God’s Absolute Reason, World Evangelization (Exodus 3:6-12) 10/25/2020

  God’s Absolute Reason, World Evangelization (Exodus 3:6-12)             10/25/2020


Last week, we discussed world evangelization in the aspect of covenant completion through Joseph. Today’s word will be about how world evangelization is the reason for everything. David said, “Is there not a cause?” when standing before Goliath. For the saved person of God to live a life that enjoys God’s absolute answer and absolute blessing, there needs to be an absolute reason that leaves God with no choice but to work that way. Discover that as world evangelization. Why did God save me? He will use me who has been saved first to save the world. Why should God heal us who are sick and weak? Because He needs to save the world through me who has been saved. Why should God bless me, my posterity, and business? So that He may bless the world through me who has the evidence of this blessing. How do we come out of the problems and hardships we face? If we are people of God, we must solve that with world evangelization as well. We are always immersed in trying to solve the problem and fall into despair and helplessness there. Once the problem gets solved, it is over. Is that God’s will? We see this in the life of Moses from the passage. I thought I was a failure, but God had an absolute plan to save others who are like me through me who had failed. Why am I this incompetent and lethargic? Incompetence is the state of having no power or ability. Being lethargic means having no energy to do anything when experiencing failure and helplessness, and also having no desire or passion to do things rightfully. This happens when people with power go through depression or spiritual problems. Likewise, I thought my incompetent and lethargic self couldn’t do anything, but it was a time to experience God’s absolute power. This was how people from Moses to all the people who were used by God were used as evangelists who saved the age. Once you realize this, all impossible and despair ways (No Way) become every way (every way) and become a time to save everybody (everybody). Why did problems of this age come? It is because of human’s corrupted greed (2 Timothy 3) as well as the works of the fallen Satan (Revelations 2, 12, 13, 18, 20). However, God will utilize all those times as an opportunity for world evangelization to save all nations (Matthew 24:14). Even this time of hardship is a great opportunity for evangelism and mission for the individual and church who has held onto the reason of world evangelization that will save the world.


  1. What is the absolute method of God who does World Evangelization?

Moses who once lived as a prince of Egypt became a fugitive and lived in the wilderness for 40 years, and now he is 80 years old (Psalms 90:10). He thought it was the end of everything, but God came to him and made him realize three things.

1) I am the God of Father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob (verse 6).    

To save me to save all nations and to bless me to save all nations is the conclusion of God’s covenant. God came to Moses to fulfill this covenant. “All nations will be blessed through you and your offspring,” Jesus has said to us once again,” You will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). World evangelization is the conclusion of conclusions of the covenant, the identity of identities, and the reason above all reasons. God will use the person who relays and carries it over to the next generation.

2) God came to earth to fulfill that absolute plan of God (verse 8). That is the Gospel.

The 400 years of slavery in Egypt that the Israelites experienced is like the fate and curse that man cannot solve.  

God came because I cannot do it on my own. I cannot solve the curse of original sin that works behind all suffering and failure humans face (sin’s nature), the spiritual curse (works of Satan), the eternal curse (the curse of hell). That is why He came in the form of God’s Son and He is Christ (Colossians 1:15-17. Romans 1:16-17).

He finished all problems with the three authorities of Christ (John 19:30).  He came as our Priest died for us and solved all our curses (Romans 8:1-2). He came as our King and crushed the head of Satan (Genesis 3:15) and destroyed the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). He came as our eternal Prophet and became the way (John 14:6) and is with us forever (John 14:16-18). All curses come to an end when Moses went to Egypt and kept the Passover, killed blood, and spread its blood; this signifies all curses coming to an end.

3) To use Moses who realized this gospel, God said that He would be with him (verse 12). This is the method of methods. Blessing of blessings. Old Moses had no power and all he had was his staff, but that staff became one of power when God was with him. Things we grasp without the gospel are eventually meaningless and leads us to crumble. However, the small things become God’s tool in the Gospel. His hands without God are incompetent hands but when God was with him, those hands became healing hands (Exodus 4:1-4). I have nothing. I am incompetent. That is not true. I, whom Christ is with, am one who possesses everything (2 Corinthians 6:9-10).


  1. If it is true that you are in the Gospel which is God’s absolute solution and absolute method, then start an absolute challenge.

1) Remnants, be thankful that God has called you at your young age and form the foundation, basics, and basis. God chose Moses from a covenantal family (Exodus 2:1). Realize that growing up under parents who possess the covenant is the greatest blessing. By being abandoned in a river, living in an Egyptian palace which was a field of unbelievers, and living the loneliest time in the wilderness, God was preparing Moses. God had Moses prepare three things by experiencing those times.

The basis is the spirituality of enjoying the relationship with God (preparation of the spiritual summit).  When he was young, through his parents, and when in the wilderness he stood before God 1:1. Always consider worship first and enjoy personal prayer.

Basics are the interpersonal relationships (preparation of the cultural summit). Usually, people are trained in the family. It is training the leadership of having a considerate heart and communication skills for others, etiquette, the sincerity of heart, and responsibility to save people.

Foundation is developing a specialty in talent, studies, and workplace (preparation of the skill summit). Hold onto God’s absolute reason for world evangelization and challenge yourself so that it may become uniqueness through God’s blessing.

2) Do you think you are old and too late? No. Go into deep prayer.

That is why if you enjoy the filling of the Holy Spirit, all of my past becomes a message, platform and you will dream a new dream from God (Joel 2:28).

3) Meditate on the ten postures of life that the people who were used by God possessed and receive answers.  (Experience of only to enjoy in the time alone, stand before the absolute fact, into an inverse concept that changes the frame of thoughts, the synergy blessing of being with God, choosing crisis into an opportunity, yielding and being victorious rather than competing, the challenge of the summit, the experience of the wilderness, the question that discovers God’s will).


Conclusion – May God’s absolute covenant become my absolute reason. In that, may world evangelization become the reason for everything. Do not live a life of conflict because of other reasons in the world. We are those who have God’s absolute reason.

10.25.20 English pulpit