Witnesses of the Blessing to Save Judea (Acts 1:4-8)

Actualization of 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:                                                11/10/2019

Witnesses of the Blessing to Save Judea (Acts 1:4-8)


This week is the week where we made a Veterans Day to express our support and thanksgiving for the veterans and active duty soldiers who have fought in wars on behalf of the United States up to now. When we look at the history of Veterans Day, this day was first called “Armistice Day” – the day that marked the end of World War I in 1918 during which many victims were killed. President Eisenhower, who ended the war between South and North Korea, officially renamed this day to “Veterans Day” in 1954. Although there were many wars the United States fought in, the war that Koreans should never forget is the Korean War. Statistics slightly vary, but about1.6 million American soldiers fought in the war, 36,516 of them were killed, and 8,177 of them went missing and their families are still waiting for their remains.

The reason why the Korean War Monument is right in front of the Lincoln Memorial is to remind Koreans of many things. It is heartbreaking that generations, who did not go through the terrible sufferings of the 6/25 war, are living without knowing that God used the United States to allow the South Korea of today to exist. I would like to take this time to give special thanks to those who participated in the Korean War.

The title of today’s message, “Witnesses of the Blessing to Save Judea” is to hold on to the covenant that we are the blessed witnesses who will be used to save the nation. If Jerusalem is myself and the church, Judea is my region and my nation.


  1. The nation is important to everyone. This is a person of God’s national view.

Within the question that the disciples ask in verse 6, “Are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?”, there is regret and sadness. It is the pain that people of God have from losing their nation and living under slavery, captivity and colonization.

1) Why do such things happen?

It is the greed of politicians. They are trying to satisfy their ambitions even if it means invading another country. The Bible says that behind these ambitious politicians are the dark spirits that hold dark powers, which is Satan’s organization (Ephesians 6:12).

2) If a person of God knows this spiritual reality and enjoys two covenants, God will protect that individual and his/her nation.

① The first covenant is Deuteronomy 6:1-9; God promised how He will bless His chosen people and their posterity (absolute covenant).

It means to never worship idols, only love the Lord your God, and to relay this covenant to the next generation. Every country has its own idols that it has made. The Bible says that this is serving demons, the dark spirits (1 Corinthians 10:20). The Jews failed at this. They always loved the world, worshipped idols, and couldn’t relay the correct covenant to the next generation. It is the same for America and Korea right now. The Gospel is disappearing. It is the reality that when “only Christ” is proclaimed, talks of heresy come about.

② Why must we proclaim, “only Christ”, hold on to only Christ and look to only Christ? (absolute method)

Life alone cannot solve the desire of man, which began with Adam’s Original Sin, and the work of Satan, who was at work. That is why God sent His Son the Christ (Luke 2:10). By the authority of the priest, He freed us from the sinful desires of man and all the curses that came as a result (Romans 8:1-2). By the authority of the king, He resurrected and crushed the head of Satan, and promised us complete victory (1 John 3:8). By the authority of a prophet, He became the way to meet God and from that moment on, He is with us (John 14:6). If the church proclaims, “only Christ” and saves lives, God will save the individual, family, posterity, and every nation.

③ The second covenant is the covenant given to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3 and the covenant David held on to in Psalms 57:9-11 (absolute blessing).

First, I must become the source of blessings, and because of me, all peoples of all nations on this earth will receive this blessing as well. This is the covenant of evangelism and missions of saving the 237 nations. He will give us the blessing to handle this (Acts 1:8). The Jews only cared about themselves. To put it nicely, it is a sense of entitlement; on the other hand, it is national egoism. If Jonah had relayed the correct Gospel when he went to Nineveh, there was no way that Israel would have been destroyed by Assyria.

④ Why must we continue to do North Korea missions, Muslim missions, and 237 missions with the correct Gospel? (absolute goal)

Inside the Gospel, we become one brother nation. There is no reason to fight or get into wars; we live blessing one another. Whether it be South Korea or any other nation, if there are people and churches that are holding on to these two covenants, there is no way that nation will be destroyed.


  1. This is the mission that God gave to us. To stand as a witness that saves the ends of the earth.

1) Restore our spiritual identity first. We are those who will save others (God’s absolute plan).

This is the reason why God saved us and made us the source of blessings. Because of one person Joseph, Potiphar’s house and the nation received blessings. This is the last reason why we were given the authorities of children of God (7 authorities). This is the identity we must really hold on to (1 Peter 2:9). All the 7 Remnants lived holding on to this identity.

2) We cannot do it with our own power. That is why we were promised the power of the Holy Spirit (God’s absolute power).

Pray that the promised power of the Holy Spirit may come upon my five fields and for God’s Kingdom to be established (Matthew 12:28). Within myself, my meetings, my family, my work and workplace, and lastly, my region (this country and all nations). My region is Washington D.C. My country is the home country I left and the present country I am in – the United States. And all nations.

3) Put at least three nations in my heart and in my prayers.

① Our home countries. It is the country that allowed me to be born. Pray that this country will be saved through the Gospel.

This is what Samuel did to gather the people to Mizpah (1 Samuel 7:5-6). Discarding all idols, pray to stand in front of God. This was Esther’s prayer, “If I perish, I perish.” (Esther 4:16). Even Paul the Evangelist confessed that he had an unceasing anguish in his heart and prayed for his people, those of his own race (Romans 9:1-3).

② This land we live in is America. This is the country that God entrusted to us and it is the country where we must enjoy blessings.

Lot, who lost hold of this mission, struggled to eat and live in Sodom and Gomorrah and his life became a complete failure. If there are any pains that you faced here in America, look at America through your problems and sufferings, and realize your mission to save America. For this reason, God will change everything to blessings and answers.

③ Pray for the 237 nations, but especially place one nation in your heart and devote.

Continuously pray for that nation, give missions offering, and if you meet people from that nation, relay your heart and share the Gospel. Then, when there are overseas missions, go along with them. Stand within the realistic blessings of missions. This is also the reason why we are having a special evangelism festival for Latin America on December 1st. We are trying to have a small start per continent.


Conclusion – We are the people to enjoy the blessings to save our Judea (country and people of that nation). I bless you so that you can stand as a witness of this blessing.


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