“OURS” that Spiritual Summit must Enjoy (Genesis 39:1-6) 8/1/2021

The Field of Answers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

“OURS” that Spiritual Summit must Enjoy (Genesis 39:1-6)                          8/1/2021


Everything is unsure and difficult, but we are facing an ever more difficult age. It seems as if the pandemic has halted everything around us, but things are rather changing rapidly. This is the 4th industrial revolution. We must prepare for this change in advance. How must people of God live? We have God-given answers. The acronym for the four answers that God has given us is called “OURS.” It can also mean “ours” as it reads in English.


  1. It is “only.”

A Harvard professor wrote in his book Different, that if we want to live as leaders in this world, we cannot merely be “number one,” but the “only one.” For that, he emphasized going through creative destruction of ourselves, breaking our stereotypes, and differentiation.

1) What does “only” mean to us? Why do we absolutely need this?

We must hold onto the most precious thing that God has given us as our “only.” It is fundamental, absolute, and eternal. Discover what it is and find all your answers there.

This is what Jesus meant when he told about the parable of the hidden treasure underground, the pearls, and the fish.

Once you have found something of great value, you can easily sell or throw away everything else.

2) What is the true “only” that we must hold onto? It is Christ who God sent has the answer to all life’s problems.

He has become our savior. With the authorities of Priest, Prophet and King, he has freed us from all mankind’s corruption, the hidden spiritual problems that come from it, as well as all curses and judgement (Romans 8:1-2). Judgement like that of Noah’s time may come (Matthew 24:37-39) but by the grace of God, we are in the ark.

He has become our eternal answer (John 19:30). We do not need to be afraid even when we face bigger problems and curses. If we truly look upon only Christ, there will be separate blessings for us that only Christ can give. That is why we call it “only.” What was so different about Joseph in passage? He lived as not a “number one”, but an “only one.” He almost died in the hands of his brothers and was sold into slavery. God delivered him from that and was with him through all of that.

3) How can this Christ become my only and our only?

Concentrate on the Word to make Him the “only” in your life (Coordinate/edit, draft, and design with the Word of God). Look for the verses where God expresses his love for your and how much he treasures you and coordinate or edit your life around it. You will rediscover your life. You will realize how you should live your life. That is to “draft.” Discovering what you must prepare and possess is to “design.”

The difficulties and problems you are facing right now is the best opportunity to experience this “only.”

Including Joseph, the 7 remnants in the Bible, as well as all people of God experienced this “only” through times of loneliness and pain. People and the world can discard you, but God will hold onto you with His love until the very end (Romans 8:30-39, Philippians 1:6).

For individuals dealing with hidden spiritual problems, it is the absolute opportunity to experience this “only” and stand as a witness.

Many people have sleep paralysis, hear demonic things, and suffer from uncurable diseases. Some give up or go on to become shamans. When you hold onto the blood covenant of Christ and look upon him, Satan will tremble and flee away. This is what happened to the Israelites after 400 years of slavery when they painted the blood on their doors during Passover(Exodus 12:27-29).


  1. It is the blessing of “uniqueness.”

When we look to only Christ, our lives (studies, work, business, ministry) will be governed by Him (God’s kingdom). What type of jobs should we look for in times of this 4th industrial revolution? It will not matter to those who hold onto “only” and “uniqueness.”

1) Hold onto the blessing of God’s uniqueness in all that you do.

Even if Joseph lived as a slave, because God was with him, everything he touched – Potiphar’s household and even its plants in the yard – received blessings. Only Joseph was able to speak of the answers (Genesis 39:22), and the King had no choice but to listen to Joseph (Genesis 41:40).

2) Even in evangelism, enjoy the power and answers of uniqueness.

Hold onto “only Christ” and explain only this Christ to others that you meet. Prepared individuals will hear and receive answers, healing, and transformation (unique evangelism).

3) God will make even our small actions toward missions become blessings of uniqueness.

Begin with people of different ethnicities around you as your missions. Tell them about Christ and stand as His witness. That was how all of our church’s ministers and members were raised.


  1. It is the work of recreation.

Recreation is the work of salvation. It refers to the work that changes people, environments, and the world.

1) When you enjoy this blessing of uniqueness in your life, people will come to you. That is evangelism (Isaiah 60:1-5).

They will hear the answer of Christ, hear your testimony and come alive. That is the work of the Holy Spirit.

2) What is even more important – because of you, one person, that held onto only and uniqueness, the entire flow of your field will change.

Because of one person, Joseph, the flow of the Potiphar’s house, the prison, the palace, and Egypt as a nation changed. He was the true summit.

During the 7-year surplus, he conserved the grains, and during their 7-year famine, they sold those grains and Egypt profited and prospered.

Things like this will happen as a streak of true light enters into a non-believing or a religious household through one person.

People may look down on or persecute like Joseph’s older brothers, but later, they will have no choice but to be thankful.

3) Ultimately, starting from one person Joseph, the work of saving their age and future generations arose.

Through this Joseph, his future descendants were saved, the 12 tribes formed, and Christ came.


Conclusion – A spiritual summit is someone who holds onto the covenant of only, uniqueness, and recreation (Genesis 41:38). If we as single individuals stand as witnesses, that will be the “individual system.” When these individuals gather, that will become the “field system” and “church system.” God desires to use us this way in this age. May “OURS” be truly ours.

8_1_2021 English pulpit