The One Who Remained That Holds onto the Covenant of Only (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

Actualization of 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:

The One Who Remained That Holds onto the Covenant of Only (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)


It is the “blessing of only.” Why must it be only? If it is only, then what must be my only? What is that only for?  When we use the word only, there are at least three meanings.

First, it means it is that precious. It means it cannot be compared with other things and cannot be changed. Furthermore, it can be considered only because it is unique. If you take something as only when it is not important or unique in your life, then that is being deceived, and later on, that will become an obsession or addiction. Satan continuously makes the incorrect things of the world as only through us. That’s how problems of Genesis 1:2 come, and later on it progresses to depression and even suicidal urges.

Second, only means I am concentrating on something. When a normal person does only on something, tremendous strength comes forth. Edison who was called the king of invention could not hear almost completely when he was young. He had injured his ear by blowing up something while experimenting. But he said because he could not hear, he was able to pray and concentrate on experiments. Organizations such as the New Age experience another power through training this concentration, but this rather creates spiritual problems.

Third, only signifies a state that is able to continue something. When a person makes up their mind, he needs to continue to the end, but that is what is difficult. Especially, there are people who carries out interpersonal relationships like this. People who are quick to like and dislike, and talk about people here and there, will be difficult to do great things. It is the careful people.

What should this only mean to us, and what is this only for? This is the covenant God has given to us. He is saying to look upon Christ, God’s Kingdom, and the power of the Holy Spirit of Acts 1:1,3,8 as only, and experience it. That is the key to changing the world, key to concentration training, and key to the 62 points of the life of an evangelist. This is the mystery of how weak disciples, nameless members of Mark’s Upper Room, and persecutor Paul conquered Rome and saved the world. I hope this blessing will be restored.


  1. Why does Christ have to be my only?

1) The most fundamental start is because He loved me as only.

He who loved me as only is telling me to know what that only love is and to experience it. Why is it a love of only? He loved us by giving us His one and only life. When we were still sinners (Romans 5:8). Before I knew Him and loved Him, He chose me first and loved me first (1John 4:10). We call this absolute love, love of only, and agape love.

2) It is because with His death and resurrection He solved all fundamental curses of my life.

What are fundamental curses? It is the curse of original sin (Romans 5:12). Curse of Satan (John 10:10). Curse of an eternal hell (Hebrews 9:27).

God’s Son came as the Highest Priest and received the punishment of the cross for us and finished all curses (John 19:30).  

When we are within this, we are freed (Romans 8:1-2). The life that lives within this becomes a blessing (Galatians 3:14).

As He resurrected, He became our king by destroying the power of Satan who continuously drove our lives into curses (1John 3:8).

Satan will try to deceive us again with our past scars and problems of our reality. If we are deceived, we become defeated and stragglers. Now, with the authority of Christ the King, we just need to cast these spiritual forces out (Luke 10:19, 1 Corinthians 15:57). We become victors.

He is with us forever and became our way, truth and new life (John 14:6).

We call Him prophet. We call Him Christ because we combine this High Priest, King and Prophet.  

3) In one word, we call the coming of this Christ, the “Gospel” (Luke 2:10).  

It is not just an ordinary gospel. It is a unique gospel (Acts 4:12). It is a perfect gospel (1 Corinthians 2:2). It doesn’t matter if problems come again. It doesn’t matter if you are poor, or if you lose everything. It doesn’t matter whether you live or die. It becomes an evidence to save the world while living on earth (Acts1:8), and an eternal evidence in front of God when death comes (Romans 16:27). Does this Christ not have the worth of only in my life?


  1. Why does God’s Kingdom have to be only?

1) That is how we will no longer be deceived by the 12 frames (snare, trap, kingdom of the world) of Satan that is everywhere in the world.

All our scars, failures, curses, and destiny were within this. The moment you accepted Christ, you came out of this (Colossians 1:13-14). But we are still being deceived by this. Also, even though myself, my flesh and materials, worldly success, spiritual forces within that, and scars from one’s growing process, and family problems are over, we are still bound, influenced, oppressed and live at a level lower than that of unbelievers.

2) Our lives are no longer meant to be bound by Satan’s 12 frames. We do not belong there.

We belong in heaven, and we are ones who need to enjoy a heavenly background. We call this blessing God’s Kingdom. God’s kingdom is within me (Luke 17:21). Pray so that wherever you go Satan’s kingdom is broken down (Matthew 12:28). The spiritual flow of this age changes at my school, in my friendships, at my workplace and in my family. This is how the world changes.

3) If you enjoy this blessing as you study, work, and do business, everything you do will become blessings of uniqueness.

The background of heaven will work. Powers of the throne will be with you. He mobilizes angels to help you (Psalms 103:19-21). You did not try to succeed, but you are going towards the seat of success. It is because you need to be a witness, and there is someone to save there. In a world full of darkness, curses, calamities and suffering, what would you hold unto as only without this blessing?


  1. Why does the power of the Holy Spirit have to be only?

1) It is because even after we are saved while living on earth, we face limitations of my own power.

There are only worries and anxieties with my own strength. We do not know what might happen. This is a frank life. With my own strength, I cannot save or change anyone. I can’t even change myself, so how would I change others? Do not try to change. Experience changing through the power of the Holy Spirit. That is why we need to only look upon the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit (verses 3-5).

2)When we enjoy this blessing, even small things become God’s masterpiece.

Even amidst sufferings, strength to do something will form (David’s Psalms, John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Fanny Crosby’s Hymns).

3) At that time, other people are healed through me, and their lives are changed, and works to save the world take place.

We call this the works of recreation. A slave changed the world, and persecuted believers of Mark’s Upper Room changed the world.


Conclusion – Us, one person is God’s person of only. Look upon Christ who is given by Him as a solution, the Kingdom of God that is a heavenly background, and the power of the Holy Spirit that is an eternal power, as only. I will live, the posterity will live, the church will live, and will stand as a witness to save the world.


8-11-2019 English