Into the Blessing of the Three Concentrations (Acts 1:6-8) 11/6/2022

The 24 Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

Into the Blessing of the Three Concentrations (Acts 1:6-8)          11/6/2022


Last week, the Businesspersons Conference of 2022 took place under the theme of “Limited, Selective, Oneness Methods of Concentration.”

Why is it important to concentrate on something? When a person lacks concentration, they become distracted, prone to mistakes. It becomes difficult to gain good results. Being hectic and busy all the time isn’t concentration. Later, it can cause critical problems. Some wander around, fall into the wrong things and become obsessed over those things. That can lead to depression, schizophrenia, and various types of addictions.

In verse 3, the Lord talked about the work of the Kingdom of God to the disciples that will be left behind on earth. God was training the disciples on the things that God’s people must concentrate on. The essence of it is for us to focus on the God that we believe in, The Kingdom of God that he governs, and the work that takes place when we do. There are three reasons.

First, that is when we can overcome personal problems, problems within our families, problems of this age, and solve the spiritual problems that lies within. In verse 6, the disciples ask the Lord, “When will Israel be restored?” It is a difficult time, so it may have been a rightful question. However, the real problem comes when you obsess over the issues, and you are unable to escape it. That is Satan’s strategy.

Second, that is how we can discover the true answers and blessings that God has prepared within those problems. In this world where problems and suffering continue, there are separate answers and blessings that God’s people will receive. We must experience this true true concentration.

Third, that is the way to save people like us in our fields and churches, our posterity, the 237 nations and peoples, as well as the future.


  1. Limited Concentration.

“Limited concentration” means that we are limiting ourselves. The world makes us confused, and there are many wrong things and lies that makes us lose hold of God. Even the news is filled with fake news.

1) What is the key to limited concentration? We are to experience transformation in ourselves. We can experience the blessing of transformation as we focus on the things of God, and the God who created us, saved us, and desires to use us. If we change, everything else will change. We are not victims, but rather the main character.

2) What is the content of this concentration? That is the mystery of 1,3,8.

God has given us the gospel (Acts 1:1). He sent Christ to deliver us from all sins, curses, destiny, and eternal hell. We are the source of blessings, and the ones to enjoy the blessing of heaven. God has recreated us in this way.

God has given us the blessing of the Kingdom of God (Acts 1:3). Even if we live in this world, we are not of this world. We belong to God, and we are the ones who enjoy God’s heavenly background and establish the Kingdom of God in our fields (Luke 17:21, Matthew 12:28, Romans 14:7). We are not meant to be dragged around and oppressed by the world. We are people who will recreate the field and the world.

In order for us to experience this Kingdom of God, God has allowed us the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). When we begin our days and end our days, we can ask for the power of the Holy Spirit and pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit. As much as we enjoy the filling of the Holy Spirit, we will become witnesses to the ends of the earth. We are recreating the world.

3) What is the goal of this limited concentration?

We are in the life movement of saving people and the world. Pray with the heart of saving souls.

It doesn’t matter if you face disadvantages or a complete loss. It doesn’t matter if you face persecution. We are in the movement in which we stake our lives for God.

We are staking our lives for the movement as we look forward to the future generations whom God will use that will arise through us.


  1. Selective Concentration.

America has everything but the gospel. The greatest individuals of this world have gathered here, but we have the most spiritual problems. That is why we are important.

1) What is the key for selective concentration? It is enjoying the work of the Kingdom of God. Many situations and problems may come, but we are waiting for the work of the Kingdom of God (that is faith). Undoubtedly, new works (Isaiah 43:18-19) will arise, great and unsearchable things (Jeremiah 33:1-3) will arise, and everything will become a good into God’s masterpiece (Romans 8:28).

2) What is the content and method for selective concentration? We must not solely be bound by physical things but love and seek for the deeper spiritual things. The 7 remnants all waited for this and enjoyed this (Genesis 41:38, Exodus 3:12, 1Samuel 3:19, 2Kings 2:9).

3) What kind of works of God arose in these people’s lives? This is the goal of selective concentration. Your entire lives will be evidence.

Every age, they walked the path of the remained ones. Even when they were in slavery, captivity, and colonization, they had victory and were used by God. They were the ones who possessed everything (2Corinthians 6:9-11).

Every age, they walked the path of a pilgrim. They were the ones who enjoy God within their problems. That is true worship. They enjoyed the blessing of 3,9,3. Wherever they went, they enjoyed the triune God, the blessing of the throne that transcends time and space, and experienced unprecedented works in their respective fields. They were able to have joy and gratitude, as well as constant 24 prayer even at the face of problems and difficulties (1Thessalonians 5:16-18).

They walked the path of a conqueror that relays what they are enjoying. It does not simply mean they were in control of the world. They were used by those who relay the things of God. Platform, watchtower, and spiritual antenna are what comes from that. Works of healing and saving others continued to rise through them (sicknesses, failures, churches, pastors, and posterity).


  1. Oneness Concentration.

God and everything around them became one and the works of God took place.

1) What is the key to oneness concentration? When we become one with God and one with another, miraculous things happen. When the people of Mark’s upper room held onto the Word, prayed, and had fellowship, God blessed everyone (Acts 2:42).

2) What is the content and method of this oneness concentration? When everything became oneness with God, there were blessings that came to businesses. We were told to have peace with everyone (Romans 12:18). When everything became oneness with God, the churches were strengthened, and they were able to save and heal all nations. The church became the system to save and heal the world, and financial blessings also followed (Acts 2:43-45, Acts 4:32-35, Acts 11:28-30).

3) What is the most important goal? The forces of darkness in the field knelt before them (Romans 16:20). That is why we can help those who are wrong, forgive and pray for those who are evil, and wait for and accept those who we do not get along with. This is when the gospel becomes my gospel, prayer becomes my 24 prayer, and evangelism takes place through me (70 disciple movement).


Conclusion – Try concentrating on God and the Work of the Kingdom of God. You will experience change in yourself, you will be able to enjoy the Kingdom of God and the blessing of the throne in all problems, and God’s works will be revealed in your lives. May we form a life of true concentration.

11.6.22 English Pulpit