Laypersons, the Main Figures of 237 Missions (Isaiah 55:3-5) 10/13/2019

        Laypersons, the Main Figures of 237 Missions (Isaiah 55:3-5)                        10/13/2019


When the people of God were facing greatest difficulties, God sent them prophets to give them two covenants. Regardless of the difficulties, failures, and problems you encounter, all you need to do is hold onto these two things and restore your faith.

First, it is the covenant of the answer. Because we cannot solve our problems on our own, God gave us the answer (covenant of Christ). This covenant of Christ is repeatedly recorded in the book of Isaiah, the representative book of major prophets (Isaiah 9:6, 7:14, 53:5, 60:1, 61:1).

Second, it is the covenant of the conclusion. It may seem like we are failing and dying, but the remained ones, remaining ones, those who will remain, and those who will left behind undoubtedly exist (remnant). What is the conclusion that God desires to show through them? It is the fact that their pain and tears will become evidence to save the world (Isaiah 60:3, Isaiah 61:9, Isaiah 62:10). Verse 5 of the passage says, “You will summon nations you know not, and nations you do not know will come running to you.”


  1. There are three blessings that God reveals to those who hold onto this covenant (verse 4). The 7 remnants of the bible, as well as all those who God had left behind, were able to enjoy these blessings.

1) God raised them up as witnesses before all nations.

It is not simply a witness. He will raise you up as the blessed witness to save 237 nations. If you are going through a hard time, hold onto this covenant. God will change your absolute misery into absolute possibility, and your absolute impossibility into absolute hope. Have you recovered from your crises and found your stability? Until we receive answers to be able to save 237 nations, it is not the end. We do not know the futures of our remnants. God has prepared unprecedented, unique answers that no one else can fathom.

2) God raised them up as the ruler of the peoples. They were leaders of super-power nations of that age (Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Rome).

Leaders are those who walk ahead to save people and the world. Going ahead can mean that they are role models, or that they experience things in advance. This is the reason that many leaders that save their ages went through much hardships and suffering. Through all kinds of difficulties, they were trained to only look upon God in faith. By experiencing things first, God allows them to empathize with our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:15). Through the 40 years of his life, God allowed Moses to understand Israelites’ suffering of 400 years slavery (Exodus 3:8). In his most difficult time, David meets 400 people that relates to his hardships and becomes co-workers. Only after Peter’s utter spiritual failure, was he able to save others under spiritual problems (Luke 22:31-32).

3) God raised them up as the commander of the peoples. A commander is a soldier that serves at the forefront of wars.

The field is filled with darkness. Especially in the U.S., there are so much depression, drugs, violence, and mental illnesses. These problems are accompanied by spiritual problems. God had given us the authority of Christ to break down the forces of darkness and save people in captivity (Luke 10:19, Acts 10:38, Matthew 12:28). We are soldiers(disciples) of Christ. We are someone that saves souls (evangelism). We will save our region (regional church) and the nation (missions).


  1. The ones that will be used as the main figures for this blessing are the laypersons in their respective fields.

Layperson does not indicate a lack of position. Other than the pastor, everyone is considered a layperson.

1) The important fact is that those people are the evangelists and missionaries that will save their own fields. Jesus chose and trained his 12 apostles (Matthew 10) and also chose 70 layperson disciples and trained them (Luke 10). Even in the Early Church, there are individuals that were even more greatly used than the 12 apostles. Stephen, who was martyred for evangelizing, was a layperson (Acts 8). All the names that appear in Romans 16 was the main figures of Rome evangelization were laypeople (protector, co-worker, supporter).

2) The layperson missionary is an important answer for saving our fields and the 237 nations. There is a lack of ministers and missionaries. There is a reason the laypeople are the answers to true world evangelism.

① The layperson missionary can do self-supported missions. These are individuals that have their own occupations.

Sending our pastors and missionaries require much financial support and sponsorship. This is the reason the other tribes collected tithe to support the Levites in the old testament. The purpose of tithe was to financially support the Levites, and the Levites gave up their land to other tribes so that they can fully devote to ministry.

② The layperson can use their own specialties for missions. This is called specialist missions (medical missions, military missions, college missions). In third world countries, they need education (teachers) and occupational education (hair, mechanical engineering, construction skills, IT, etc.).

③ With these skills, the layperson can carry out quiet missions in communistic or Islamic nations with much persecution.

The Early Church used this “yeast” strategy to go into the field under Roman rule. Quietly pray for the forces of darkness to be broken and the Holy Spirit to work upon all your meetings and circumstances.


  1. What God desires the most is for the future remnants to prepare for saving all nations.

1) It is not only about being successful in their fields. That is the goal of non-believers.

People of God must stand as the witness, spiritual leader, and commanders and evangelists to save the field. It is important to be trained inside the word, prayer that revives your spiritual strength, and specialties that will save the world (This is what is taught at RCA. The core of the RUTC Movement is this. We are trying to raise up these individuals through RU. The 237 Center teaches true evangelism and missions to commission people out to all the world).

2) Pray for the people of the 237 nations around you and save them.

You do not need to say much else. There are people that God himself had prepared and desires to use. The diverse individuals we meet are not just one person. The works of saving that entire nation will begin. Try the 3 masterpieces a day with that one person and give true devotion.

3) Our church must pray and devote to become a church that commissions our remnants out as pastors and missionaries. 

The few prepared individuals (Allen, Underwood, Appenzeller) that found Korea changed the nation’s history in his most difficult and pitiful time. These missionaries all prepared their specialties in their 20’s and began their missionary life.


Conclusion – Whether you are a pastor or a layperson, we were all given the covenant to be used as the ones to save our fields, nations, and its peoples. May you hold onto only Christ, the covenant of absolute answers, only 237 and world evangelization, and the covenant of absolute conclusion. May your life be lived out as a true evangelist, a true missionary in your studies, problems, and all your fields

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