were used in the hegemonic nations of their age. They were individuals who knew the reason for their lives, the reason for receiving answers, and the reason for dying. They lived as witnesses in the superpower nations with the accurate gospel.

3) Time schedule for our church within those greater time schedules.

2021 marks the 25th year anniversary of One Mind Church. As we look back, there are not enough words to express how God has perfectly led, held onto, and blessed our church. All of that has been organized into our church’s 3 goals, 3 ministries, and 3 teams. Building on this prayer topic and answers, we are to save and heal the 237 nations, as well as raise summit disciples.

In order to do that, the church must have power. Only then do we have a future, and only then can our posterity rise to do world evangelism.

Through the pulpit message, see the accurate time schedules, be led by the holy spirit, and enjoy those blessings (Acts 2:42 Early Church)

4) Time schedule for us individuals.

As individuals, we are standing here together in this time schedule to enjoy this blessing together.

Hold onto God’s absolute covenant that he has prepared, and discover what we must see in advance, as well as what we must hold onto, enjoy, experience and fulfill (My CVDIP). Be strengthened every day, find things to be thankful for every day, and discover things to renew and challenge for (3 todays).

There are prayer topics that only you can pray, things that only you can do, and things that you must initiate (remnant, parents, lay leaders, pastors).

You as one individual are what is important. One remnant can save the family (Joseph), save the church (Samuel), and save the age (David). That is when the five systems of the field can be established (upper room, team evangelism, mission home, specialized ministries, and regional ministries).


  1. In this time schedule, there are three fields we must challenge towards. That is the field of 237, healing, and summit.

What is the most important thing for a disciple? It is the field that God entrusts you. That is the reason that God must hold onto you with his absolute blessings.

1) The field of 237. 237 is the number of nations in this world. Besides that, there are about 5,000 tribes.

When Korea, China, and Japan were at its worst times, they received the gospel. Light was shown into their land of darkness.

Now, we must go. We must give as much as we have received. God’s children are people that live as missionaries for their entire lives. Embrace 237 in your heart. There are more than 85 tribes that have not heard the gospel. There are empty places around us.

The one who sends us is Christ, who has all the authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18-20).

When we realize that, we, the throne, and the world will become one (missionaries who go, watchmen who send).

2) The field of healing. People’s hearts are breaking, and mental illnesses will become more and more severe (depression,  addiction, schizophrenia). 

Why do such problems continue? Many hearts are empty. The gospel and the Word can fill that void. In that void, seven demons can enter (Matthew 12:44-45). It can start as emotional disorders but develop into spiritual problems.

That is why only those who know only Christ, God’s kingdom and the power of the holy spirit can do this work (spiritual doctor).

Enjoy this spiritual blessing first as you take care of yourself and receive healing. You will meet people who need to hear your story. We must pray that specialized workers arise and specialized healing center be established in our church.

3) The field of the summit. The field of the most intense spiritual battle is the field of the summit.

The few people who hold important positions can determine whether there will be suffering or hope in this world.

There are many who make it to those high places and end up taking their own lives. We are standing as the summits to save those individuals. 

The system for saving those people must be established in the church. Saving just one individual can change the world.

True summits must arise among our future generations. This is why we do remnant ministry (mission, internship, life forum).

Remnants, heed to the 10 standards of summit training (stand alone, stand before the absolute reality, break your paradigm of thought, synergy that comes from being one, choose crises to obtain opportunity, yield for success, challenge for the summit, experience the wilderness, questioning God’s will).


Conclusion – We are still walking the absolute journey that God is leading. May we stand as evangelism disciples of 237, healing, and summit.

1.1.2021 English Pulpit