Witness Who saves Me and the Powerful Nation (Acts 1:6-8) 03/08/2020

The Answers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

Witness Who saves Me and the Powerful Nation (Acts 1:6-8)             03/08/2020


This is the fourth covenant the Lord gave before His ascension. It is the covenant He gave as a reply to the disciples who had asked about restoring Israel and its independence. Korean and all other countries face difficulties, but none were like Israel. The Lord replied that the time and date is up to the Father and that there is something the disciples must restore.

It was for them to hold onto the blessing of standing as disciples from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. The start is Jerusalem. It does not merely signify the Jewish land. It signifies my very self who has been saved. God is saying that He will save me to save the world. Because I do not have the strength and am dying, everything else is dying as well. If I live, then starting from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth will be saved. Then what does the end of the earth signify here? We can consider at least three ends of the earth. First, it is the ends of the earth in distance. That is why Apostle Paul said, “I will go to Spain,” as he passed through Rome (Romans 15:28). Second, it is the ends of the earth with societal meaning. It is describing the region with severe difficulties and its environment. Within the phrase ‘the ends of the earth,’ there is a meaning of despair. Third, it is the ends of the earth with historical meaning. This end of the earth signifies a land no one can go. It is describing a powerful nation. Rome was a land that not anyone could go even in the times of Jesus. What about the United States of this age? We are now residing in a land that not anyone can come into.


  1. How did we come to this land and why are we here? Hold onto God’s absolute covenant in this. Four things must be clear.

1) God has created me and has chosen me (Isaiah 43:1). My life is within God’s absolute sovereignty.

2) God has saved me and has made me a Child of God (Ephesians 1:3-5).

My life is within God’s absolute salvation.

3) God has allowed me to live here and He is with me to the ends of the earth (Psalms 16:5-6, Matthew 28:18-20).  My life is within God’s absolute plan. We did not just come here, and it is not a life that we just live.

4) God will lead us to victory and raise us as witnesses and send us to the ends of the earth (passage Acts 1:8). My life is one that will be used in God’s absolute blessing. Many difficulties may be faced. One may wonder why I came to this land and am suffering so much. Hold onto God’s absolute covenant in this one life God has permitted and in everything God has allowed.


  1. Especially, hold onto God’s absolute plan God has for America, the powerful nation of this age.

1) Those who lose hold of this are barely surviving or are living a completely crumbled life (Genesis 14, 19 meaning).

How hard is it really to live in a powerful nation of one age?

It is a place where the best gather and live. It is so severe because people try to compete. It is difficult to barely make money and pay rent.

It is a place where all nations of the world gather and live. The differences in race and culture create conflict and even crime.

Because all nations have gathered, the spiritual problems that come from that is the most serious problem. Because people serve their own idols they bring, it is a place where all demon spirits have gathered (Revelations 18:1-3). Depression, schizophrenia, hate crimes, and even wanton murders are rampant.

2) On the contrary, those who held onto God’s absolute covenant here lived a different life. It becomes a life that God uses.  

We call them the remnants. God chose them and left them behind, leads them to victory, and will use them as witnesses.

Even pain will become the greatest answer (Joseph in Genesis 45:5-8, Moses in Exodus 3:8-12)  

Even if they went as slaves, they conquered the land and lived victorious lives (Isaiah 60:21-22, Daniel and three friends, Esther). 

They were used as the greatest evangelists who saved that land and all its people (Acts 27:23-25, Paul and the team of Romans 16 in Acts 28:30-31). Living in this land may be suffering before realizing and holding onto God’s absolute plan. Oppositely, if you realize and hold onto God’s absolute plan that has led me to live in this land, you will become the happiest person.


  1. What must we do the most? It is not something to merely do zealously. Make the vessel God desires.

1) It is a vessel of the gospel. The gospel must become my gospel.  

Christ has surely ended all problems (John 19:30). We have been freed (Romans 8:1-2). Fight a spiritual battle. You will have victory (1John 3:8). Do not worry about anything. Christ is the way and is with me (John 14:6). Continuously enjoy the three fundamental blessings Christ has resolved.

Discover the specific answer to all problems in worship and the pulpit (Acts 2:42 is the fulfillment of the covenant of Ezekiel 36, 47). As long as the gospel is declared on this pulpit, it is a covenant to be comforted, a covenant to be victorious, and a covenant to be guided (1 Thessalonians 2:13). That is why people eventually become deceived by Satan, slowly grow weary, crumble, and die when they lose hold of the Sunday service and pulpit message.

Try to organize the word and make it my covenant and meditate (Psalms 1)

That word changes my thoughts inside me (imprint), pull out bitter roots (root), and one day my life changes (nature). That word heals me (Hebrews 4:12), and answers will come as much as the word is established within me (John 15:7).

2) It is a vessel of prayer. My prayer must surely be discovered.  

If we lose hold of prayer, we continuously fall into unbelief and the place for the Holy Spirit to work disappears (Mark 9:29).    

On the contrary, Christ works if we pray, and it says that we will do greater things than the Lord (John 14:12-14).  Jesus did his ministry around Jerusalem and Galilee, but he will let us do works that save the powerful nation and the world.

Prayer is me going into God’s deep place (1 Corinthians 2:10).

It is enjoying the power and authority of the heavenly throne (Matthew 16:19, Revelations 8:3).

3) It is a vessel of evangelism. My evangelism must surely be discovered. God desires for me to live through evangelism, and desires to save people and the world (1 Corinthians 1:21).

The place I am in is an evangelism field God has given me to save (Joshua 1:3-5, Isaiah 60:21).

The places Joshua’s feet stepped on was given to him. It says that remnants who went as slaves will conquer the land.    

Make an evangelism list individually and try to start praying. The Holy Spirit will work (Acts 16:13-24). Paul simply found a place to pray in the evangelism field and met Lydia, and it says that the “Lord opened her heart”.

Pray for a system in which evangelism will surely continue and actualize it. You could start by yourself by praying with the pulpit and prayer journal in your school, job, or business (single (solo) system). Important people will be attached when you meet the one person God has prepared and become coworkers and a team (absolute system).



Conclusion – The powerful nation, the end of the earth of that age, can either lead the whole world into suffering or save the whole world. We are the remnants and disciples who are living in that powerful nation of America. May you hold onto God’s absolute plan and stand as witnesses.

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