The Thanksgiving of the Spiritual Summit (Daniel 6:3-10)

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The Thanksgiving of the Spiritual Summit (Daniel 6:3-10)


Today is the Feast of Harvest Sunday, which is also called the Pentecost. It is one among the three feasts that have the blessings that the saved believer must enjoy. The Pentecost is for us to remember that we have been freed and delivered in Christ. The Feast of Harvest means for us to experience how God helps the life of a believer through the works of the Holy Spirit. The Feast of Tabernacles (Booths) is the eternal blessing of the background of heaven and the evangelism and missions that take place within that. What is the conclusive blessing that comes when one enjoys the blessings of the three feasts? It is the blessing of the true summit. It goes beyond average success. The saved believer becomes a spiritual summit if he continuously enjoys the works of the Holy Spirit. They will do works that save people and the world. They will become the main figures of the works of God of that age. They are also called the summits of the age. Daniel from the passage enjoyed this blessing even when his nation had perished and become captive. That is the covenant that all believers will enjoy (Isaiah 55:4, Isaiah 60:22). No matter how much hardship and suffering we may face, we are not in the situation where we were brought as a slave like Joseph or as a captive like Daniel. Yet, why are there so many conflicts in our lives, and why does the summit’s blessing feel so distant from me? I need to make my life’s posture into one that is bound to live as a true summit just as God’s promise. The important word is thanksgiving.


  1. Why is thanksgiving important?

1) It is because thanksgiving is worship. Worship is time to exalt and thank God. At that time, the blessings He gives come.  

Why must we exalt and thank God? It is because God has given us everything (life, salvation, health, time). Thus, worship that has no true thanksgiving is not worship (Psalms 50:14-23). God said that He would save us even if tribulations may come. Daniel gave thanks in his prayer even when he was thrown in the lion’s den due to the envy of others (Daniel 6:10).

2) Miracles arise when one prays with true thanksgiving. More accurately, it is a time for the works of the Holy Spirit to arise.  

Evangelist Paul was imprisoned and went through hardships numerous times, but he most frequently gave thanks (Ephesians 5:4, Philippians 4:6-7, Colossians 2:7). Miracles and the works of the Holy Spirit will be revealed in everything (problems, events, work) we do if thanksgiving continues.

3) When thanksgiving is restored in me, the works of darkness are bound, and life healing arises.

What was the reason the Israelites walking in the wilderness died from being bitten by snakes? They continued to be discouraged, complain, and resent instead of giving thanks (Numbers 21:4-6). It said, “the people grew impatient on the way.” A nature that made everything into scars had been formed in them. What is the way to live by God’s will? It is the way to be victorious even without fighting against Satan. 1 It’s Thessalonians 5:16-18. We must train this lifelong.


  1. What must we give thanks for?

We must see that in Daniel. It’s not average thanksgiving. It was true thanksgiving, thanksgiving that transcended everything, and the summit’s thanksgiving.

1) Daniel gave thanks for the fact that He was in God’s absolute covenant.

This is what it meant by, “he opened his window towards Jerusalem, got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to God.” He remembered the covenant of Jerusalem, God’s covenant for the chosen people. It is the same covenant we must hold onto.

It is the covenant of Christ that has eternally freed us from all curses, destiny, Satan, and forces of hell.

 If we are truly in Christ and look upon Him, we can never perish. Even if we perish, we’re not perishing. Even if we die, it is not death. Eternal life, eternal glory, and an everlasting kingdom are awaiting us.

There is a covenant that we will enjoy there as we have become Children of God in Christ.

The blessing of God that sent an angel into Daniel’s lion’s den to hold down the lion’s mouth is one of the blessings of seven blessings of the children of God (Hebrews 1:14). If I am truly a child of God, I need to have a Child of God-like life posture. That comes as thanksgiving.

Daniel did not just happen to come as a captive, nor was he successful by chance. He knew the Remnant’s covenant. He was the remaining one, the remnant (Isaiah 6:13).

He held onto the covenant that through the remaining one, the remnant, the light will shine to the gentiles and that the glory will come upon the ends of the earth (Isaiah 59:6). Both my death and life, my success and failure, are in God’s sovereignty (Romans 14:8). Whether he lived or died, Daniel gave thanks for the fact that He was in the line of the covenant, the flow of the covenant, and the covenant journey.

2) Daniel gave thanks that He did not waiver inside the covenant.

He would have negotiated with the evil ones or had fled if he was afraid or if his faith had shaken. Most people live like this.  

God held onto that heart and controlled it. This is the work of works of the Holy Spirit.

“ I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being.” (Ephesians 3:16).

This is why we must pray even when problems and crises come to us. God needs to give us strength, wisdom, and power.  

The problem is that prayer does not take place just because we want it to. It needs to be trained as nature. “Just as he had done before,” holding onto the covenant and living in prayer had become Daniel’s habit and nature. It was to where no one could point out a flaw in the works he did(Verse4)

We are undoubtedly people who have the covenant and who will save ourselves, the posterity, the church, and the world.

We must enjoy all answers in prayer. Train until scheduled, concentrated, deep, and 24 prayer takes place. That is when the works of the watchmen, the power and authority of the throne, the works that transcend time and space, and the evidence to save the 237 nations will come forth.

3) Daniel held onto God’s evidence that would surely come in advance and gave thanks.

It was not that Daniel had merely survived the lion’s den. He became a witness before the kind and the nation. That was evangelism.   

Hold onto the fact that the 237 nations and 5,000 people groups will be saved through us in advance. The CVDIP comes from this.

 See in advance the works God will do through me and us, and hold onto, enjoy, experience, and challenge towards it in advance. See the future of myself, my posterity, church, and age in advance in the word. That is why we must hold onto the word (time to listen, read, meditate, and apply). You simply held onto the word, and incurable diseases will be healed.

We are looking at the future when we do evangelism, support missions, and support remnants.

The person who received the gospel through me shared his mission with me, had forum with me, and received my help (internship), from that, a person to save the age could come forth (D.L Moody, who worked as a shoe smith, the pastor who helped Jon Wanamaker who worked at a brick factory).



Conclusion – Everything is in the covenant. All answers and blessings that we must enjoy are in thanksgiving. May you hold onto the covenant and be filled with thanksgiving, that you may be victorious even in the lion’s den.

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