The Closing of the Absolute Journey of 2020 (Phil 3:12-14) 12/27/2020

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The Closing of the Absolute Journey of 2020 (Phil 3:12-14)                     12/27/2020



It is the last week of a very difficult year due to the unpredicted Covid-19. How should we wrap up this year? How we end this year will determine how we will begin anew.

2020 was not a year that happened to go by nor a year that was just simply difficult. This year was undoubtedly a time that unfolded within God’s absolute plan and time schedule. There are blessings and gratitude that we must discover. That is called God’s absolute journey. The upcoming year is also a time that is being given to us within God’s absolute plan and time schedule. When we realize this, we will be able to see the new blessings and answers, things to renew and challenge for.


  1. When we speak of God’s absolute journey, there are three things (what is rightful, necessary and absolute) we must discover. In the passage, Paul talked about the kind of life we must live as a saved people of God as his own confession.

1) He said what we have gained or fulfilled is not important. For others, this is very important.

Paul confessed, “Christ Jesus took hold of me” (12).

The life of a child of God is in God’s hands. It does not mean we will be dragged on by God against our will. It means that from the moment we received salvation, we have been captivated by God’s absolute love, absolute choice, and absolute plan. We have been freed from all curses within Christ and became his children. We have been saved and chosen to enjoy heavenly blessings within God’s love (Ephesians 1:3-5). This is called absolute grace (Ephesians 2:8-9).

It is rightful for us to receive these blessings and enjoy these answers as people who are within this grace on earth (rightful).

When we realize this, there will be nothing for us to boast about. There will only be gratitude.

2) Paul said, “I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me” (12).

What we want or what we like is not important. That is a life of a non-believer. We are following God’s absolute plan. That is a life that is led by the holy spirit.

Why do we always fail, commit regrettable things, and become deceived by Satan? It is because we are not led by the holy spirit. If we are led by our flesh, and we follow the world, we end up following Satan (James 3:15, Roman 12:2).

On the other hand, what would it be like if we laid down our standards and greed to follow God’s desire and be led by the holy spirit?

Even if you fail or face unjust situations resulting in a loss, all of those things will become good in the end (Roman 8:28). God will be responsible. This is a necessary blessing and result (necessary).

3) “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward” (13-14).

This is the conclusion of a saint. Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. What is ahead? It is eternal glory and prize in Christ Jesus that God has prepared. These individuals do not fear or worry about others. Compliments and awards from people do not matter to them. They can yield everything.

What will be the result of the small tasks, small prayers, and small devotions that come from a correct place of heart?

We did something small, but it becomes God’s blessings and turns into a masterpiece (Matthew 25:20-40). It becomes something rather absolute (absolute).


  1. How did you spend your 2020? If there were blessings or answers received, we must look at it in these three ways.

1) It was rightful because we are people of God, saved by God’s absolute love, choice, and plan. All we can do is be thankful and praise for that grace (Ephesians 1:6). We must restore this before this year is over. To people like this, God constantly gives His word that will be fulfilled, s well as rightful answers and blessings. Living life itself will be a blessing.

2) We only need to receive the guidance of the holy spirit. Then you will be able to see exactly what God needs (God’s mission).

In this difficult time, in our fields, and in our church, we will see what God needs. Necessary answers will come.

3) To people of God holding onto this covenant, inexplicable things can happen, and Satan can try to hinder.

Just hold onto the covenant, receive strength through prayer, and wait. There will be a victorious day where Satan kneels before you (Romans 16:20). It will be a time of experiencing God’s absolute blessing. We are standing as the witnesses to go io 237 nations.


  1. Was 2020 difficult and hard? If you look at it in three ways, you will come to the answer.

1) Why were the Israelites taken as slaves, captives, and colonies?

It was not because they lacked effort or character. They lost hold of God’s covenant and Satan took over. It was rightful. Even if we received salvation, the 12 spiritual problems are our imprints, roots, and nature. In decisive moments, our thoughts of the flesh take over. Satan keeps deceiving us with the 6 states of the non-believers. Sometimes we fall into fortune telling and become mere religious people. This was Cain’s reason for failure (Genesis 4:7)

This is why we must always be alert (1Peter 5:8). It does not mean we should always be nervous. It means we should always be holding onto the covenant, ready to receive strength and fight whenever necessary (Ephesians 6:10-11).

2) Does God just let his people fail and live with hardships?

Through our problems, we can see how Satan works in us and what we can change and renew. That is God’s necessity. This was the reason God took the Israelites through the desert. “to humble and test you so that in the end it might go well with you” (Deuteronomy 8:16).

This is also why Go allowed Peter to betray him (Luke 22:31-32). God allowed this to Peter to end the hidden scars, greed, personality, and things that were becoming channels for Satan. Theologically, this is called sanctification, where our lives become more and more holy and complete as we experience difficult times.

3) What is the absolute thing that God desires to do through his people’s failures and problems?

He told Peter, “And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”

God desires us to uplift and save people like us. Wherever Peter went, many people gained life.

② What was the absolute blessing that Job received after his sufferings? His spiritual eyes opened (Job 42:5), saved his friends that mocked him (Job 42:9), and enjoyed double portion of blessings (Job 42:10).


Conclusion – We have walked God’s absolute journey this past 2020. May you discover God’s rightful, necessary, and absolute things inside all problems and restore thanksgiving. May the absolute journey that God has prepared continue for you in 2021.

12.27.2020 English pulpit