The Completion of the Covenant: World Evangelization (Genesis 45:1-8) 10/18/2020

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The Completion of the Covenant: World Evangelization (Genesis 45:1-8)          10/18/2020


Following Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, today’s word will be about Joseph. Joseph’s life is a model of world evangelization, the completion of the covenant. He was sold as a slave by his brothers but ultimately, God used Joseph to evangelize that age. That was the conclusion for all of Joseph’s pain and suffering, as well as it is ours. All of the problems and disasters of every age also ends with this conclusion (Matthew 24:14). That is the completion of the covenant; world evangelization.

The past months of the Covid-19 pandemic has been very difficult and long. Some say that the 2nd wave will hit now. What kind of God’s covenant should we hold onto? Joseph was able to meet his brothers after becoming the governor (verse 2). How did they meet? The land around Egypt was struck with famine. Two years have passed, but there were many more to go (verse 6). Joseph’s brothers heard that Egypt still had food, so they went to Egypt.

If we are truly sure of the covenant, and we truly are the ones to do this world evangelism, then God will bless us this way. If we are the ones to give answers to personal problems, family problems, and the problems of this age, then there are separate answers that we will receive. We know how God blessed the Antioch Church when a famine hit. They were blessed financially and were able to support the Jerusalem Church (Genesis11:28-30), and that was when they commissioned Paul and Barnabas as world missionaries (Acts 13:1-3). From the time of Abraham, the final conclusion of this covenant was this. “All nations on earth will be blessed through you” (Acts 12:3, 26:4, 28:14).


  1. How did God fulfill world evangelism in that age through Joseph?

God gives us the absolute covenant and fulfills it through his absolute method.

1) God sent Joseph to the nation that was moving the world as a superpower – Egypt.

A superpower is a nation where the best of the age gather. Those people gather to move and control the world. If we are not careful, we become extremely stressed by the competitive nature of schools, workplaces, and businesses. Drugs, endless crimes, and spiritual problems will continue. The Bible prophesizes this (the seven superpowers, Revelations 18:1-3).

We are living in the United States, the superpower of this age. What does God desire from us? He wants us to hold onto the conclusion of the covenant. God has planned for you and your family, your posterity, and your church to save this world. He will bless us and use us to save this dying land.

2) Joseph faced many difficulties in Egypt but that did not matter. God was with him.

God was with Joseph, with everyone around Joseph, and with everything that Joseph did.

Satan tries to destroy us with many problems, but as long as Christ is with us, he can’t (Revelations 17:14).

What is the start of evangelism? It is when others and the world see that God is with you. Potiphar saw that God was with Joseph (Genesis 39:3), the prison guard saw this (Genesis 39:23), and the King of the palace saw this (Genesis 41:38). “No matter what circumstance, and no matter what environment, God is with me.” We just need to hold onto this. This is what Jesus trained his disciples (Mark 3:14, Matthew 28:20). When you enjoy this 24 hours, God will save the world through you.

3) God gave Joseph evidence wherever he went.

God gave evidence when Joseph was living as a slave in Potiphar’s house. Even when he cleaned and labored, the owner acknowledged him.

God’s blessings were upon Joseph and everything in the house and the field (Genesis 39:5). Receive God’s blessings at your lowest place. It will not be something small. It will be a beginning for God (Psalm 78:70).

God gave evidence when Joseph unjustly went to prison. Joseph stood as someone that gave answers for people he met.

He was so diligent that the prison guard untrusted the prison’s work. He also prayed deep prayers. God gave him the wisdom to give answers to important individuals’ dreams. We are people with the answer of Christ. God will change everything into evidence when we stand as witnesses of Christ.

Ultimately, Joseph went to the palace. He became the governor and stood as someone that saved the age. Joseph gave the answer of the age there. He saw in advance that there will be famine all over the world. God gave him that knowledge. God opened Joseph’s eyes so that he can see the age (worldview, view of history and eschatology). Remnants must become people that have and give answers at important places. Remnants must study to see the problem of the age. There, you will be able to see the spiritual reality (Revelations 12:17), and discover the heavenly mandate, calling, and missions from God.


  1. Whatever you do and whatever you are in the midst of, solve everything with the conclusion of world evangelism.

If Joseph did not have this conclusion, he may have fallen into anger, despair, depression, and mental illnesses.

1) Be sure of your identity. You must have assurance in your identity in life, at work, and in your businesses.

Who am I? Your existence itself is important. You are someone that God hand-picked, saved, and will use.

Why must we do the things we do? It is to give the answer of Christ, save the church, the world, the future and the posterity with the blessings we receive, Everything will be an absolute journey.

If Joseph was sure of his identity, his dream was a dream of world evangelism.

What you put inside your heart and prayers come out in your dreams, reality, and the future.

2) Realize where I am(my present address). Stay in God, and enjoy Him.  Then your content for prayer and challenges will come.

Challenge at things that others don’t do and dislike. Take is as something that God allowed you to do. Without any competition, you can hold onto the covenant of only, uniqueness, and recreation. Then, it can become a system.

Devote yourselves to places abandoned and deserted. God’s hidden individual went into slavery and prison. Do not waste your time making fake connections. You can find hidden individuals like Joseph. Keep in mind the 6 tools (leverage, content, transmission, platform, masterpiece, outsource).

Do the work of silently changing the flow of your field. It is possible because there is light inside you. There is a flow of the forces of darkness. We must change that flow into a flow of the holy spirit and blessings.


Conclusion – The completion of the covenant is world evangelism. It is God’s absolute time schedule. When you realize that your problems that you are going through is a message that will save people like you and a platform for world evangelism, it will no longer be a problem. When will this pandemic end? For evangelists like us, it is the best opportunity. Our conclusion is world evangelism, and as we stand in this flow, we are God’s conclusion.

10.18.2020 English