Church that Plant the Banner for 237 Nations (Isaiah 62:10-12) 1/1/2020

Answer of the 1st 2nd 3rd RUTC:

Church that plant the Banner for 237 Nations (Isaiah 62:10-12)           1/1/2020


When the nation of Israel had fallen amidst hardships, God gave them this covenant. He told them to prepare the way for the people, build up the highway, and raise a banner for all nations. In January of 1990, as One Mind Church was being established within great adversities, God gave us the word Acts 11:19-21 and the mission of looking upon only Christ and saving individuals of all ethnicities and nations. At that time, this word was very unfitting to the reality of our personal lives and the church. However, God has been fulfilling this covenant for the past 23 years and has raised us as a church devoted to multi-ethnic ministries.

In retrospect, God gave the congregation and this church so many things for the fulfillment of this covenant. He allowed healing to take place in numerous souls, raised up important systems and disciples within the church and the fields, as well as blessed all the families and the children. As we come to a deeper understanding, we realize that saving people of all nations was God’s desire (John 3:16, 1 Timothy 2:4, Mark 16:15-20), Christ’s last covenant (Matthew 28:18-20), and the conclusion of all the answers and blessings that we were destined to enjoy (Acts 1:8).

This year, we will hold onto the time schedule of “The Answer of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC,” as we stand as a church that continues to bear fruits of three ministries.


  1. Healing Ministry. We must be healed and stand as an individual and a church that heals all nations.

In verse 10 of the passage, “pass through the gates” means “no longer be imprisoned by your scars, limits, and spiritual problems.” It is telling us to continue receiving healing. In order for us to build a path that saves souls, we must remove the stones within us first. This also signifies our individual healing. There is no other way. We must make this absolute solution, absolute missions, and absolute power our very own.

1) Only Christ; absolute solution. Continue to transform your imprints with only Christ.

Your imprints do not change in a couple days or even a couple years. These are long-imbedded things and thus take a long time. You must come to this one conclusion. Within Christ, all problems have been finished (John 19:30). Your old frame (old standards, levels, and norms) must be changed to the extent to which you are able to see, feel, and believe that any kind of problem is rather a plan of God.

2) Only God’s kingdom; absolute mission. With this mystery, continue to fight your spiritual battle and end your bitter roots within. 

This eternal kingdom of God must be established in us now (Luke 17:21). The kingdom of God comes when the forces of Satan that work to destroy us, our families, our children, and the world is broken down (Matthew 12:28). The background of heaven is working behind our lives and our fields. God’s will shall be done, and the peace and joy of God will be manifested (Romans 14:17). On this persisting hell on earth, may you enjoy the mystery of living heaven on earth in 2020.

3) Only the power of the Holy Spirit; absolute power. Enjoying this power must become your nature.

God promised us this power because we are lacking and powerless. Because we will never be able to save the world with our mere strength and standard, we must look upon this spiritual power. Let go of other greed and embrace this holy longing. When we truly pray, he will give us power (Luke 11:13, John 14:12). Fight the spiritual battle with this power (Ephesians 6:10-12), save people (Mark 9:29), devote yourself (Philippians 3:3), and stand in the place of true summit (Genesis 41:38).


  1. Remnant Ministry. The fruits of the remnant age and the age of RUTC are in the making.

Before God spoke of blessings, He told us in Isaiah 6:13 that the main figures of this covenant are the remnants.

1) The 1st generation must end all impotence and curses of their age to make their posterity the heirs of hundred-fold blessings.

The parents must first stake their lives for holding onto this covenant (Deuteronomy 6:4-6) and relay this covenant whether you sit or stand (Deuteronomy 6:7-9). It does not matter if you cannot provide anything more. If you accurately relay this covenant well, God will bless your children with everything with Jehovah Jireh (Genesis 22:14). God may put you through an important test. He sees whether you choose the covenant or physical things. When God intended to bless Isaac, He had Abraham go through this process (Genesis 26:3, 5, 24).

2) Our remnants must hold onto the covenant of saving the adult generation and the world and its culture as you discover your mission.

Be grateful solely for the fact that your parents and adults are within the gospel as your prayer background, and humbly look for ways to help them. Besides the lack of experience, remnants possess many things. You must help the adults. That is how you realistically prepare for the future. Joshua was preparing to become the future leader as he supported Moses (Joshua 1:1). As Samuel ran errands for the church when he was young, he prepared to become the future leader (1 Samuel 2:18). The same goes for David (Psalm 78:70-72).

3) Adults must encourage and give the remnants a chance despite their inadequacies.

That is what it means to “feed my lamb” as Jesus said in John 21:15 (prayer for the next generation).


  1. With the blessings that come from these two ministries, we must plant the banner of saving 237 nations.

What does it mean to plant a banner? We are not merely holding up a flag. We are raising and installing it in place.

1) The banner has already been prepared. The Christ of victory is the banner.

When the Israelites overcame the enemies, they used the term Jehovah Nissi (Exodus 17:15).

“the Lord is my banner” means the proclaim that the victory has already been given.

The most dangerous thing in warfare is unbelief (fear, worries) and division. That was how the Canaan spies failed. They may have spoken the right words, but it became their unbelief, fear, and dispersion. When they put forth the ark of the covenant and crossed the Jordan River, or when they circled around the wall of Jericho, not one person spoke words of unbelief. They held onto the covenant of victory and unprecedented works of God arose.

2) By God’s blessings, they basic systems for multi-ethnic ministry and salvation of 237 nations have been established for the past 23 years. It is now the time to plant our flag.

Continue to hold onto the covenant of 3,000 disciples, 300 regional churches, and commissioning missionaries to 30 nations, and devote in prayer. 

Pray for regional churches to be established in all regions and join together in oneness. Beyond just being a region, may it become a place for regional ministry and camps in which we all come together in prayer and evangelism.

Devote yourself to begin the system of military regional churches, collegiate regional churches, and healing regional churches all over the nation.

You can begin alone (1 Corinthians 3:16). It can be two or three individuals (Matthew 18:19-20). Even when you do small tasks in the church, have faith in the fact that it will be used for world evangelization (story of the Korean Haengju Fortress).


Conclusion – What blessings and answers did God promise to give when you march forth with the banner for 237 nations (verse 11-12)?

“Your savior comes.” You will come alive in salvation. “His reward is with him.” Even the smallest devotions will be rewarded by God. “You will be called Holy People.” Even when you do not succeed, God will place you in the seat of success, and your humble life will be a life that glorifies Him. May you plant the banner of Christ and victory as you walk on to save 237 nations in this  blessed year of 2020.