Restore the Faith that Revives the 237 Nations (Matthew 28:16-20) 10/30/2022

The 24 Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

Restore the Faith that Revives the 237 Nations (Matthew 28:16-20)           10/30/2022


God desires to save me to save the church, world, future, and posterity. This is why God has saved me and this is the conclusion of our faith that we must restore. “I am a person who has been prepared to save all nations and people of 237.” This may sound like it does not apply to me. “How can I save all nations and people of 237 when I struggle to make ends meet for myself?” “Churches are more difficult and are closing down due to the pandemic, but what do you mean by missions?” The disciples in the passage were in the same situation. What were Jesus’ disciples doing just three years ago? They fled when Jesus was suffering (verse 16). Some disciples still doubted Jesus even after meeting him (verse 17). The Lord came to these disciples and gave them the last message, covenant, and mission before His ascension. He said, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” He promised that He who has all authority of heaven and earth will be with them to the ends of the earth. We have been revived with the gospel they had preached.  Now, God desires to use us that way. How is that possible? What must we hold onto?


  1. Resolve all problems and conflicts with the mission to save the 237.

The reason God saved us first and why He must place different answers and blessings in all problems and conflicts are within this.

1) It is because that is God’s absolute plan and absolute desire (John 3:16, 1 Timothy 2:4).

This was why Joseph went through slavery and prison and became Egypt’s governor (Genesis 45:5-8). Do not be deceived by my problems and present reality. Look at God’s plan and the spiritual reality within that. In the end, it is a time of training to save others like me, create a vessel for world evangelization (globalization), and rise as a witness.

What did God say when Israel became captives and was scattered to the world? God said He raised them as witnesses, rulers, and commanders of the world and that they will summon nations they do not know, and nations they do not know will come to them (Isaiah 55:4-5).

2) This is the same reason a virtual age has been opened through the pandemic.

After the virtual period, congregation numbers decreased, and churches closed. It is because the present reality deceived them.

Rather, this period has become an opportunity to care for health and pray deeper.

Above all, unprecedented works are taking place as people meet virtually. Great doors of 237 are opening and continuing as virtual evangelism schools and disciple training take place. Apostles sent letters to each church in the early church when transportation was difficult. That became the New Testament. Failed people held onto things that were bound to fail, and people of the covenant held onto everything as an opportunity for answers.

3) When we live with a centered heart to save the 237, the power of the throne is manifested, and darkness in all fields (earth) is bound. Restore this faith. This is what is meant by Christ having “all authority of heaven and earth” (verse 18).


  1. Hold onto the covenant of 237 and enjoy that blessing. It says to “make disciples of all nations” (verse 19). It means that the Lord has prepared these disciples in my field.

1) The United States, the powerful nation of this age in which we live, is a place where people from all 237 nations have gathered.  

The mission field of all missions field that can save the 237 nations is America. If I save one multiethnic disciple by me, that individual will eventually rise as the disciple who will save their respective country. We must restore the faith that sees one disciple as one nation. Even if you may be currently undocumented, hold onto this covenant. Hold onto this covenant even in the prison, college, hospital, and military fields.

2) See people with God’s eyes and see each person with faith that believes in God. Because you see them with God’s eyes, the heart to love and be compassionate forms. This is the start of true evangelism and missions. Because you see them with eyes of faith in God, you see God’s plan for each person as well.

3) Paul formed a team, went into each region, and raised a disciple to take charge of that region (70 disciples ministry). (Lydia of Philippi, Jason of Thessalonica, Priscila and Aquila of Corinth, Nympha of Colossae). Concentrate for the rest of the year so you may receive the answer of the one disciple to save the 237 in your workplace and residing region.


  1. Enjoy the blessing of going into the mission field.

It said to “go.” The Lord promised to be with us in all our fields and all things we do until the ends of the earth (verse 20).

1) Go in prayer. Pray continuously as you think about the mission field and go on a mission journey. It will be good to this as you listen to information about the nation and mission field. The power of light will manifest on that mission field when we pray (Ephesians 6:19).

2) Do it as missions that goes as financial support. Since you cannot physically be there, you are participating through your offering. That is why missions offering are important. It said that through our offering, our God will meet all our needs according to the riches of His glory (Philippians 4:19). The health and financial blessing to save the 237 nations will follow (blessing of only, uniqueness, recreation).

3) Pray for the actual visit of mission fields (short-term missions). Remnants, absolutely pray about this.

Pray and draw a picture of how you can be used for missions lifelong with your talent.

That talent is the heavenly talent (blessing), heavenly power, and heavenly mission that God uses.  

All parents need to pray for their family and family line to be one that God uses. Missions is within that. The family line of missionary Underwood that changed Korea is one of the important models. He studied theology and medicine to go as a missionary to Korea, one of the world’s poorest and most suffering nations. They were a household that dedicated itself to Korea across four generations. They established the greatest orphanage and school, raised Kim Kyu Sik, an independence fighter who spoke eight languages, and raised gifted individuals by establishing the first university in South Korea, Yonsei University, and became a missionary who changed the course of one nation’s future. Now, a historical evangelism movement is taking place in South Korea, and the nation is sending out the most missionaries to the world.


Conclusion – God desires for us, the posterity, and churches to be used in the blessing to save the 237 nations. Thus, He has called us and led us here. May you restore this faith and become the individual, family line, and church that becomes the main figure in saving the 237 nations.

10.30.22 English