Three Powers that Achieve Missions (Matthew 28:16-20) 10/20/2019

Three Powers that Achieve Missions (Matthew 28:16-20)                      10/20/2019


What does 237 missions mean? It means that God will use us in the works to save the 237 countries and nations in the world. This is God’s absolute plan. Absolute plan means that God has prepared everything.

It means that we should go since there are disciples who have heard the gospel and have been saved in the field. If we do not realize and enjoy this, there is nothing harder than missions. It is the same for the entirety of our walk of faith. Christ has finished everything and has prepared everything. There are no reasons to worry and be anxious. This is God’s absolute goal. This is God’s conclusion (2 Timothy 2:4), history’s conclusion (Matthew 24:14), and our life’s conclusion life (Acts 1:8). To save all nations and the ends of the earth through us, he saved us first, and he will use us as witnesses through all our problems and incidents. The 7 remnants are models of this. Solving problems was not the goal for Joseph who had tremendous family conflicts and pain. To work hard and become successful and become governor was not his goal either. Later on, what did he say to his brother who sold him? He said, “do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you” (Genesis 45:4-8). That is why for people with the covenant, pain is not pain, and failure is not failure. It is walking the absolute journey of the Covenant that God leads to fulfill his absolute goal. What comes from this is God’s absolute answer. The figures in the Bible and the 7 remnants never made a great effort to be successful. Rather those who had greed and used humanism failed, and were used by Satan (King Saul, Judas). If we fix our direction on God’s absolute plan and goal to save 237 nations and countries, simply living will be an absolute answer, and every work will be an absolute blessing. A time to give this testimony should come to us. We cannot do 237 missions which is God’s absolute plan, absolute goal, and absolute answer with our own strength. It has to be God’s absolute power. It is a different strength (nobody), unique strength, and strength that transforms the absolute impossible to an absolute possible that unbelievers would never know. God has promised us three powers that we must enjoy.


  1. It is the power of “with” in which God is with me, who has been saved.

If God is really with me then it does not matter how much I have failed or even if I have nothing.

Who is he that is with me? He is the one who has all the authority of heaven and earth and who came as Christ (verse 18).

1) The 7 remnants enjoyed this.

Even if he was sold as a slave and went to prison, this was Joseph’s secret for success (Genesis 39:3,5). This is the covenant God have to 80-year-old Moses who lived as a defeated one (Exodus 3:12). This is what David enjoyed during his most difficult times (Psalms 23:4).

2) When is God with us?  

He is with us from the moment we accept Christ and become saved (Revelations 3:20, 1 Corinthians 3:16).

We need to hold unto our most lonely days as the best time to experience and enjoy this “with” (the greatest secret to defeat depression and suicidal urges, hymn “Living for Jesus, O What Peace!”).

Even during our failures and most shameful times, he does not forsake us but loves and stays with us.

In verse 16 of the passage, it says that the resurrected Lord came to his eleven disciples. In verse 17, it says that the disciples were still skeptical. Even though they all failed together, Judas ended his life through suicide. However, although it was very shameful, Paul and the other disciples held onto God’s absolute plan that never gave up on them, loved them to the end, and desired to used them again. No matter what the circumstance, hold onto God being with me and gain strength. You will meet people who need to hear your testimony at that time.


  1. It is the power of “Immanuel” of God being with us that comes out of this.

I will meet an accurately prepared person as much as I realize Christ and experience him being with me.

1) You can meet and save even just one person that God has prepared. You and he become Immanuel together (Matthew 18:19-20).

Experience Immanuel of God being with us by communicating through three things.

Communicate through the word that God has given you. It is not teaching but try to truthfully share the grace you have received.  

Do prayer communication. If you pray with a sincere heart even simply once a day, it will be delivered. Become a prayer background for each other.   

Share an evangelism recipient as a prayer topic together and wait. It is a blessing if you meet one person like this in school or in the workplace.

2) All of us who have met in the church are a spiritual family forever.  

Baptisms and having Communion means that we are one body in Christ, and one family.

That is why if there are instances where we resent our brothers we must fix that first (Matthew 5:22), and if we see a lacking in a brother we should not judge hastily (Matthew 7:1-5), and it says that we should first sincerely love each other deeply from the heart (1 Peter 1:22).

At this time, God gives the whole church members a message to experience and enjoy together through the pulpit.

This becomes the flow of blessings. The importance of forum is so that we can help and encourage each other to be in this flow.

3) Especially, think about the future and form a team with remnants and enjoy this “with.”

Like children of one family is the future of that family, all children of our church is the future of our church and God’s future. This is the work that adults can surely do. Remnants can be my prayer team, and at times you can be a mentor, and if possible, it is a great blessing if you can even give them internships. Later on, they will become your lifetime team, and you will not be lonely even when you get old.

Raise people.  This is important in the workplace. If you are thinking about a business or corporation that God will use, prepare this blessing first.    


  1. The last power to enjoy is the power of oneness.

What is the reason the Lord said he will be with all his disciples until the ends of the earth in verse 20? All churches in the world must become oneness in Christ. It is because we can save the world only though that power. All organizations and religions possess the power of oneness, but only Christianity has lost hold of this (the original definition of “Catholic”).

The early church that saved the world and conquered Rome possessed this power (Gospel unity, economic unity, missions unity). Our Upper Room movement is doing works to save the whole world through this power (Remnant movement, RUTC, RU, 237 movement). Personally, I have received the most benefit and blessing from this, and our church has come to this point within this blessing.



Conclusion – The 237 center is trying to raise commissioned individuals and specialist who enjoy these three powers and can go into the world, and to dispatch them into the world. I pray that all church members truly enjoy the power to save 237, and to become main figures of that blessing.


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