The Reason He Made Us Look Only onto the Bronze Serpent (Numbers 21:4-9) 1/26/2020

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       The Reason He Made Us Look Only onto the Bronze Serpent (Numbers 21:4-9)         1/26/2020


After being saved from 400 years of slavery in Egypt, the Israelites face many failures along the way to the wilderness. They crossed the Red Sea (the baptism analogy of 1Corinthians 10:2), received the covenant of God’s People on Mount Sinai (evidence of people of the covenant), received many answers and experienced miracles, but failed because whenever problems came, they were discouraged, complained and resented. The passage is one of those representative incidents. God sent fiery venomous snakes to the Israelites who were resenting and complaining, and many people died. Why do these things happen to us? Even though we are saved, we face various problems and conflicts and conclusively fail, and lose hold of important blessings. What the Israelites had really lost hold of was the blessing and answer of Canaan Conquest (World Evangelization). Just like it was the end at being freed from 400 years of slavery in Egypt, it ended with only receiving salvation. We are not saved so that we may suffer and die like this. Why did God allow these incidents? It says that God sent a venomous snake and left people to die. 1 Corinthians 10:11 states that the failures of the Israelites in the wilderness is a mirror for us and that they were incidents to awake all believers in the end days. The Bible is telling us to not live like that.


  1. What is the reason saved people of God live repeatedly failing and losing hold of important blessings?

There is a fundamental reason there. There is a unique and absolute reason.

1) It also explains why the Israelites repeatedly were discouraged, complained, resented and eventually failed (v.4)

First, their hearts grew impatient. They were irritated, urgent, offended and even angry. It could have been an issue of environment and reality. It could have been because of people. It could have been an instance where their scars were touched. We are first deceived here.

2) From the outside, it is not wrong. However, if you look accurately and deeper, it is wrong.

There was a more fundamental cause. It seems like the new coronavirus that has led the world into fear will become a tremendous disaster. They say that it will transcend the previous SARS and MERS. Beginning with fever, coughing and various symptoms, it develops into pneumonia and can lead to death. Then why is it that modern science and medicine are unable to find a cure? It means that they do not know the original identity of these viruses, including the common cold.

This virus mutates and becomes a more fatal illness, but we do not know the fundamentals. If we are able to find that, there will be a cure.

It is the same for all the problems humans experience. From the outside, they are problems of the environment, reality, emotion (feelings), but the Bible states otherwise. There is a more fundamental, unique, and absolute cause.

3) This is called spiritual problems.

We are unable to find and give answers because we only look at the visible problem when looking at a problem.

Why do people fall into game addiction, drug addiction and gambling addiction? Externally, it may be because they were lured by someone, or because they were in those kinds of environments. However, if you look deeper internally, the visible external problems are not the cause. First, it is that they are internally empty. Unable to meet God, all lives that are unable to be filled with blessing by God are fallen in this. These people wander around trying to find answers and fall into games, drugs, people and even money and worldly things, and become obsessed and eventually become addicted.

It is a psychological problem, and a problem that affects the brain, but eventually there is a being who works in that empty place.  

That is the spirt of darkness that is introduced in Genesis 1:2 who brings “darkness, confusion, and emptiness.” He is the late serpent, Satan, who destroyed Adam and Eve who were whole in Genesis 3:1-5. When Cain killed Abel with a stone, who were both Adam’s sons, in John 8:44, there was a hidden murder. It states that he was a murderer from the beginning, a liar, and the father of lies.” In John 10:10 it states that he like a thief who comes to destroy regardless of how kindly and diligently a person lives. John 14:30 states that he is the prince of the world. Corruption, suffering and curses are prolonging more as time goes, because he works in the world.

Because we look at problems, people and the world without knowing this fundamental problem, there is no hope in the world and anger and despair follow.

Depression, panic disorders, and personality disorders form within people, and later on, terror without reason, schizophrenia, and even demon possession happens. The incident of people dying by being bitten by a snake because they simply were discouraged, complained and resented, was to show this (spiritual problem).


  1. When the spiritual problem of all problems can be seen in human beings, a conclusion of why Christ is the unique solution is given.

It cannot be solved with human’s knowledge, diligence, effort, and science. God must do it. That is how it becomes a unique solution (Acts 4:12).

1) God sent His Son. He was anointed by the Holy Spirit and came.

He is the Christ (“the Anointed One,” Priest, King and Prophet). Ignorant Peter and the disciples made this confession, and experienced this through their own spiritual problems, and became people to save the Age.

2) Whoever was bitten by the fiery snake would be healed if they looked onto the bronze snake and was made to begin anew (John 3:14-15).  

When Adam corrupted and fell into curses, this covenant was given in Genesis 3:15. The spiritual fundamental problems he possessed were solved. A new life began for him (2 Corinthians 5:17). It says that He will do new works (Isaiah 43:18-19). It says that we will live as witnesses (Acts 1:8). Depression will be healed, addiction will be healed, incurable diseases will be healed, and the entire life will be given a new start.


  1. If we look at problems, people and the world with this unique solution, God’s absolute plan will be seen.

1) Answers were unseen because we were only looking at what was in the surface, and because there are no answers, problems were only problems.

Inside Christ who is the unique solution, no problem is a problem (John 19:30). There is a hidden plan of God (7 Remnants). On the outside and in worldly standards, Joseph was cursed. No. It was God’s plan to save the world (Genesis 45:5).

2) We can never save people if we only look at people with what is visible, with physical standards, and with worldly standards.

If he receives answers to spiritual problems and look onto only Christ, he will become a witness of Christ in Satan’s face (Unique plan). What was the reason persecutor Paul could live as a historical evangelist? It was because there was an Ananias who obeyed God’s unique plan for Paul. As long as there are people like Ananias in the Church, historical works will happen. Even the Bible does not fit with those who are unable to open these eyes. The absolute plan of God hidden in the Bible are unseen.

3) The one person who knows the unique problem, who possesses the unique answer, and who knows God’s unique plan is important.

If I know the unique problem, possess the unique answer, and grab onto the unique plan, I become a unique person before God. In everything he does, works of unique blessings (uniqueness) and recreation arise. We only need to raise one person like that.


Conclusion – I hope you become church members who hold onto the reason He made us look at the bronze serpent, the unique problem, unique answer, and God’s unique plan.

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