Spiritual Summit in the Virtual Age (3 John 1:1-2) 7/18/2021

The Field of Answers of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

          Spiritual Summit in the Virtual Age (3 John 1:1-2)                             7/18/2021



We call this age the age of 4th industrial revolution. Information technology (media, communication of information through computers), artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering have developed, and we have entered an age where everything is changing rapidly. A notable, representative change that took place was the transition to online platforms. We are now doing things without seeing each other, and the COVID-19 pandemic has expedited this lifestyle.

It may seem convenient, but we expect more and more negative consequences. Within 10 years, we expect to see many jobs become obsolete and die out, and the proletariat class will continue to increase and will have to struggle to make a living. Some schools are receiving education and studying from super computers. Telemedicine can prescribe medication virtually, and even surgeries will be performed more accurately by artificial intelligence. Even building houses can be much like an online order. BTS group has expanded across the world through virtual activities, and a transcendental meditation class sponsored by Google recorded 2 million participants. The revenue collected from advertisements and other channels are said to be astronomical.

A more serious problem that people will face is mental illness. Absolute poverty will continue, and as interpersonal relationships dwindle, despair and frustration will result in increasing loneliness, panic disorders, and schizophrenic behaviors. In 2 Timothy 3:4, it says that because everything will hasten, people will become lovers of themselves, unforgiving, and quick to betray. To mitigate these things, people turn to transcendental meditation, chi movements, shamanism, fortune telling, and religion, which will bring about even greater spiritual problems. We will face the 2nd and 3rd age of Nephilim.


  1. In such day and age, who is the true summit that God will need and use?

The Bible prophesizes an age like this, and these phenomena are signs of the end times. That is why the answer is also in the Bible.

1) If you go into the workforce, it will be important to specialize in higher technology.

People with specialties in technology will dominate the world. The world is currently fighting this battle.

2) As unemployment rates rise and inflation accelerate, we will need financial specialists.

This is also the reason house prices are incredibly high (increased remote work, preemptive actions against inflation, interest rate cuts).

3) However, who will be the true summit? The true summit is the one with God’s answer.

True summit is someone who can give the answer to those who are afflicted because of this virtual age (Isaiah 60:2). Those individuals will be the spiritual summit, evangelism summit, and the summit of this age.


  1. If so, what is the core of a true summit? We must restore the fundamental (essential) things first.

In this virtual age, we must have something we can compete with. That is the spiritual things. Spiritual things are not visible. It is the most virtual of the virtual.

1) As saved people, if we receive spiritual strength and experience spiritual authority and power, we can overcome everything (transcend time and space).

Really hold onto the correct gospel and receive strength from worship. Holy spirit within us will save our souls, and we will be able to save whoever we meet (Jeremiah 33:3, John 14:12-14). The Holy Spirit will work.

2) This is something we must do for our children. The parents’ spiritual state, as well as their devotion and prayer will be relayed to the children.

After Jacob found out Joseph went missing, he truly held onto the covenant and prayer (Genesis 37:11, Genesis 45:28). In all the circumstances that Joseph faced, God was with him and the Holy Spirit worked. The Bible says, “I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” Do not switch the order.

3) What is the essential means by which we can enjoy this blessing and answer? The three only’s.

Only Christ is the answer to all life’s problems (John 19:30).

This is the mystery that will free us from all failures, curses, fate, and Satan’s authority and grant us complete victory. He is within us. Hold onto the covenant of the blood that he shed, the power of his resurrection, and do all things within his grace (Ephesians2:8-9, 1Corinthians 15:10).

Only God’s kingdom is our absolute background and absolute mission (Acts 1:3).

We are living on this earth, but as saved people of God, we are not of this world (Philippians 3:20). Our blessings and answers are stored elsewhere. We must enjoy our heavenly background first and look to the things above. Ultimately, it is a battle between the power of this world and the power of God. We must first enjoy God’s kingdom within us (Mark 17:21). At that moment we will be given righteousness, peace, and joy (Romans 14:17). Satan’s authority will crumble, and we will have spiritual victory (Matthew 12:28). Disciples who enjoyed this kingdom of God saved Rome and the world. They accomplished things that the summits of the world could never imagine.

Only the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). With our own strength, it will become increasingly difficult. That is why we look to the power of the Holy Spirit.

There will be many people who show forms of godliness but do not experience its true power (2 Timothy 3:5).


  1. To stand as the true summit of this virtual age, there are things we must challenge ourselves towards.

1) Challenge yourself with the five deep things that will be the mystery of our survival in this age. These are the fundamentals that will save ourselves.

Deep meditation, deep prayer, deep breathing, deep food, and deep exercise. This is the mystery by which we can save our souls, hearts and minds, thoughts, bodies, and everything else. New believers and those who are going through difficulties should try listening to the pulpit and other messages once a day and meditate on it. As you listen, try breathing and exercising. It will change the imprints deep inside you and save all things. The church must keep praying to raise specialized workers who can train these deep things.

2) Evangelism and missions in the virtual age. We need lots of materials and systems to use them.

Satan has gotten a hold of this online world. We must save the world through virtual evangelism and missions. Online platforms have become greater doors for evangelism and missions. Truly prepared individuals receive answers even through online messages. The Early church evangelized and nurtured new believers through letters, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, true disciple arose. Some people may stop giving worship as a result of the virtual worship, but it may potentially be God’s method of filtering out the real believers and disciples. The concept is virtual. The content is only Christ and the gospel. We just need to establish a system. Disciples who will be able to connect even through online communication.

3) Establishing a system to meet in smaller, regional church groups

We must pray for regional churches in all 50 states that will proclaim only the gospel. With online worship, it is now even more possible. Especially in this age, the answer to saving the church can begin with individual mission homes and regional churches.


Conclusion – It all depends on who conquered this virtual age first. We just need to look upon Christ who has the authority of the throne and the power of the Holy Spirit that transcends time and space. May you be trained and raised to be the true summit that God uses.

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