Evangelism to Save Myself and the World (Mark 16:14-20) 02/16/2020

The Answers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

       Evangelism to Save Myself and the World (Mark 16:14-20)       02/16/2020


The entire world is tense due to the spread of the new coronavirus. There has been over 10,000 deaths due to the flu virus within the United States this winter. It is not just because of diseases like this virus. People everywhere are suffering because of unrevealed mental problems such as depression, panic disorders, drug addiction, and schizophrenia.

The Bible already predicted that these incidents will continue in the end days. That is why Isaiah 60:1-2 states that the whole world will be covered in darkness, and Timothy 3:1-12 states that there will be a time when people suffer. Especially if you look in Revelations, it states that disasters of judgement will continue whenever the sealed book of judgment opens (Revelations 6), blood will cover land and sea as the seven angels sound the seven trumpets, and all people will suffer, groan and die due to war, diseases, and natural disasters (Revelations 8-10).

At this time, what must the saved church and people do? God has opened the way for us to live and be victorious. There is no reason to be afraid. God has given us the seal, and no one can touch those who has the seal (Revelations 9:4). God guides their way (Revelations 14:4), and it states that the Lord Himself will fight and triumph over them (Revelations 17:14).

That is why God tells us to hold onto this covenant and live first, and then to do works of saving and healing the world. It means that it is not God’s will for the whole world to suffer and be destroyed. It is a judgement of the evilness and sins of humans. Behind that is a judgment of Satan. As Satan is imprisoned in eternal hell on the day the Lord who is the Judge comes, it will all end. We must find and save those on earth who were appointed to receive salvation until that day comes (Matthew 24:14, Acts 13:48). We must help them to be saved and for them to be healed from suffering. These curses and disasters in the end days cannot be blocked or saved by doctors and politicians. God is telling us, who were chosen first, to do this. That is verse 15 of the passage. It is saying to share the gospel to all nations and to heal them. There is nothing more urgent than this that the church must do now. This is the Lord’s last mission.


  1. With what strength do we save and heal the world?

The Lord desired one thing in verse 17 of the passage. “These signs will accompany those who believe,” so it is saying to “believe.” What do we believe in?

1) Faith in Christ who came to save our lives and the world (verse 16).

It is the faith that only Christ is the unique answer that solved all life’s curses, fate, Satan and hell (John 19:30, Acts 4:12).

We do not receive judgment, curses and disaster because we have many sins.  Christ came as the true priest for those sins and curses and atoned for us and opened the way (Romans 8:1-2), but we perish because we do not go to that way.  He has given us a gift (Ephesians 2:8), but there is no one who shares this gift. We who have received this gift first needs to share it. There will be people who refuse to receive it. That is not our responsibility.

Why are humans falling into sin and continuously corrupting? It is the spiritual problem that crumbled the first life, Adam.

It is a being that existed before the creation of the material world, and one who created darkness, confusion and emptiness in the world. They are angels that corrupted first. John 10:10 states that they are beings who came into the world to murder life, steal and destroy. Because we cannot solve it, Christ came as the true king and crushed the head of this Satan (first gospel of Genesis 3:15).

Why are humans unable to meet God and living human-centered lives? 

They do not know the way to meet God even though they want to meet God. It is the reason why so many religions have been made (Ecclesiastes 3:11). The Son of God came as the true prophet and became the way to meet God (John 14:6). Although there is a way, it cannot be taken if unknown, and if the correct way is not taught, they will go alone and take the wrong way and wander.

2) Faith that Christ will send us into the world.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” in verse 15, was this word for merely the eleven disciples? The word “apostle” in Greek means “one who is sent off.” We are the ones who are sent off to the world (1 Peter 2:9).

3) Do you know the reason why we go through various problems, difficulties and pain?

 It is so that we may experience the three fundamentals from the fundamentals, basics, and foundation that an evangelist must possess within my problems and suffering. The basics is the life of an evangelist. The foundation is that person’s job and specialty. What are the fundamentals?

When problems come, Christ needs to become my answer and an experienced answer. We call this a message.  

Is there a problem? Hold onto Christ and save myself. It becomes a message to save others who are like me.

It is a time for us to possess the heart of God who is compassionate for souls.   

In the time when I am really in pain, God love is deeply realized. After that, I understand people who were in pain like myself, and feel compassion towards them. My testimony and message at this time is delivered to the other person’s heart. This is the reason Jesus is called the priest who empathizes with us (Hebrews 4:15).

It is a time to receive God’s strength.

All people of God experienced the power of God when they were weak (2 Corinthians 11:9-10). As deep prayer happens there, God deepens, as well as people (Ecclesiastes 7:14).


  1. We must surely not forget four orders when we save and heal people and the world.

It is the four covenants Jesus gave his disciples as he parted with them in verses 17-18.

1) He said that you will drive out demons in my name. Why did he give us this covenant first? It is a spiritual healing and spiritual blessing.

It means that there is a spiritual problem behind any problem (scar, accident, argument, disease). If we even simply know the fact that Satan is working within the people I help and within my problems, the works I need to do can be seen. We must start with acceptance for unbelievers and help so that the Holy Spirit is within them, and for believers, we must make them realize the spiritual truth and for them to have spiritual victory.

The word in 3 John 1:2,“I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well,” means this.

2) It says that they will speak in tongues. It is not merely a healing of words. It is a heart healing and blessing of the heart.   

It means that new words will be placed in the lips that always complained, resented and spoke negative things. Thankful confessions will continuously come out, and a confession of faith will be spoken. As the Holy Spirit works within me, a peace and joy that I do not know will take place (John 14:27, Romans 14:17).

3) It says that when they pick up snakes or drink deadly poison, no harm will be done. It is an environmental healing and a blessing of conquering the environment.

It means that it doesn’t matter even though you live in an environment infested with conflicts and curses. It will be defeated, transcended and the flow will be changed. This is the reason why upper room (darakbang) and regional churches continue in one region. As the flow of the region changes, financial blessings come.

4) It says they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well. It is a blessing of healing that rightfully follows.

If we truly are evangelists to save the world, then our health as long as we live will be taken care of.


Conclusion – Do not try so hard to solve problems. God sent you into that problem (Genesis 45:5). I bless you that you would hold onto the covenant of an evangelist to save myself and the world and be victorious in the world and field that is full of problems, curses, and disasters.

02.16.2020 English Pulpit