The Uncrowned King Who Saves the World (2 Peter 2:9) 11/27/2022

The 24 Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

The Uncrowned King Who Saves the World (2 Peter 2:9)           11/27/2022


The 19th Remnant Conference America ended last week within God’s grace. The entire theme was “Prepare for 2030-2080 now.” I pray that our first generation may live in good health in God’s grace and support the remnants to see the great and tremendous works God will do for our remnants. May our second-generation remnants prepare with the assurance that “I am the prepared person for that age.” It does not matter, even if many difficulties come our way in the impending age, because God has prepared separate answers and blessings for the remnants to save that age. What we must prepare was proclaimed during the Leader’s Retreat (refer to Wednesday service). The conference discussed what we must prepare for. As the title says, we are to prepare to be spiritual leaders and kings who save the world that will fall into various confusion and difficulty. The moment we were saved, God already called our identity a “royal priesthood.” A king rules and leads the world. We are kings who enjoy the blessing of a priest altogether. Therefore, we become those who save and revive. Also, we are kings, but we are uncrowned. What does that mean? Worldly kings (leaders) have no interest in saving and blessing all people. They do not have the spiritual mystery to do so either. Their interest lies in their greed, position, and other things. A crown signifies those things. King Saul in the Bible is a model of this. A king (leader) God uses is not worried about one’s greed and position. Even if they are at the lowest place, they give answers to the king and save the king. These are individuals like Joseph (Genesis 41:38). If these individuals stand in important places, they change the world. This is not something that only God desires. Everyone desires this. How can this be possible?


  1. Hold onto the covenant that has called us a “royal priesthood” and have assurance.

1) Struggling to become that does not come first (ambition). God chooses and prepares us that way.

From the beginning, God created man in His image so that they may rule the world (Genesis 1:27).

It says that He breathed into their nostrils (Genesis 2:7).  God poured His life and power into us (Genesis 2:7). Thus, humans’ power was tremendous. What comes from that is talent.

At that time, mankind found happiness in the garden of Eden (Genesis 2:1-18). God was with them and blessed them. Mankind enjoyed the blessing of the throne and ruled over all creation according to God’s will.

2) Christ came to restore this blessing that was lost due to Adam’s fall in Genesis 3, and he has chosen us first.  

He restored our fundamentals. The moment I accept Christ, God’s image (identity) is restored in me, I possess His power and authority (talent), and I am raised as a royal priesthood who will save people and the world (evangelism and missions).

The moment we realize this covenant and have assurance, we are already kings, leaders, and a summit. It does not matter, even if we do not have immediate answers. If we live without knowing who we are when God has already changed us, we become the most pitiful individuals (young eaglet raised in a chicken pen).

Now, continuously form spiritual fundamentals, basics, and foundation while enjoying a relationship with God. Spiritual fundamentals are my spiritual state. You connect with God (spirituality). Spiritual basics are enjoying spiritual blessings (spiritual character). Spiritual foundation is enjoying spiritual facts. It is changing everything through prayer (spiritual skill).


  1. Something must be placed in these spiritual fundamentals, basics, and foundations. It is the talent given by God.

1) Talents were given to unbelievers also (common grace). It is needed to get a job to make a living and maintain the world.

2) Talents given to believers who are children of God are different (special grace).

God gave us talents where it can save, heal, and change the world. That is called heavenly talent and talent of the throne (the word ‘genius’ in Chinese means skill given by the heavens).

This talent must be placed within our spiritual fundamentals (spirituality), spiritual basics (spiritual character), and spiritual foundation (spiritual skill).

It is then when we become the true king (leader) who truly saves, heals, and changes the world, and works take place. Figures like Abraham Lincoln, D.L Moody, Jon Wanamaker, and Fanny Crosby, who changed America in the 19th century, are models of this. Edit God’s plan for my life through the word, plan in detail within my personal prayer and design my life as an evangelist to where I can evangelize whomever I meet.


  1. What we must do from now on and especially what our remnants must urgently train for now.

1) We must change our imprint from now on. It must be to where it is stuck or fixed in my brain. We must quickly change our thoughts bound by my scars, failure mentality, competitive mentality, and worldly standards.

Christ has ended all destiny, curses, and problems (John 19:30). This is the gospel. Do not deceive from the devil’s scheme anymore.

Enjoy this blessing and look upon the throne. This is prayer. We can do everything through prayer. Experience this from now on.

God has entrusted the field I am in. This is evangelism. Evangelism training is leadership training. We must be able to communicate with all people (9 communications). If there is prejudice and it becomes an obstacle, evangelism becomes impossible.

Align everything with missions. God will surely give us the evidence to save the 237 nations. That is missions.

2) Change the roots in me. Incorrect imprints create bitter roots within us.

My current environment, present reality, and problems of the age do not matter. We must enjoy the answer and blessing God has prepared within that.

Although Joseph lived as a slave and was unjustly imprisoned, he was not dismayed and in despair. He enjoyed God’s answer there. Eventually, that was the spiritual leader training that enabled him to transcend all circumstances and reality and enjoy God’s blessing.

We must put down roots of prayer in all problems and incidents. David looked upon God and sang praises while herding sheep alone. He enjoyed the deep things of God while fleeing from King Saul, who was afflicted by demons; later, he became a king who saved all people.

3) Always create a nature that sees the future and blessing God has prepared.  

My current form and reality are not everything. We can be victorious today because there is a future God has prepared. It is God’s promise (covenant). Seeing in advance (vision), praying in advance (image), and training in advance (practice) is CVDIP. Make it become always (24). The power of the Holy Spirit (25) and the blessing of the throne (eternity) will be manifested.

Create good health and raise strength. It is deep holy meditation, deep prayer, deep breathing, deep food, and deep exercise.

Change your nature one by one. It is creating a habit that bounds the Holy Spirit to work (1 Corinthians 3:16). That is when the darkness that tries to destroy and deceive us crumbles. We are changing the nature that set the Devil to work.


Conclusion – God desires to save me to save the world and the future. For that, He calls us a royal priesthood and ambassadors of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). May you all become the remnants and believers who prepare for the 2030 and 2080 now.

11.27.22 English