The One Who Remained That change the Frame of The World (Romans 16:25-27)

Actualization of 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

The One Who Remained That change the Frame of The World (Romans 16:25-27)


The theme of this World Remnant Conference is to change the frame of the world. Why do we need to do this? There are at least three reasons. First, it is because all of my conflicts, failures, sufferings and curses start within this. This is the most important reason behind why Christ came. God desires to save me to save and heal the world, and bless me to bless the world. We who must do this should not be without answers, suppressed, or be dying. Where did this come from? It is a world where curses, disasters, and forces of darkness are working. It is a matter of whether you will be trapped and suppressed within the frames of this world created by them, or be raised as a witness who breaks these frames and saves the world. The reason why remnants study is not to follow the world. It is to save and lead the world. The Holy Spirit will work if you properly hold unto this one reason. Second, in this world, there are too many life stragglers and mental illnesses such as depression, panic disorder and schizophrenia that are serious. Drugs have become a global issue, these are old scars, mental problems, and spiritual problems held by the spirit of darkness. That is why it can’t be done with one’s own strength. The Word has to change the imprint of scars within them, and the frames holding them as captive need to be broken.  Third, it’s because one must enjoy the answer and power that can break the world’s frame in order to live as a leader to save the world. All 7 remnants lived as spiritual leaders. They went as a slave, and even went to prison, but they were leaders there. They lived by changing the flow of the place they lived in. If we receive strength and blessing, even unbelievers and parents will follow. What must we start?


  1. First, we have to hold unto three things of what we lost hold of, was stolen, and must restore. This is the 2019 Leader’s Retreat message.

1) What did we lose hold of? God’s Covenant, God’s absolute plan.

① Genesis 1:26-28 is God’s original covenant. Adam was deceived by Satan and lost hold of this blessing (Hosea 6:7).

② The Covenant of the Offspring of the woman in Genesis 3:15 will crush the head of Satan and restore everything.

③ Exodus 3:18 shows the Israelites (destiny) who were slaves, what the mystery of deliverance from smearing blood is. When we hold unto Christ, all curses (individual, family, world’s curses) run off.

④ Isaiah 7:14 is saying that the One who came through a virgin’s body will be with us through Immanuel. There is no one to truly help us in the World. Even when parents help, there is a limit. There is someone else that can truly help. We need to restore this.

2) What was stolen? Our inner world and spiritual world were stolen.

① New Age, shamans, non-believing elites are dominating everything. They are stealing hearts by giving incorrect answers.

② In this, even the economy and culture were stolen. That is why believers are poor, and dependent churches are suddenly increasing.

3) What do we need to restore?

① We must first restore and declare the correct gospel which is summarized as Christ, Kingdom of God, and the works of the Holy Spirit.

② We must discover and raise the multi-ethnic remnant and TCK hidden by God that understand this Gospel and is able to risk their life. That is why we need to prepare the world and church’s future. We need to make them into spiritual summits and save the world.


  1. Now, all believers should hold unto the CVDIP God has prepared, and walk the covenant journey.

1) What is God’s CVDIP? God has prepared all things of our lives before eternity (v.25)

There is a God-given Covenant. He promised Christ, God’s Kingdom, and the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts1:1,3,8).

There is a God-given Vision. All sins, curses, destiny and hell is finished (John19:30), and He is saying that He will use us as ones who will save the world (Acts 1:8). He has to make all our things into evidence. This is God’s vision towards us.  

There is a God-given Dream. He places His will (dream) within us and will fulfill it (Philippians 2:13)

There is a God-given Image. He is drawing a picture with an absolute purpose towards each person (Acts 9:15). When we truly pray, God’s picture becomes my picture.  

⑤ God is saying He will actually work for me (Practice). He said the least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. He said, “I am the Lord..I will do this swiftly” (Isaiah 60:22). We only need to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit every moment and challenge.

2) Hold unto God’s CVDIP as my own. Then we need to make this into our own gospel. Especially parents should not be deceived of my child’s insufficiency. Hold unto that God, who has chosen them and sent them into the World, has a CVDIP towards them. Parents should not have unbelief, be in despair, or give up. That is fatal.


  1. Lastly, this is what we need to do. Hold unto 24 hours, 25 hours, and the blessing of eternity, and go to the way of victory every moment.

1) Everything that happens to believers in the gospel have been prepared before eternity. (v.25)

Our pains and scars of the past, failures and everything are testimonies that can reveal Christ, and a platform for blessings.

Concentrate 24 hours with the work allowed to me, position, and even smallest things.   

Place your heart through 24 hours and pray. Even change everything we see, hear, and all things that happen into prayer, and listen to the message given for me in that place.

2) My today is walking the covenant journey that is fulfilling the CVDIP God has prepared (verse 26).

The day allowed to me is no ordinary day. It is a ‘today’ in which the covenant given by God is being fulfilled. It is not a problem but a time schedule. What I am placing within me today is important. If sad things are placed, then that will continue, and Satan’s work will continue.

A message of ‘one day three masterpieces’ was given. It is saying to believe that even my small things can be God’s masterpiece to save the age and find and do the work I must do three times a day. Focus on one person. With this attitude, everything can become a masterpiece and you can save anyone.  

One day He will make you see the things unbelievers absolutely can’t, do the things they can’t, and go to places they can’t. This is the blessing of 25 hours.

3)My future is not an ordinary future. Everything connects to eternity (verse 27).

All prayer that we pray in the name of Christ is communicating with the eternal throne and enjoying an eternal background. I must continuously train my prayer and deep prayer. At the end, only those with the power of prayer can change the frame of the world.

God remembers and blesses all effort and devotion done in the name of Christ, and becomes an eternal reward and blessing.

All devotion to save another one who remained, a remnant, becomes footsteps to prepare an eternal future.



Conclusion – Hold unto God’s CVDIP that is coming towards my life. I bless that you may become believers that will change the world with 24, 25, and the blessing of eternity.


8-11-2019 English