Give Every Firstborn unto the Lord (Exodus 13:11–16) 1/3/2021

The Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

                                        Give Every Firstborn unto the Lord (Exodus 13:11–16)                       1/3/2021


We have welcomed 2021 in the absolute journey that God has granted to us. Today is the first worship. How you first start is important. The Israelites began their first start within the Passover blessing. The Passover blessing is the saved person’s blessing. An important word was said at that time in the passage. They were told to give the firstborn to God when they enter the land of Canaan promised by God. The firstborn, as the word itself says, is the first thing one gain. It means it is that precious. The first hour, the first worship of a new year is important for the same reason. We must start by holding onto the important covenant within the phrase, “Give every firstborn unto the Lord.” For what reason were they told to surely give the first thing to God?


  1. God gave us His first son first. He is Christ. It is the blessing of true salvation.

When the Israelites came out of the 400-year destiny and curse when they killed the lamb and spread its blood, what did that signify? We too have such destiny and curse. All of that which brings me difficulty and failure comes from this.

1) God let His most precious first Son die on the cross so that we wouldn’t live in that destiny and curse.

Why is Christ the first Son? Furthermore, His resurrection after His death was called the first fruit of the resurrection. This means there are sons continuously. It also means that the resurrection will continue. Who does this signify?

It is us who have been delivered by Christ’s blood and have become children of God (adopted child). It says that we will become inheritors with Christ and enjoy all blessings and glory (Romans 8:17).  This is the absolute love, absolute plan, and absolute blessing of God for us.

2) Whatever we do, we must hold onto what kind of God’s absolute love and absolute plan we are in.

How could someone unaware that he is in God’s love and plan enjoy God’s blessings?

They do not have assurance concerning their life in a world where problems and suffering continue. They always doubt, complain, and resent, so what kind of fruit would come out of that? All of that becomes spiritual problems (Israelites in the wilderness). Depression, addiction, panic disorders, and personality disorders do not simply come out of nowhere. It is because they do not have assurance concerning their life.

The works of Satan that took place in my life will break when this is restored.   

It was a completely new start when the Israelites spread the blood of the lamb. However, on the other side, the firstborn of the enemies who oppressed the people were killed (even Pharaoh’s first son is killed). What does this mean? The works of Satan must be crushed in all the ways we go into this year (Romans 16:20). It is rightful evidence I will enjoy if I restore myself.

We have begun by holding onto the covenant of the evangelism disciple who saves the empty places of the three fields (237, healing, summit) this year.

How do we save the world? With our strength and will, we will be worn out quickly and may get scarred while helping. We must start in the assurance of God’s absolute love, plan, power, and authority that is in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:13-14). We must always experience being strengthened, happy, and sufficient through Him (3 todays).


  1. It means to give so that the Lord may use the firstborn that has been given to me. It is the blessing of true devotion.

God does not desire what is mine and asks us to devote ourselves because He lacks something. We are entrusting what we are giving.

1) We are entrusting to Him who has given to us everything. It will return to me as a great blessings.

Who gives my life, health, time, and materials? If he reaps today, we have to leave everything and go.

You overcome most scars and temptations if you at least realize this for now (Job 1:21-22).

When it says to give the first things to God, it means to see what kind of fruits God makes with that.  

This is why we begin the first hour with the word and prayer. Each day’s fruit is different and there is something to enjoy lifelong. Give tithes from our income is also giving the first gains. We are not giving the leftovers of our spending.

2) Give it to God as the most precious thing. At that time, we could become another firstborn that bears fruit that saves the world.

Give the God-given talents unto God to be used. No matter how small, it will become God’s masterpiece, the evidence of the age, and an inheritance for the posterity. (God who worthily used George Beverly Shea who wrote “I’d Rather Have Jesus).

Pray so that important figures who can save the fields of the empty places of the 3 ages will be raised as pastors.  

As the covenant of the first was spoken of again in Numbers 8:14-17, it said that the Levites were separated as firstborns. When the Israelites descendants give birth to their firstborn, they had to offer them to God, but the Levites took their place instead. All saints of God are the spiritual Levites of this age (1Peter2:9), but directly speaking, the Levites are the pastors. How important are pastors? Pastors are directly related to the blessings that the church members will receive. That is why God had the pastors eat a part of the offerings that the members gave (Leviticus 2:10, 7:33).


  1. There are firstborns that God looks for in the field. They are the remnant disciples who are hidden in the field. It is the blessing of the true future.

1) The one person, a prepared remnant, could be around us.

There are people to receive the gospel and be saved, people to receive healing, and a remnant who will be used as a life-staking disciple. Time will tell. Before that, help without reason and condition. The eighth remnant could be by me.

Saving one person could save the age. Share the mission with that one person, give internship or attach people to that person, and have forum so that all glory may be given to God.

2) We can do this with the small things we possess (small prayer, small devotion, small help).

God makes works of uniqueness and recreation even with our small things (the miracle of the five fish and two loaves of bread).  When? It is when we start with Christ’s grace and love. This is why Jesus asked Peter, “do you love me?” and said, “feed my lamb” (John 21:15-17). It is when we hold onto the mission of the kingdom of God which breaks the works of Satan and the power of the throne takes place (Mark 16:17-20). It is when I hold onto the power of the Holy Spirit and not my strength (Acts 1:8).

We must start with small things like this and make it into a system that saves the church and age (this is the true O.U.R.S). No matter how the headquarter messages may be proclaimed, it is up to how the churches actualize them. We, one person, can become the system. In silence, try this with one heart, whole heart, and continuation. You will surely enjoy the blessings that God gives to you.


Conclusion – Hold onto the covenant of the firstborn and go into the absolute journey that God has prepared. Hold onto God’s absolute love that gave His first Son and go. Make it so that my precious things are given to God. Start as the one person remnant.

1.3.2021 english pulpit