God’s Kingdom in Eden (Genesis 2:8-18) 8/9/2020

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God’s Kingdom in Eden (Genesis 2:8-18)                                           8/9/2020


The absolute blessing that the saved people of God must enjoy is God’s kingdom. Absolute mission is when the kingdom of God comes upon the place where the people who enjoy this blessing reside. Happiness blooms around people who are happy, and unhappiness follows those who are unhappy. Because people think it is the other way around, they lose hold of true happiness. The world speaks of Eden as an ideal place. The Greek philosopher Plato explored the ideal of an ideal world, and said it was realistically impossible. He called it the “Theory of Forms.” In the book “Utopia” written by Thomas Moore in 1516, he described the place as a world with complete happiness. The origin of the word has the meaning “nowhere (no place).” Marxism-Leninism fought for socialism and communism for the creation of an ideal world, but that failed. The 20th century scientists spoke of a “technopia,” where, complete happiness of the human race can be achieved through technology. Is that really the case?


  1. What kind of a place was the Garden of Eden in the Bible? It was a place that God himself created, governed, and allowed mankind to enjoy.

1) Thus, mankind has three instincts.

Instinct for God. Ecclesiastes 3:11 calls this “instinct for the eternal.”

Instinct for goodness. We call this a conscience. We once possessed this but lost it to corruption (Romans 3:10).

Instinct for complete happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. They want a life without tears or pain. They seek for an abundance of everything, joy, and rest. When mankind fell and Satan became the king of this world, the entire world became covered in darkness and suffering (John 14:30).

2) The Garden of Eden possessed these three things.

Why was it Eden? It is because God himself was present. God who created and governed all things in perfection. Why is it impossible to have a place like utopia? It is neither about ideologies nor institutions. It is about who the master and the ruler of that world is. This applies to where we are, our nation, our families, workplaces, and churches. It all depends on who had allowed it and is supervising it. The problem is that mankind wants to be king. The reason God allowed the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Eden was for us to acknowledge God as God (Hosea 6:7).

Why was it Eden? It is because there were people of God who were under God’s reign. What did Satan say to Adam and Eve? “You will be like God.” Satan is at fault for tempting them, but they were also at fault for being deceived. Even now, people think their lives belong to them and therefore they can do anything they desire. They believe that they can be happy without God. It is the most foolish and doleful misconception.

Why was it Eden? It is because God had allowed it and placed his blessings upon the place. It is good to be kind and diligent, but ultimately, we must receive God’s blessings. Without God’s blessings, healthy, successful, and long life is a curse. It becomes Genesis 1:2, Hebrews 9:27.


  1. God has given us a promise in order for us to restore this original blessing. That is called the absolute covenant.

1) He has sent Christ to save us and change our identity (Acts 1:1). Through this Christ, we have been set free from all sin and curses and have become God’s child and His people. Before, we were foreigners and strangers irrelevant to God. Now, we are His people and His family (Ephesians 2:19).

2) Through Christ, we can now receive God’s governance. That is God’s kingdom (Acts 1:3). This means that God will take responsibility of us. He will be with us, guide us and use us to save the world (1 Peter 2:9). Realizing this is the mission of God’s kingdom.

3) With our own strength, we are not able to save anyone. This is why God promised us the blessing of the Holy Spirit, and the absolute power that comes with it (Acts 1:8). It does not matter what kind of problems, crises, and disasters we face, as long as God is holding onto us (Psalm 91:7, 11). The power of the Holy Spirit gives us the power to turn all our scars, failures, and pain into evidence (enjoyment of the 5 prayers, training).


  1. When this absolute covenant becomes our imprint, root, and nature, the blessing of Eden will be restored in our lives.

The day of complete restoration of Eden will come. That is the New Heaven and Earth that Revelations 21-22 speaks of. A new Jerusalem signifies the people of God who will enjoy God’s eternal blessings. When you acknowledge that God and receive his governance, the three blessings of Eden will be restored.

1) The place that God allows (Genesis 2:8). This is called absolute field. Be sure to receive guidance as to where you go and live in the region or country. Pray a little and ask for His guidance. When you go in prayer, receive God’s supervision and discover God’s mission. Find it through the flow of the word, in every problem and circumstance. Why did God send Joseph as a slave to Egypt? Why was a Jewish man, Moses, born in Egypt? They were to save that land and the people who are suffering in that land. God had poured everything down on them.

2) The work that God sanctions (Genesis 2:15). This is called absolute heavenly mandate, calling, and mission. We call it “vocation,” meaning that God had entrusted the work to us. Even at the lowest place, you are able to reach for the highest. David knew this even while he tended the sheep. Before God, and for His glory, David enjoyed God’s blessings in his work. Satan will try to take that away. You must enjoy the mystery of breaking the forces of darkness in your field (Matthew 12:28).

3) The meetings that God allows (Genesis 2:18). This is called absolute meeting, and from those meetings, absolute disciples are raised.

Ultimately, people must enjoy the blessing of meeting that God permits. We meet or leave people based on our likings. A spouse must be found from a meeting that God allowed for the purpose of finding someone that will be your coworker for a lifetime (“I will make a helper suitable for him”).

A married couple must be ready to help each other at all times. We must think of what we can do to help the other. Do not try to become happy through the other person. You must live with a mission to make that other person happy.

There is something else that is very important. We must hold onto God’s mission of healing, empowering, and blessing others through our families. Each family must discover their own message, enjoy God’s strength, and discover unique things that they can do (mission home).


Conclusion – There is a hymn that goes, “Where Jesus is, ‘tis heaven there.” May you receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all your places, works, meetings, and relationships as you give glory to God, give thanks to Christ, and live under the Holy Spirit’s governance to restore your blessing of Eden.

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