The Answer 25 That the Antioch Church Enjoyed (Acts 13:1-4)

                               The Answer 25 of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd RUTC:                    6 /11/2023

The Answer 25 That the Antioch Church Enjoyed (Acts 13:1-4)  


If Mark’s Upper Room that began in Jerusalem is the beginning of the first church (early church) that Jesus’ disciples established, the Antioch church mentioned in the passage is the church that set the foundation of world evangelization full-scale. The Antioch church’s commissioning of Paul and Barnabas as missionaries, which comprised multi-ethnic members, was the beginning of world missions. That very gospel came to us. The Antioch church is the covenant and model given to us when we first pioneered One Mind Church. Thus, there is much importance when considering how One Mind Church supports eleven nations and fourteen missionaries and how the short-term medical missions began centered on laymen thirteen years ago. We are also thankful that much evidence has appeared in the mission fields we have visited. More importantly, many future missionaries will arise within our church, and works that heal the world will continue.


  1. Antioch church had a historical background and characteristics that gave God no choice but to use them that way. This pertains to the individual and church characteristics that bound them to be used by God.

1) The members that began this church.

The church was raised by believers who put everything down and scattered as persecution started in Jerusalem (Acts 11:19). The region of Antioch is in modern-day Turkey, located on the border of Turkey and Syria. It was a city established to commemorate the father of Alexander the Great, who led the ancient Greek kingdom. It was once the capital of Syria and also one of the three great cities of Rome.

Although the region is a big city, the believers who started the church were people who fled persecution, so they had no power. Their names were not even mentioned in the Bible. Documents tell us that these believers found caves to worship when pioneering the church, and it was in that church that the works of commissioning missionaries for the first time began. The start of One Mind Church was also like this. Now, we are immensely grateful to be able to support various missionaries and send short-term mission teams.

2) They only did one thing as they went to Antioch and worshiped (Acts 11:20).

They preached only Christ alone.

Christ, the only Son of God, solved all curses, fate, and authority of hell that life possesses. They accurately proclaimed Christ, and those unwittingly bound by curses, suffering, and fate were saved. They taught people of Satan’s works that lead life to be like hell and Christ, who has destroyed Satan’s head. One Mind Church accurately relayed only Christ alone, and people’s lives changed. Although we give medical support in the mission field, we must minister only for Christ to remain in their souls.

Are there still believers who are problems, conflict, and difficulty?  It is not a problem. It is for you to experience that Christ has completely finished all the curses, fate, and dark forces in my life. God will raise you as witnesses. He will make it so that all our problems, pain, and failures become evidence.

3) There is one more important thing.

While everyone shared the gospel to Jews only, this church shared the gospel to the Greeks. In today’s terms, they became a multi-ethnic church. They became a church of tremendous blessing that saved and raised all nations.

The beginning is one person. Even for our church, Pastor Dexter became the one English minister, and an English ministry began. All church officers must hold onto the covenant of raising one multi-ethnic disciple to save one nation. It is not simply one average person. May you enjoy this blessing as you go on the upcoming Kenya, Africa, and Central and South America Panama short-term mission trips.


  1. What kind of works did God fulfill upon the foundation of the Antioch church?

1) A representative church officer like Barnabas and a representative pastor and evangelist like Paul arose. It said that Barnabas was a good man, filled with the Holy Spirit and faith, and many people were added through him. He had saved the church. Persecutor Paul was someone who had nowhere to stand. However, the Antioch church led him to stand as an evangelist who saved the world. Although it was a church established by unnamed laymen, a historical church officer and pastor arose. Pray for church officers and pastors like this to arise from our church. All of us enjoy that blessing.

2) How much did God bless this Antioch church?

People acknowledged them as “people of Christ (Christians)” (Acts 11:26).

This is where the term “Christian” emerged. Although it seemed like a mocking title, they were acknowledging them. God will raise us as witnesses who restore this name in this age.

All people in the Bible lived their lives this way. Although Abraham entered Canaan empty-handed, later, he was acknowledged by all Canaanites as a “lord” (Genesis 21:22, 23:11). Joseph, who was sold as a slave, was acknowledged by the king (Genesis 41:38-40).

3) They commissioned a missionary that saved the world within that blessing. That is today’s passage.

A five-member team is formed. As they fasted and prayed together, they commissioned a missionary. Various multi-ethnic members and people of different classes became a team for the works that pleased God and began to pray. If a team is made in my life for the works that please God, it will become an eternal blessing. This five-member team can be made centered on a regional church or region. The goal is to commission and support missionaries.

For them to have been able to commission a missionary means that they received financial blessings to that extent. If the Holy Spirit works upon even the small things we do, a miracle of the five loaves of bread and two fish can take place. When we simply extend small help to the mission field and scatter seeds while doing so, it becomes a 25th-hour blessing to the mission field, me, and all of us.

The small ministry they did when they went to the mission field fulfilled God’s works.

They did not do something grand. It was not that they had raised someone with a special worldly background either. They discovered and raised the one person that God had prepared, and the church that was raised through that eventually changed history and the world (the church of Philippi established in Lydia’s house, the church of Corinth established in Priscilla and Aquila’s house, the church of Cenchreae established in Phoebe’s house, etc.). There is much evidence such as this in the mission field. It is because God’s everything is in missions that save all nations.


Conclusion The 11th short-term mission team is being commissioned to Kenya and Panama. Overall, thirty medical personnel, church officers, and remnants are going. All church members are also commissioned (going mission team and supporting mission team). Although the journey to Africa may be tumultuous, it is all the more meaningful because we are going to a field of a church worker that we have commissioned. Verse four said that Paul and Barnabas were “sent out by the Holy Spirit.” We believe God, who sends us, will guide, protect, and work through the Holy Spirit.
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