Remaining Ones that God Will Have to Bless (Isaiah 60:20-22) 9/8/2019

Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

Remaining Ones that God Will Have to Bless (Isaiah 60:20-22)                      9/8/2019


The Israelites went through a worst time. The nation perished, temples crumbled, people became captives and were scattered all around the world. A time like this can come again. We hear news of curses and calamities, and churches crumbling. When Isaiah asked how long times like this would prolong, God said that it would only become more desolate.

Then, it said that a Remnant will be left behind. What kind of works will happen through them? The days of sorrow will end (verse 20), they will possess the land (verse 21), and the least will become a thousand and a mighty nation (verse 22). “Ending the days of sorrow” symbolizes the blessing of true salvation. Saying that “they will possess the land” represents the blessing of world evangelism of saving and conquering the world with the true Gospel. To “make a mighty nation” means that because God has to save the world through the remaining remnants, He will raise them up to the place of Summit.

We are the remaining ones (Romans 11:5, Revelations 12:17) of this age who were called to enjoy this blessing. We are people who are chosen to receive answers and blessings to the point where we will be able to save the crumbling churches of this age. There is a holy seed within us. For this blessing, through the diaspora, we have come to America which is the hegemonic nation of this age that is filled with spiritual problems from all around the world. God wants to raise us as evangelism disciples that will save the 237 nations and the world. Because of that, He will raise us to the place of summit.

Who will do this? Verse 22 says, “I am the Lord, in its time I will do this swiftly.” All we need to do is prepare our vessel. Then He will fulfill this work and fill this blessing. We need to prepare three things and concentrate. There are three missions.


  1. The first mission is to first experience the blessing of the Upper Room, and not be deceived by anything.

What is the blessing of the Upper Room? It is the blessing that was enjoyed by the 120 members who gathered in Mark’s Upper Room in Acts 1:12-14.

1) Who are the people that gathered? They are an image of the “least of you” that was mentioned in today’s passage.

Out of the 120 members who gathered in Mark’s Upper Room, except for the apostle and Jesus and his family, the rest were left nameless. They were nameless laymen. They became church workers, businesspersons who saved the field, and main figures of world evangelization. Church members are falling into various conflicts, worries, and fear. They are being deceived. They are people who will enjoy God’s greatest blessing.

2) Therefore, all church members, especially church workers, need to restore the blessing of knowing how important they are as individuals.

Joseph was not first. Joseph’s father first held onto the covenant. The covenant parents first hold onto is important. Moses was not first. His mother Jochebed held onto the covenant first, and during important times church workers like Jethro were sent to her. Elisha was not first. There was Elijah who called and raised him, and the devotion of businesspersons like Obadiah afterwards.

3) How will you restore this? That is the Upper Room blessing, fundamental blessing and Gospel Blessing.

The church members of Mark’s Upper Room held onto only the gospel (Acts 1:1, 3, 8).

Only Christ, He is a unique Being who has solved all our life’s curses, Satan, and even eternal hell all at once.

Only the Kingdom of God, we are attacked by Satan through countless problems on earth, but we enjoy a background of a heavenly throne and power.

Only the power of the Holy Spirit, I possess nothing and because I know my weakness and incompetence, I look upon His power.

One day, I am restored. You start to realize how importantly God will use you.

This is the Upper Room blessing. I am restored, and because I receive strength, God continuously sends people to me. Eyes to see people open (desperate ones, commissioned ones, faithful ones) and doors to evangelism open. This is how the doors to 15 multiethnic nations and 3,000 disciples that the church members of Mark’s Upper Room in Acts 2 encountered had opened.

Continuously hold onto God’s absolute plan for my life inside the Word (God’s CVDIP).

God accurately gives the Word through the pulpit and my 3 todays. You just need to experience how God is fulfilling that Word. Church members of Mark’s Upper Room scattered because of persecution, but it became a great answer to go into Samaria and Antioch.


  1. The second mission is a last mission the Lord has given and an absolute blessing.

1) It is a mission given to us before the Lord ascended, and a blessing we must enjoy.

Matthew 28:18-20 says to go and make disciples of all nations in the name of Christ (Absolute Disciple).

Mark 16: 15-20 says to drive out demons and heal the sick in the name of Christ (Absolute Field).

John 21:15-18 says to feed my sheep. It is saving the posterity and preparing the future (Absolute System).

Acts 1:8 is saying that my everything will become evidence because of this absolute blessing.

2) We only have to restore spiritual blessings and my spiritual state through Christ who within me.

From the beginning, we were spiritual beings created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27), and beings who enjoyed spiritual power (Genesis 1:28).

The first life Adam and Eve were deceived by the temptation of “becoming like God,” and their relationship with God was disconnected. They lived life as spiritually dead beings (Ephesians 2:1) and lived a spiritually oppressed life (Acts 10:38).

In the meantime, Satan is penetrating the young generation and elites by forming the New Age, Freemason, and religious organizations.

Through transcendental meditation movements, temple stays, and chi movements, Satan is enabling incorrect spiritual experiences, stealing culture, and is ridiculing Christianity. He is bringing in specialists and is acting as a lever for success. They are trying to gather their strength and change the world.

You need to learn how to look upon Christ for 24 hours, discover your own blessing of concentration, train yourself, and learn the method to do continuation.

The Holy Spirit is surely within us who are saved. Pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit when you are weak, have problems, and every moment for 24 hours. My spiritual state will live, and I will gain spiritual strength. It is okay even if I don’t receive answers, and even mistakes become an answer. It happens when my spiritual state has strength. You save people and the world through that strength.


  1. The third mission is an everlasting mission and an everlasting blessing.

Why are churches closing doors? It is because they are losing hold of the two things mentioned above and are unable to relay that to the posterity.

1) We have to relay something everlasting to our children. Our words of the flesh and words of unbelief are directly relayed. God is everlasting and my soul is everlasting. I am within an everlasting background of heaven, and there is eternal judgement and even rewards.

2) We are living life as ones who will leave behind something eternal before we go. Especially, everything done for the posterity will be left behind eternally.  

Jesus said that what was done to the least of these brothers and sisters, you did for me. He said that he would remember forever (Matthew 25:40).  After crossing the Jordan River, they brought a stone to relay the covenant to the posterity, and that became an everlasting monument (Joshua 4:7).




Conclusion – We are the remaining ones of this age. I pray that you will hold onto the three missions and blessings and become witnesses of blessings of this age.

 9.8.19 English