The Watchman that God Raises (Isaiah 62:6-9) 11/29/2020

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The Watchman that God Raises (Isaiah 62:6-9)                                 11/29/2020


The world is a difficult place. COVID is difficult, and all the mental conflicts, financial instability, and political chaos that come with it are also very difficult. What does God want us to do during this time? What is the promise that God gives us?

Verse 6 says “I have posted watchmen on your walls.” Watchmen are people who are prepared to spot the enemies first and fight them if they attack.  The walls symbolize our lives, but what do watchmen represent? If you look in the bible, they represent the angels that are used by God to protect His people (Hebrews1:14, Psalm91:10-11, Acts27:23-24). There are also people that God uses as watchmen. They are the spiritual summits (Genesis 39:41), spiritual leaders (Deuteronomy 33:29), and the commanders of God’s army (Isaiah 55:4). These people are evangelists and disciples. We call them the “remnants,” the ones who God have remained (Isaiah 6:13, Romans 11:4).

God does not need many people. Even with a small number of individuals, God can save and change the world through them. What is this Upper Room Ministry? It is a movement that seeks out evangelists, disciples, and remnants to train them and send them out into the world. We are the people living in this age, within the blessing of this age. We must be confident of three things.


  1. Fundamentals of a watchman. Eyes to see the problem and the world must be opened.

If we want to protect someone, we must know who might want to destroy that person and what kind of strategy the enemy has in mind. That is the fundamentals. Who wants us to fall into destruction? It is Satan (Ephesians 6:12).

1) Satan knows exactly how the world will be destroyed and is working on his plan.

Human greed (Genesis 3). The endless greed and selfish thoughts of humans are destroying the world.

Satan covers up our spiritual eyes and makes us fall into secular things (Genesis 6). Those secular cravings create sin (James 1:15).

Satan makes us do anything for success (Genesis 11). Endless competition and conflicts come from this.

2) Satan knows how to accurately destroy oner person at a time and is carrying out his work (6 states of non-believers).

He has taken over all the souls that are separated from God (John 8:44). This is where worshipping of idols and Satan come from (1Corinthians 10:20). Those spiritual problems create mental problems (Acts 10:38), physical problems (Acts 8:4-8) and leads to eternal judgement (Hebrews 9:27).

It does not end with you. All those curses get handed down to your children and their children (Exodus 20:4-5).

Half of the children’s problems are from the parents and their family line. The Gospel of Christ is what completely ends this.

3) Satan knows how to accurately destroy the church and is carrying out his work.

He just needs to make you lose hold of the Gospel of Christ, that breaks down the forces of darkness (Matthew 16:13-18).

Satan does not fear legalism, mysticism, or any other programs out there. This is a crucial reason for the destruction of churches.

Slowly and quietly, Satan shows off powers and makes people fall into shamanism, fortune telling and religion. The New Age movement is like this. They are unifying all the religions and drag people away from “only Christ” (Acts 4:12).

What about the churches? They are powerless. They possess the shape of holiness but not true power (2 Timothy 3:5). Satan brings conflict and quarrel.


  1. The identity of a watchman. You must discover how important you are.

1) Watchmen must have assurance in who they are. That assurance comes from above, to people who know God’s promise.

Before you do anything else, you must find this. Think about how the United States train their men to have pride and provide lots of benefits.

2) Verse 6 says, “you who call on the Lord.” They are remnants. They are precious individuals that remain in God’s memory always.

You may feel alone and lonely in the world. Do not be deceived. You are within God’s absolute plan (Joseph).

You may face unspeakable failure and miserable times. Do not be deceived. You will remain with God’s grace (Moses).

You may face unjust and heartbreaking situations. Do not be deceived. You will remain with God’s power (David).

④ You may face persecution and feel like you don’t belong anywhere. Do not be deceived. You will stand as the one to testify this Gospel to the world and your posterity and leave behind disciples that will do the same (Early Church). We are the missionaries of this world (field missionaries, remnant missionaries).


  1. The mission of a watchman. This is what we should really do, and we can only do so if we discover our own worth.

1) We must live with the watchman’s mission of five fields (yourself, meetings, family, business (school), region (nation, age)). Build an ark for yourself (yourself). You will be able to save others (even enemies)- (team ministry). Just like the Early Church, your family will be a space that God uses (mission home). Like Joseph, your workplace will receive blessings through you, and doors of evangelism will open (specialized church). Phillip gave the gospel to Samaria and the flow of the entire region changed (regional church).

2) If you receive spiritual strength first, this blessing will begin. That is the blessing of prayer.

Verse 7 says give God no rest. It may seem like you are the one working, but it is the work of the Holy Spirit that God carries out. The Lord has sworn by his right hand and mighty arm that no enemies will steal your hard work (verse 8).

When saved people of God pray in the name of Christ, they will open the doors of heaven (Matthew 16:18, Matthew 18:18-19). 

You will know God’s deepest things and will fulfill God’s will in all problems and circumstances (Jeremiah 33:3, Ephesians 3:20).

To fulfill God’s will, He will mobilize his heavenly angels (Isaiah 103:20-21).

Whether or not you see answers right now is not important. All prayers are built up on the throne of heaven (Revelations 8:3-4). 

3) There are three blessings that follow. It is the blessing that takes place in your life.

True blessing of Gospel will begin from within you (Gospelization).

Your thoughts will become the gospel standard. In all circumstances, you will be able to pray (prayer 24) and give thanks (thanksgiving 24). You will begin to see the work of Satan and formulate opposite thoughts (reverse idea). This is the gospel lifestyle, and gospelization.

The blessing of the throne will take place (Establishment of the throne).

Your level will be that of seeking the things from above. If you can’t enjoy this, you will revert to being centered on secular things and lose hold of all the important, spiritual things. As you enjoy the authority of the throne of heaven, the things of this earth will follow. When you enjoy this blessing, you will be able to save the church. All that you have harvested, you will eat and drink of it in the courts of the sanctuary (verse 9).

Blessings of the summit will take place that will save the age (Establishing the historical summit).

Real summit is living above common sense. You will see blessings within problems, renewals within conflicts, and God’s prepared time schedule within crises. When you yield everything, you will gain. Even when you give up, you will conquer.


Conclusion – God has raised us up as the spiritual watchmen. May everyone around you gain life through you.

11.29.2020 pulpit