The Prayer of Enjoying God’s Kingdom (Acts 1:3-8) 8/2/2020

The Prayer of Enjoying God’s Kingdom (Acts 1:3-8)                        8/2/2020


The greatest blessing that the saved people of God must enjoy is the Kingdom of God. In other words, God himself will guide us, reign over us, and bless us in Christ, through the Holy Spirit (absolute covenant). God’s people must simply enjoy this (absolute journey). From then you will be able to save people, raise disciples, and become the summit to do world evangelization. This is why Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God for 40 days before his ascension (verse 3).

God’s kingdom had existed even before the creation of the world. The first model of the Kingdom of God is the Garden of Eden. When mankind fell in Genesis 3, it had lost this blessing.

When we say “Kingdom,” it must have at least three things. First, it must have people who will be governed. Second, it must have land on which the people must live. Third, it must have a leader who will lead the people into an upright, happy life. When mankind fell into corruption, it had become separated from God’s governance. From then, it fell under Satan’s 12 strategies. The land that we live in became a place of complete curses, pain, and disasters. Why is that? Is it because of evil and greedy politicians? The Bible credits that to the corrupt spirit – Satan (John 14:30, Ephesians 6:12). Satan had been cursed by Christ (John 16:11), and when Christ returns, Satan will be judged for eternity (1Corinthians 15:24-25, Matthew 25:41).


  1. When Christ came to this earth, the restoration of the Kingdom of God began (Matthew 4:17).

Because Christ died and resurrected for us, made us his children, and sent the Holy Spirit as he ascended, we are now able to enjoy the Kingdom of God on earth. He is guiding us and working in us through the Holy Spirit. We say that the Kingdom of God has already come upon those who received salvation (Luke 17:21, Romans 14:17). This Kingdom of God will be made complete when Christ returns and begins a new heaven and earth (Revelations 21:1-3).

1) What we must do now is enjoy this Kingdom of God.

Undoubtedly, the Holy Spirit resides in those who are saved (John 14:16-18, 1Peter 2:9). Enjoy this work of the Holy Spirit within yourself, in everything you do, and wherever you set your feet. That is a life that enjoys God’s Kingdom.

2) Because this is not taking place, we cannot escape our own hidden scars and limits.

Even the saved ones can fall into depression, obsession over the wrong things, and spiritual problems. Some may constantly falter amidst their circumstances and become lost in worries and conflicts to the point where they cannot do the work that God desires. This is the reality behind the question “are you at this time going to restore the kingdom Israel?” that the disciples asked of Jesus. Even after receiving the gospel, it is hard to see God’s great works, the hidden blessings, and the future because the gospel becomes degraded and fitted into our own standards and necessities.

3) As we live in this manner, healing and saving the world becomes irrelevant to us.

Even if you achieve success in the world, it becomes a success that has nothing to do with God (wrongful success, success in vain, and false success). Then one day, you face Genesis 1:2.


  1. How must we enjoy this Kingdom of God? We do so through prayer (worship prayer, scheduled prayer, continuous prayer, concentrated prayer, 24 prayer).

Prayer is everything to children of God (John 14:12-14, John 16:24, 1Thessalonians 5:16-18). It does not matter if you do not see answers now. The prayers of the saints are collected in heaven, and it leads us to the kingdom of God (Revelations 8:3). What was the core of the Lord’s prayer? It is enjoying God’s kingdom. “Thy Kingdom come.”

1) Pray to enjoy the triune God that reigns over his kingdom (Matthew 6:9-10).

Through prayer, praise the father God, acknowledge Christ the King, and seek the work of the Holy Spirit who will fulfill God’s will. This is what it means for us to enjoy the background of the throne of heaven. When we praise God, acknowledge him, and seek for his help, amazing works of the triune God will be upon our lives. That is the absolute blessing.

God will mobilize his angels to work in our lives. That is when absolute works of God and miracles take place. You will meet people who can help you (Nobody – everybody), and absolutely impossible things will become absolutely possible (Nothing – everything).

This is when the kingdom of Satan, who brings problems and suffering to our families, workplace, and church, will crumble.

When the kingdom of Satan crumbles, all blessings will be restored (Matthew 12:28-29), and the will of God will be fulfilled in our lives. Our life itself will become God’s will.

2) Pray to discover that will (mission) from God (Matthew 6:11-13).

We have no reason to worry about food, failure, or even tribulation and trials.

We are His children. Christ finished all problems. This is a given because the Holy Spirit is watching over us (Matthew 6:33).

There is a more important reason. God has things to do through us. That is called the mission of God’s Kingdom.

Why did God send Joseph as a slave? Why did he send Israel as captives? Through your problems, recognize the heart of God that desires to save all nations and people like you. It is not a problem and it is not something that should hurt you. In the end, it is part of God’s plan to make us into his witnesses.

This does not only apply to problems. As you continuously stay in the flow of the word and enjoy prayer, you will absolutely discover God’s mission.

You can find your mission from the things that others don’t do (Nobody), things that others cannot do (Nothing) and be used by God. He who entrusts it to you will make sure you can handle it. When you are weak, He will make you strong for his works (2Corinthians 12:9).

3) Enjoy the eternal things of the Kingdom of God (13). Prayer of our life’s conclusions.

The things of this world will pass. The eternal world will come. This is our conclusion.

Looking upon the background, authority, and glory of the eternal world, we will have victory today (Philippians 3:20, Colossians 3:1-4).

When will it come? When the gospel has been preached to the ends of the earth. You will be His witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts1:8).

Where is our end of the earth? There are many individuals waiting for the gospel in the deserted, pitiful places around us.

We may encounter circumstances in which we receive persecution or must stake our lives. God Himself will hold onto us.

Moses did not grow weak until the time of the conclusion (Deuteronomy 34:7). David was precious and wealthy in his later years and left many blessings to his posterity (1 Chronicles 29:28). Paul left behind disciples for the evangelization of Rome, the end of the earth of that age (Romans 16).


Conclusion – Do you make the time to enjoy the triune God? What is the mission we must realize and challenge for? What is the conclusion that you have held onto for your life? What is world evangelism to you? May you deeply enjoy the Kingdom of God.

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