Into the Blessing of the 3000, 300, and 30 (Acts 2:41-47) 11/13/2022

The 24 Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

 Into the Blessing of the 3000, 300, and 30 (Acts 2:41-47)           11/13/2022


Last week, we shared about the blessing of true concentration. This week’s message is about another blessing when true concentration is restored. As stated in verse 41, 3,000 disciples arose. If 3,000 disciples arise through us, the blessing of saving the 300 regional churches and 30 nations will follow. These are not merely numbers and goals. If God will raise the 10 million disciples who will save the 237 nations and 5,000 people groups through our Darakbang (upper room) movement, then our church holds onto the covenant to receive the answers of 3000, 300, and 30 like Mark’s upper room church. Thus, this is the covenant we hold onto and the answer and blessing to enjoy. I am not urging us to work harder for this. That is not the gospel. The Gospel is that God had to do it because we cannot. Therefore, He sent His Son as the Christ and finished all life’s weaknesses, scares, destiny, hell, and curses (John 19:30, Romans 8:1-2). Therefore, it said God’s power was revealed in the gospel (Romans 1:16-17). This was not only for our salvation. Evangelism, business, life, and the church must enjoy the blessing of “things working out” through His power (Acts 1:8). When the believers who gathered in Mark’s Upper Room on the Pentecost concentrated on God and became one while concentrating on God’s work, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and 3000 disciples gathered. They conquered the field and changed Rome. Think about the historical context during that time. Israel was colonized by the greatest superpower of that time, Rome. The people who gathered in Herod’s temple accused the church of Mark’s upper room of heresy and persecuted them (Acts 4:1-2, 7:58-60). Evangelizing in schools and public facilities has become illegal in America also. What will we do? Do as the believers of Mark’s Upper Room had done. God allowed their lives and church to become evidence (sign) (verse 43). It said that the whole nation was favored. Even unbelievers acknowledged their lives and everything they did. God desires to make the believers’ lives into evidence like this. Then it said, “the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved” (verse 47). How was that possible?


  1. They went into the system God prepared for them (system of only, uniqueness and recreation).

1) There were three kinds of only they held onto. This is called the gospel. The word “only” does not mean that other things are unnecessary. People are crumbling despite having everything else. On the contrary, this concerns the unique, absolute, eternal, and perfect, something that does not matter, even if one has nothing.

Only Christ. Life is not only lacking and weak. Even if one works hard and lives diligently, they have fallen into the fundamental curse (curse of Genesis 3) that bounds them to fall into darkness, confusion, and emptiness (Genesis 1:2). It is a curse that began with the first man, Adam (Romans 5:12). It is the curse of original sin. Therefore, the world grows eviler as time goes on. It is the curse of being separated from God. Human corruption began with their unbelief in God. Satan was behind that (Genesis 3:5). It is the curse of Satan (Romans 10:10). It says he is a thief. As a result, incomprehensible failure and curses continue. That is called destiny. They live lives that are like hell and pass away. Christ has finished this through His authority as priest, king, and prophet. He finished curses, Satan, destiny, and hell.

Only the Kingdom of God. It was not only curses that had ended. He let us become children and people of God (John 1:12, 1 Peter 2:9). Heaven is my background (Philippians 3:20), and there is a separate answer and blessing to receive under circumstances if we truly pray (Ephesians 3:20). It is the blessing of the throne. Hold onto the word as a covenant (Psalms 103:19-22) and make time for the blessing of the throne to be manifested upon me. That time is worship, personal scheduled prayer, and time of 24-hour prayer in which we change everything we see and think into prayer.

Only the power of the Holy Spirit. God has promised us who are powerless, weak and lacking the power of the Holy Spirit. We cannot even control ourselves. It is for us to seek the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 6:18). He changes everything to evidence (Acts 1:8). Is it despairing? Do you have a fatal illness? Are you financially difficult? It is a time to experience this only (time schedule of only).

2) The blessing of uniqueness follows at that time. Even unbelievers emphasize uniqueness. Hence, they teach the chi and transcendental movements, which only brings more spiritual problems.

Hold onto the covenant of only, receive realistic answers within the prayer that holds onto God’s word, and be strengthened. Because God’s blessings take place even when doing trivial things, in your studies and specialty, that becomes a uniqueness that can save the world.   

Like Mark’s upper room church, being falsely accused and persecuted does not matter.  It is so that God can make our vessels larger, make us into greater doors, and send us to Samaria, Antioch, and Rome to stand as witnesses.

3) The works of creation that save people and change the world took place through them. The sick arose, the demon-possessed were healed, and disciples who followed the gospel arose wherever they went. That is the power of the gospel, the mystery of evangelism and missions, and pastoral ministry. We are used in God’s recreation.


  1. Then, the blessing of 300 regional churches follows.

It said, “they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”(Verse 46)

1) This gathering at home became an upper room meeting, mission home, and regional church.   The core is the gathering at my current place (home, work, school, business) on a weekday.

2) The “breaking of bread” means they participated in communion. The content of communion is important (1 Corinthians 11:23-26). It is Christ’s death and resurrection. It is becoming one within that and sharing His death until the Lord returns. You can start at one place on a consistent time alone. People will gather (platform, watchtower, antenna).

3) Mark’s upper room believers could not do public evangelism. Thus, a system was established, and they experienced God attaching people and His answers and works. It was not only evangelism that worked out. God poured everything into that ([power of the throne].


  1. Then, the works to save the 30 nations follow.

1) A disciple to save one nation will arise amongst the people who continuously enjoy the blessing of the gospel and evangelism (commissioned as a missionary for the 237).  

2) All departments, regional churches, and district meetings must pray for regional evangelism and 237 missions. A team like the 5-member team will be formed (Acts 13:1-3). If our everything does not connect with the 237, it does not concern God also. If my studies, major, work, and business are within the prayer to save my field and the 237, unprecedented blessings will be restored.


Conclusion – A year is passing by. Everything is thanksgiving. I am grateful that He has held onto us in various difficulties and problems. Most importantly, we are in this age’s system of only, uniqueness, and recreation. May this become mine and ours.

11.13.22 English