They All Joined Together Constantly in Prayer (Acts 1:12-14) 12/29/2019

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They All Joined Together Constantly in Prayer (Acts 1:12-14)            12/29/2019


It is the last week of 2019. The remaining few days are our final chance, as well as the time to prepare for a new beginning. We know that the 365 days, 52 weeks, and 24 hours are calculated from the rotation and revolution of the earth. That is the principle of God’s creation, and we see that His plan lies within it. After 365 days, God desires for us to begin anew. After 24 hours, he wants us to reset. That is why our todays are important. God has allotted that time to us. In that time, we must discover His plan, enjoy His power and blessings to save the world. That is where 24 and 25 hour prayer emerges from.

Today may be our last chance for this year (James 4:13-16), and when the new year comes, it is a new beginning. In 2020, there will be many changes in the world. What must we prepare to greet this upcoming year? May the last days of 2019 be a time in which we enjoy the blessing of Mark’s Upper Room.

Why did the disciples gather at Mark’s Upper Room after Jesus ascended to heaven? What did they do? What was it that they held onto? What we know for sure is that they were able to save Rome and fulfill world evangelization. What kind of time did they have together?


  1. They realized their own current address.

If there is a new day and a new future for us, we must confirm if we are well on that path.

1) The GPS has a pin. This allows us to see where we are, and it helps us when we are lost or when we are telling others our current location.

2) Especially remnants must often check your current address. If there is one thing that remnants lack compared to adults, it is experience. In everything else, you are ahead. It is a tremendous blessing to have such a vast future ahead of you. In life, there are many regretful things we see in retrospect. If we examine where we are from time to time, we can prevent regretful decisions or failures. Adults’ nag you because they want to minimize that for you.

3) More important than people’s advice is the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Within God’s word, listen to his consolation, advice, and exhortation as you recognize and renew yourself before the word.

When problems come or when you are facing your limits, hold onto the word and pray honestly. “Lord, I am not much more than this. This is who I am. That is why I need Christ. Help me.”

This is what the people at Mark’s upper room did. They had nothing much to show for.

They were unlearned, had very little, and although they followed around Jesus for three years, they were still focused on physical and secular things (Matthew 16:23). At the critical moment, they denied Jesus and ran away in fear. What kind of prayer do you think these people prayed? They saw their current address before God. Before the new year, may you also have the time to reflect on yourself before God.


  1. They had the time to hold onto the covenant from God.

1) Before Jesus ascended, He gave three absolute covenants (covenant of 1, 3, 8).

It’s the covenant of Christ (Acts 1:1). Whatever the case, Christ has finished all problems (John 19:30).

We are to look upon this Christ as only. This is how the people of Mark’s upper room were able to stand again, despite their failures.

It’s the covenant of the kingdom of God (Acts 1:3). He will be within us and will bring the kingdom of God upon wherever we go.

What is God’s kingdom? It is the destruction of the forces of darkness that made our lives hell on earth (Matthew 12:28). He will help us live by his will as we enjoy his peace and joy (Romans 14:17). He will be our heavenly background (Philippians 3:20). The people of Mark’s upper room enjoyed this background and overcame Rome.

It’s the covenant of the power of Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). With our strength, we will barely make it in this world.

That is why God promised the power of the Holy Spirit. When we truly believe in this power, everything (all our pain and sorrow) will become evidence. With this strength, we must save others and the world in our time here.

2) Hold onto this covenant as yours and really pray. From there, comes 14, 24, 25, and 00.

We have shared the covenantal prayer topics to pray holding onto the covenant. May that covenant be your own covenant every day.

Set aside a time for yourself and concentrate. That is what the people of Mark’s upper room did in Acts 1:14.

If you look upon God 24 hours a day, works of Holy Spirit will arise. That is the mystery of 24.

You can experience the absolutely impossible becoming absolutely possible. That is the mystery of 25.

The answers and blessings we will receive is not only on this earth. The smallest of our prayers and devotions will be our eternal answers, blessings, nd reward. That is the mystery of 00.


  1. The answers and blessings that began here went on to save the entire world. That is the blessing of 237 nations and peoples.

In Acts 2, there are five absolute blessings of God that the people of Mark’s upper room experienced.

1) Blessing of God’s absolute power (Acts 2:1-3). Power like wind and fire was upon them.

Fear was cast away. All shame and despair of failure faded. Absolute power of God changed them. Are you discouraged by your powerlessness? Are you suffering from depression? If you experience this power, it will all be finished.

2) Blessing of Absolute doors (Acts 2:4-13). They were able to see all nations come alive through them. Conduct your businesses with this covenant. There will be multi-ethnic individuals that come your way. That can be the start of 237 missions (Isaiah 60:1-4).

3) Among them, there will be God’s prepared disciples (Acts 2:14-41).

As the word of the covenant (Christ, God’s kingdom, Holy Spirit) was proclaimed and people worshipped, 3,000 disciples arose. All regional churches must continue to do this. Through us, 3,000 disciples will arise.

4) Their meaningless life became an absolute system through which God works (Acts 2:42-45).

It was a system that God had no choice but to bless and use. They were able to establish a financial system that was strong enough to support each other.

5) In the region that they lived, many souls received salvation. That was the blessing of absolute field (Acts 2:46-47).

The individuals of Mark’s upper room were liked and complimented by others, and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.


Conclusion – Try circling the numbers 1,3,8,14,24,25,00,237 and meditating upon it. It is a spiritual secret number that will save the world. Hold onto this covenant of Mark’s upper room that we must enjoy in our lifetime, and may we give ourselves a time of deep prayer before we greet the new year.

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