Into the Original Covenant and Blessing (Genesis 12:1-4) 09/27/2020

The Answers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

    Into the Original Covenant and Blessing (Genesis 12:1-4)             09/27/2020


Last week, we said that there is a family and household that was used by God despite the age being in much hardship. Three households were used in the conquest of Canaan which seemed impossible. The household of Moses, the Levite tribe (Exodus 2:1). Caleb’s household, the tribe of Judah. Joshua’s household, the tribe of Joseph. If a few households like this arise within the entire Upper Room and our church, it will change the age. This week, we will give much thought to the first person who held onto the Canaan covenant. It is Abraham from the passage. Abraham is not merely only the first of the Judah ancestry. Matthew 1:1 says, “This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” This shows how accurately the covenant was fulfilled before the coming of Christ and explains how Abraham and his descendant David was used in that. Galatians 3:29 states that if we belong to Christ then we are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. Hold onto this original covenant and blessing.


  1. There are at least three important meanings when using the word original.

1) Original, as stated, means the beginning.

Depending on who started it and what began, the people around and the following people are influenced.

What does original sin mean? As one man, Adam, committed unbelief and disobedience, all of us who were born after lived under sin, death, and curses (Romans 5:12). Even if it seems unfair, it is how it is.

Someone else came as the first or original person. The very Son of God had to come because we, the descendants of Adam, cannot do it on our own.

He is Christ. By obeying God’s will, all lives gained life (Romans 5:19). More importantly, if anyone is in Christ, they have another new start (2 Corinthians 5:17).

2) There is a blessing that we, who are the originals or firsts who started in Christ, need to enjoy.

That is why verse one said to Abraham “Go from your country, your people, and your father’s household.”

There is a flow of blessing and a flow of failure and curses in that family and household. Be thankful for the good things and develop them. The problem is the flow of curses and failure. Do not be held by that. We have been freed in Christ.

The blessing promised to Abraham in verses 2-3 is the blessing we will enjoy in Christ. 

“I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great and you will be a blessing.” It is a promise of blessings. It says, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who cure you.” It is a promise of absolute victory (Romans 8:30-37).

What is the conclusion in verse three? “All people on earth will be blessed through you.”

It is the blessing of a witness who will save the world and a blessing of the evangelist. If this is truly a promise given to us who are saved, we must grasp it with our life on stake. These are not simply words of comfort and encouragement. It is a covenant that will surely be fulfilled.

3) This original is a platform for the future.

God desires for the covenant and blessing that I enjoy to continue, be relayed, and completed in the future and posterity.

There are instances where the posterity degenerates or discontinues what the original had and also people who develop that and create greater results. We must make it so that the posterity has no choice but to inherit the original. This is the correct delivery.

This is why God said He will make me into a source of blessings and raise me as a witness of that blessing.

Abraham experienced many conflicts and failures but became a person who had clear faith and evidence. The event in which he offered his son as a sacrifice was the last test. His son saw that. It was the best covenant delivery.


  1. The three contents and systems that must be created within the life of this original.

 Things will gather around us as much as we do this (Isaiah 60:1-7). This is called the blessing of the platform.

1) We must completely imprint, root, and nature this covenant in our prayer (spiritual summit).   

What is prayer? It is holding onto God’s promise, looking upon God, and enjoying God. It is the enjoyment of the relationship with God. 

This is what Abraham excelled at. He built an altar (worship prayer) wherever he went and always held onto the word there.

Problems are the content of that prayer, and what is important is the system to enjoy that prayer for 24 hours.

Prayer is not merely crying out and writhing. The content of prayer is the covenant. This is why there is prayer when one accurately listens to the message and organizes it. Continuous training is needed for prayer to become a system. Prayer within continuous worship, individual scheduled prayer, and a continuous prayer that looks upon God in one’s thought and looks for God’s will. 24-hour prayer is a stage where the very life I live becomes prayer. My heart is always with God. David excelled in this (Psalm 19:14).

2) Economical blessing (skill summit) is one of the important blessings within the given evidence

We do not need an economy that only makes ends meet. It is the economy that can save the church, save the posterity, and save the world.

Abraham who went to Canaan empty-handed received the blessing in which 318 trained men were formed.

He saved his nephew Lot when war broke out in the land of Sodom and was enough to give tithes with the possessions from the war. When one is at this point, we call it a financial content and financial system. Abraham did not just become rich. He had a clear content and actualized it. Giving tithes to the high priest was basic (Genesis 14:18-20) and he was enough to refuse all the things the king of Sodom offered him aside from the share that belonged to his men (Genesis 14:21-24).

When God blessed America and Sunday schools were raised and missionaries were commissioned to the world, there were figures like Wanamaker and Rockefeller in the United States.

There are no businessmen and entrepreneurs like them anymore in America. Presently, the richest men in America are all unbelievers, New Age, and idol worshippers, and there are even some Satan worshippers.

3) Abraham showed evangelism and mission everywhere he went (culture summit).  

Abraham’s life was evangelism. God gave him the evidence. This is where the evangelism content and evangelism system were formed.

People saw God’s work that was revealed to Abraham (Genesis 21:22). This is the evangelism content.

The evidence was usually revealed before kings (Pharaoh in Genesis 12, nephew Lot and King of Sodom in Genesis 14, King of Philistia in Genesis 20).

Lastly, it was the evidence that was shown when buying the burial site of Sarah after her death (Genesis 23). A system had been formed.

The people call Abraham “lord” and tell him to use any land he wants. He was acknowledged by the people. He eventually paid to use the land, but later on, it becomes the land of Hebron of which David’s kingdom is established.


Conclusion – Hold onto the original covenant. That itself is the content. Challenge yourself to a system. You will enjoy the blessing of the platform that will save the world.

09.27.20 English Pulpit